What do you think the Cowboys' chances are of running the table?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MarcusRock, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. MarcusRock

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    Don't know why but I'm reminded of the words of the immortal one but ah well. Okay, so in reality we just need the first 3 games to clinch the division but I'm sensing that many around here don't feel this is a real possibility with this team, but why wouldn't it be? I think all of the remaining games are winnable. The hardest test I think will be the Rams at home but they aren't flying quite as high either.

    So what do you think the Cowboys' chances are of running the table?

    CONSPIRACY! version: we beat the Bears, lose to the Rams to set up a 7-7 showdown with the Eagles that gets flexed into Sunday night for a ratings bonanza (and also to align with a snowstorm as predicted by the Farmer's Almanac at Goodell's behest).
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  2. Blackthorn

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    Run the table? It's possible. Dallas better be worried about just winning against Chicago. If Da Boys aren't focused on the task at had, DaBears will beat them.

    I think Dallas should just worry about:
    1. Running Zeke.
    2. Dallas is blowing gaps and allowing the opposing running game to gash them. Do your job.
    3. Someone better step up with Heath out, the drop-off after Heath is like falling off El Capitan.
    4. Sacks, Sack Fumbles, QB pressures
    5. Jaylon, Zeke, and D-Law need to earn their money
    6. Kris Richard needs to step up his call.
    7. Jason Garrett
    8. Special Teams - Fgs, returns, holding
    9. Catch the ball
    10. Everything
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  3. stilltheguru

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    :lmao:people still with hope must be young fans. God bless you people
  4. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    1% chance of running the table simply because anything is possible.
  5. big dog cowboy

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  6. Corso

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    El Capitan... beautiful.
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  7. Proof

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    About tree fiddy
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  8. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member

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    I honestly expect to beat the Eagles with the division on the line and then lose to the skins lol
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  9. dplant22

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    Run the table you say...


    What are the chances??????


    Seriously your answer is....

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  10. DeathMonkey

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    I think the conspiracy version is the most likely scenario.
  11. ShortRound131

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    Lol it’s like I pulled up to the bar and everyone’s already drunk and cranky.
  12. CowboysLegends2

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    The chances are better that they lose all their remaining games than running the table. In reality they have a good chance of being shut out of the end zone against a defense like the Bears. Have people not noticed the trend against top NFL defenses?
  13. boxer-rumble

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    Every time Cowboys control their own destiny they crap the bed. Me personally, take one game at a time. Focus on the Bears and win in Chicago first.
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  14. acr731

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  15. willia451

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    Maybe if we call in Star Fleet.

  16. Bob-Lillys-War

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  17. GimmeTheBall!

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    Me departed mum serving tea to Morey Amsterdam has more of a chance.:(
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  18. ColoradoCowboy

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    I see a lot of you are consumed by the death spiral, but I actually think their chances of running the table are pretty decent. I mean, the Rams will be the toughest team remaining, but we have the sting of that playoff exit to fuel us a bit. In any event, that game against Philly is key. Lose that and we might out. Most of the Eagles' last four games are practically gimmies: 2 vs Giants and the skins.
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  19. GMO415

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  20. Beats_By_Zeke

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    Now hold up their you ******** Loch Ness monster.
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