What exactly does Garrett do?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waldoputty, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. waldoputty

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    scheme design - moore given job to modernize offense to make it less predictable. jerry publicly said that moore needs to go to him if garrett tries to interfere with that
    play calling - moore

    scheme - richard/marinelli
    play calling - richard?

    other areas
    drafting - some input
    clock management - often with disastrous results
    press conferences - garrett
    serving jones' upon demand - garrett
  2. Gangsta Spanksta

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  3. Risen Star

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    I just hope that if Moore can go to Jerry to overrule Garrett that Garrett can then go to Stephen to overrule Jerry.

    Otherwise this is a circus.
  4. Eanwen

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    In game management, not just time management. It should be his decision on whether or not to go for it on 4th down, with the offense or special teams, or if we are going to onside, squib, go for touchback or try to pin the opposing team inside the 20.

    Also he gives speeches to get the team hyped and ready to play.
  5. KingintheNorth

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    Duh? Cool catch phrases.

    What exactly do you no fake Cowboy fan!

    (I'm killing it lately Fan Boys right?)
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  6. Gangsta Spanksta

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    I say get rid of all the middle men, and give Jerry the mic to call plays.
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  7. CouchCoach

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  8. McKDaddy

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    Prevents winning football
  9. BrassCowboy

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    he deals with the players so the fans don't have to.... he's a people person DANGIT !!!

  10. CF74

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    He does whatever Stephen and Jerry tell him to do..
  11. CATCH17

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    He holds back talent and doesn’t maximize potential.
  12. Pantone282C

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    Already is a circus. Just different performers - some are not clowns, but the clowns will try to steal the show.
  13. Reality

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  14. Ranching

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    I'll tell you what he does, he sucks!!! But, he dies it well!!!
  15. GenoT

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    Garrett makes it easier for Jerry to play GM.
  16. Dre11

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    He does what all the other coaches that don't call plays does.
  17. lostar2009

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    He is the #1 clapper, what what what what.
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  18. Vtwin

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    This is why it is hard to hold him accountable for overall success of the team beyond specific in-game decisions.
    For all we know some of those are even being dictated to him.

    If it's not his philosophy, his game plan and he has no power to makes any real changes then how can he be blamed for the direction of the team?

    The players seem to do their best to finish the fight for him.
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  19. DandyTom64

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    He instigates a lot of controversy, especially on this site.
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  20. Jake

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    This reminds me of employees who think the CEO doesn't "do" anything. Head coach oversees the entire staff and roster.

    Granted, in Dallas the HC is neutered but that's a Jerry thing. JG's eventual replacement will do the same if he wants to keep his job.

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