Were people actually expecting anything better from Dinucci?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by droopdog7, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Sydla

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    But on that drive we were running it down the field on them. We churned up 35 yards on just 6 carries. Then he got cute.

    That was the time to run play action. Instead, Moore went stupid, cost us the drive, ended up giving the ball to Philly around midfield and that was basically the game as Philly scored a TD.

    But yeah, great job on that play by Moore.
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  2. Parcells4Life

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    How do you think Romo was as a rookie? Parcells said he was awful in practice. If it wasn’t for Quincy getting arrested Romo probably doesn’t even make the team that year.
  3. TheSkaven

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    Disagree. What would Tony Romo have looked like if he got the start his rookie year with no preseason, OTAs or minicamps?

    Nooch was 13-1 his senior year with 36 touchdowns, 6 picks and a 70.9% completion percentage. Yeah, yeah, not the best competition but he’s mobile with a strong arm and a smart kid.

    I mention Romo because he’s the comparison. Same height and weight, same level of competition at the college level. Same moxy, same everything really. Romo was undrafted in 2003 and didn’t get the gig until 2006.

    Nooch is raw - really raw, and thus a project quarterback. Like Romo, he wasn’t supposed to start a game this year.

    I get it, people want to win now, and if you don’t come out of college and play like Peyton Manning you suck, apparently. Sheesh, people, use your brains.
  4. droopdog7

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    That was the time to run play action with a functional qb. You keep ignoring that part.
  5. Doomsday

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    I was expecting a little more than he showed but that isn't saying much since he showed nothing.
  6. Sydla

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    So having a WR throw the ball is a better, more high percentage play?


    At some point, you have to hope your QB can make a throw. If anything, play action should make it easier on Nooch. And that was the perfect spot to do it as Philly was giving up chunks of yardage. Even Collinsworth mentioned they probably needed to work more play action in.

    It was a dumb play call by Moore in a key spot and it cost us. Plain and simple.
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  7. America's Cowboy

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    It had to be McCarthy. Commentators were saying pregame that McCarthy's brother was DiNucci's high school basketball coach.
  8. droopdog7

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    To answer your question, yes. Of course, that’s only because we didn’t tell them the wr would be throwing the ball beforehand.

    Had we told them, then I’d say dinucci had a slightly better chance than Wilson of throwing a TD.
  9. Sydla

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    The correct answer is no, a reverse for a WR pass is not a higher percentage play than having your bad QB try to make an easy throw on play action. Add into this equation, we tried to run this exact same play earlier in the game and Philly wasn't fooled at all. 2nd time we ran it, it was pretty shocking that Philly had it defended perfectly again. LOL.
  10. droopdog7

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    Your argument might hold at least some water if there was any evidence whatsoever that dinucci could throw a TD. As it is, no such evidence exist.

    On a larger point, focusing on play calling when the qb was far and way the biggest issue is like focusing on the paint job on the titanic. It’s basically pointless.
  11. JohnnyTheFox

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    Nope about what I expected what's with all the sidearm passes?
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  12. BobbyFlame469

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    He has a very slow brain. The game has far too fast for him right now. With a year of adjustments he’ll be much better.

    Too bad his arm talent and accuracy are so unremarkable
  13. Diehardblues

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    I was expecting more disasters like the TD score after the sack .

    I thought the offensive game plan on the most part was brilliant. Basically like game planning without a legit QB.
  14. Sydla

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    Football losses can often be more complicated than just saying, gee, the QB stunk. Or gee, the DTs stunk.

    DiNucci was not good. But he also wasn't helped by the OC who made some really peculiar play calls, including one on a trick play that hadn't fooled Philly when you tried to run it earlier. When you have a bad QB, you have to hope your OC doesn't just make the issues bigger with questionable play calls. Unfortunately, Moore did that tonight.
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  15. Creeper

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    I didn't expect anything and he was worse than I thought he'd be. First, he wasn't throwing the ball anywhere near like I saw from him on video. A lot of wobbly balls, some horrendously off target. Then, that sidearm throwing motion has to be coached out of him. Sometimes a QB needs to drop down like that but it should be rare. Otherwise, the speed of the game got him and that was to be expected. Zack Martin made a huge difference in the OL. Now they need to find a replacement for Steele. When is Knight coming back?
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  16. droopdog7

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    That’s fine. But I disagree; simple as that. I think it was a good call, a good gamble that didn’t work. That of course is the other issue many fans have trouble with. Sometimes the right call doesn’t work.
  17. Sydla

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    Sometimes it doesn't. But in games like that, you have to hope that your OC doesn't make calls that hurt the team. That call hurt the team. It just did. And what makes it worse was the game situation and the fact Philly had the exact same play sniffed out before. Thinking you were going to fool them the second time was just stupid at that point in the game. I mean if you want to run a trick play there, run something they haven't seen. Not the same play basically that they stuffed 20 minutes earlier.
  18. droopdog7

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    That’s why it’s a gamble. Gambles can hurt the team. And I think most would agree we needed to gamble.
  19. Big D

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    Keep it simple. Too much trying to be cute for my taste.
  20. Mk2_Cowboys

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    I was expecting a 3rd string QB who had potential and with time and experience could be a a decent back up one day . We got uncle Rico or the UPS driver that delivers at the stadium instead.
    Whoever works for the cowboys that saw that noodle arm and said “ we gotta sign this guy !” needs to be fired immediately as they have no business being around an NFL team.

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