What will it take to convince you Cowboys are for real this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sjmike, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. Beaker42

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    SB win. :cool::D
  2. Beaker42

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  3. Doomsday101

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    I think Dallas will also be getting some key talent back soon. Gallup in eligible to come off the IR this week but will be held out but I would think his return will be fairly soon which adds yet another key weapon. I take nothing away from the job of Wilson or Brown but I would take Gallup hands down over both of them and his return should only make this offense even more dangerous.
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  4. ICP

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    A deep run in the playoffs
  5. dcstar

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    Finish games unlike the Cowboys did against the Carolina.
    Don't start believing their own hype and start seeing/hearing all the glitz n glamor from self promotion.
    Forget cutsie names like Hot Boyz...let the work on the field speak for itself.
    Face adversity and deal with it like a professional.
    Stay out of the news
    Quit the damn feed me bull feces...act like you've been there before. Good lawd.

    Go Cowboys!
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  6. Rockport

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    That's it!!!
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  7. JJHLH1

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    If the Cowboys keep pressuring the opposing QB like they have recently we are definitely for real.
  8. Rockport

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    McFly, the question was do you think the Cowboys are for real, not whether they're going to win the Super Bowl. You're trying to change the narrative yet again, it's what all the haters do, to fit your own agenda.
  9. Established1971

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    hold the other team to a low passing total for a couple of weeks in a row
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  10. 75boyz

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    Good post. I want all of this too.
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  11. Praxit

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    ..Xmas check from Jerry. ..;)..
  12. TwoDeep3

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    NY Giants
    @New England
    @ Minnesota
    @Kansas City
    Las Vegas

    Dallas is currently 3-1. If the Cowboys get through these seven games at 6-1, I'd say they are a legit Super Bowl contender. A Record of 9-2 at the end of 11 games played should convince everyone on this board - except a few malcontents - this team is for reals.

    Personally, that may not be out of the question.
  13. Zman5

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    Yeh I agree. We need to get Grier ready so he can replace Cooper Rush.
  14. johneric8

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    If I'm being 100% real, beating the panthers like we did got me very close to being convinced we're a contender. I know the Giants aren't very good, but this is a game we would lose in the past when we thought we were good... The Giants is a trap game if I ever saw one, this will be an easy one to get our boys beat. The Giants are going to be so up for this game, and there is a chance based on our past history that we come in after swallowing the cheese! If we beat the Giants, I'm 100% on board in believing this team has changed.
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  15. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    Deep playoff run to a championship game
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  16. panchucko

    panchucko It's Back

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    I don’t need to be convinced, I root for a win every game, one game at a time, if at the end of the year we’re are on top I know I must have enjoyed the season
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  17. Romotil45

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    We will not be real in my mind until we have playoff wins in consecutive seasons.
  18. Cowfan75

    Cowfan75 Well-Known Member

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm already celebrating like we are a Super Bowl contender. Because right now, we are as real as anyone in the NFL. We've got a date with Tom Brady in the playoffs.
  19. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    get to a nfccg and we'll start there

    this team should have the biggest chip on their shoulder especially after last years disaster
  20. AyeAtey

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    Let me start by saying this, I'd rather win by 1, then lose. That's the bottom line.

    With that said and ironically, it would've been nice if they had totally annihilate
    Carolina by 19 or more, pair the win with the blowout of Philly, that sounds more
    convincing; it almost seemed that we squeaked by the Panthers.

    Hey, like many of you, I like what I'm seeing now. But it's way too early for any
    anointment, accolades and awards. Optimism yes, of course.

    The point is or answer is, what would convince me that they're real is if they maintain
    and improve exponentially what were seeing now and hold the fort in Oct and Nov. That's going to be a very, very
    tough stretch of games. That's the first step.

    If they survive those months, then here comes Dec and (away division games) play at even a higher level to show dominance and separation.
    Accomplish this then I'm convinced. The second step.

    Get past these 2 steps and we should all be feeling quite well and convinced.

    But being convinced is NOT what we're really looking for!
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