What does mental health mean?

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    Well, back in the day, it was different. There were actually more facilities etc. but, I still don't understand how the follow on comment was useful.
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    Coach.... you have waded into an area I was not in. Not once did I discount mental disorders. The guy we have all seen walking down the street arguing with an imaginary person, or fighting the air around him, undoubtedly has some mental disorder,....... BUT IM talking about something different. What is a mental disorder? What exactly is "Mental health issues?" Is being nervous about upcoming college admission part of someone's "Mental health?" Does the person that is new on a job and gets stuck working graveyard because they have no seniority and absolutely hates graveyard and is miserable at the job because of it... is that something that is tearing at this person's "mental health?" Or is it just having a job that has crappy hours?

    Where is that line between just having "Normal," stress from day to day living and having 'mental health," issues? Every person that decides to show up at work and kill some co-workers doesnt have mental health issues. Couldnt they have just decided they hate some individuals and went and did the deed? When someone murders someone it is mental health? well what about someone that robs from someone? is that because of mental health also?
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    It's like a caveman wrote the OP. Mental health is extremely important for high level athletes specifically, not to mention society as a whole. If you can't understand that, you're just using your ignorance as a subverted attempt to bash Osaka. Do you feel better?
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    Mental health care is a booming business. States have Departments of Mental Health. Those budgets must be justified.

    As with anything, follow the money.

    I am not saying that mental health issues don't exist, for many. I am saying they can be easily, and often are overblown.

    Any given day we can see advertisements for mental health related drugs, on the evening news.

    There is a lot of money in treating mental health issues.
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    "While there is no single factor that leads to suicide, Dr Stone says relationship issues and financial troubles tend to be top factors contributing to suicide across the country.

    She also notes that some western states have some of the highest rates of suicide historically, which could be related to the fact that they tend to be more rural.

    Rural states, she explained, are still recovering from economic downturns. People also tend to be more isolated, without access to proper care. And, these states have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic."

    Prof Julie Cerel, president of the American Association of Suicidology, noted that having better reporting standards could account for some of the increase, but also pointed to a lack of adequate funding for mental health research and preventative care.

    "Our mental health systems are just really struggling across the country," Prof Cerel says. "In terms of training mental health professionals, we're not doing a great job."


    "The biggest surge in suicide is in the Baby Boomer Generation; from about 14 percent in the year 2000 to about 19 percent in 2013. Baby boomers rose to 37.5% of all suicides in 2010. That is now the highest suicide rate of any existing age bracket."

    Someone needs to stop babying the boomers!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reid, I think the line is at the debilitation point.

    Osaka has a tremendous amount to lose by opening up about this because the stigma still remains. This has been building up to the breaking point with her and finally crossed the line in her life. She has devoted her life to tennis and has to withdraw from a major? People shouldn't be questioning her motives, they should be trying to figure out how to help her.

    I am all on the athletes' side of it when it comes to these media snakes. Time was there were sensitive areas that reporters respected but they don't even treat these people as humans. Sports forcing them to interview is total BS to me.

    I wish a player would sue the NFL over their forced interview policy. Player has a heart breaking loss and reflects that in a post game interview or doesn't show enough pain and they get called out? BS

    Then they see an incident where an ESPN reporter completely fabricates a story about not only Michael Sam but the other players and what do they do about it? Nothing. That liar is still reporting on ESPN and she's a discredit to journalism. By accepting her lying, they've discredited every honest reporter. I know exactly what ESPN's standards are and there was a time that would not be allowed.

    They are paid to play the sport, not to promote the sport but the sports pubs and nets extort forced interviews from the organizations in order to give them the coverage.
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