What to expect from Moore

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by glimmerman, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. glimmerman

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    Whst do you expect from a first year OC. He obviously isn’t going to come out with a whole new playbook and if he does there would be a huge learning curve.

    I do think there will be some wrinkles put in. Maybe more motion and misdirection used. They say he will bring in some fresh new ideas and JJ says that’s exactly what he wants.

    With a fresh and hopefully healthy O-Line and a star RB playing in a contract year I hope he keeps the smash mouth element and stays run first. But wondering what you all think he is going to bring to the pass game.

    He will be calling the plays and JG has no new contract and his job could be completely relying on how well Moore does.

    I have heard more than 1 ex Cowboy WR saying Linehan ran the same pass plays and lined everyone up in the same formations. Even Cooper was getting tired of the same plays.

    How much do you think he shakes it up in his first year.
  2. NorthwestDallas40

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    Our hero in a local Boise, Idaho commercial

  3. HomeBiscuit

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  4. ShiningStar

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    i expect nothing, i hope for a much better offense that allows the players to play to their strengths and have more say during the game.
  5. conner01

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    Some creativity
    Pass more often on early downs
    Run different plays out of same formations
    We could sit at home and predict run or pass last year
    It doesn’t have to be a so called trick play to fool a defense
    It just has to be less predictable
  6. glimmerman

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    The opposing teams said there was no game plan to go against our Offense. They knew what we were gonna do. Just had to stop it. Can’t imagine if they didnt know what to expect.
  7. Silver Surfer

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    Moore? Less.....
  8. glimmerman

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    That would be nice. He will likely be calling from the sidelines and not in the sky box. I think Linehan was up there last year so our players didn’t choke him. Lol.
  9. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    So less from Moore.
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  10. ItzKelz

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  11. 817Gill

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    I think as long as he does the simple things SL wouldn’t do that drove us nuts (red zone playcalling, 1st down play calling, early game script vs playing for possessions not points, formation variation, playing personnel to their strengths, more route variety/misdirection/motions/picks).

    If he makes the simple changes that SL could have made if he wasn’t a stubborn d***head, then this offense will be right around the 7-11 range in the league. He doesn’t need to reinvent this O, just re-calibrate it
  12. Hailmary

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    That's linehan's playbook for ya'.
  13. Hailmary

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    Not sure what to expect from Moore, but what we can expect is more posts from Floaty, lol....
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  14. Doomsday101

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    Jerry and Stephen want Moore to bring in his own ideals and his own views. I do expect to see Dallas using more motion and crossing routs and misdirection plays and yes the occasional flea flicker. If the intent was to keep Linehan playbook they would have kept Linehan as well.
  15. TexasHillbilly

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    I expect there will be someone else calling the plays starting next season if not before. Sorry to be negative but that's just how I feel. I really want to be wrong on this one and hope I am.
  16. DoctorChicken

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    Kellen Moore is the winningest QB in CFB history, and the Boise offense he was a part of was efficient and dynamic. I expect him to mix things up a lot.
  17. conner01

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    I watch the rams
    They run lots of different plays out of exact same formation and personnel
    We change guys to do a specific thing and that’s a tell. It doesn’t have to be chiefs offense with tons of motion though I like watching them work, but something simple as adjusting routes in the game depending how they play a guy. Run and pass out of same formations and personnel
  18. cern

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    norv turner came here and installed a totally new offense after young shula was shown the door. why not Kellen moore.
  19. Dre11

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    You could predict run or pass on a few plays, which you can do with all offenses across the league. When you're run heavy team, it's not hard to do anyways.
  20. CF74

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    Contract year for Zeke? I’m sure we will use the 5th year option at which point Zeke might do the Emmitt Smith thing and hold out for a new contract, next season..

    Buckle up..

    In regards to Kellen, I expect more creativity and misdirection.. It might not be a smooth transition since most stuff takes time but hopefully by midseason we are still in contention and the offense gets in sync and takes off.

    I expect a lot of ugly wins and some new growing pains with the, “New offense.”
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