When we go 14-2, have the 1 rushing attack, top 5 defense, & a passing attack ranked around 10

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by millennial_legend, Jul 13, 2018.

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    ... will people stop making Dak out to be some sort of a joke?

    I love Witten, one of the GOATs at tight end, very honorable man, but he was the slowest tight end in the league last year, and has been among the slowest for quite awhile actually. Never was a speed threat but a savvy player and elite route runner, but the last 3 years he just looks like an average 55 year old drunken couch potato running out there. His prowess in run blocking has been savaged by a pretty substantial uptick in holding and false start penalties on running plays lately. He held the offense back last year, it's safe to say.

    Dez Bryant, on the other hand, was simply a clown. No question, he held the offense and the entire team back last year, not just by bringing overall bad vibes to the team with his childish drama queen act but also with his poor performance. He was being paid roughly Julio Jones money to saunter around the field, run half-a$sed routes, mope when he doesn't get the ball thrown his way, and proceed to derp when Dak did hit him in the hands. The first two games of the season were the microchasm of why we needed to cut this cancer. The first game, he drops two straight passes in the endzone and doesn't even try on a third, leading to a chip shot field goal. The second game, he quits on a fade route and just stares as Aqib Talib merrily dances back to the other endzone... with the ball. And then the horrors of the Seattle game... yeah, he's done. He'll be lucky to ever play another NFL down, and I think there's a good chance he doesn't.

    ******* We needed to get rid of both of them, without hurting Witten's feelings, and we did just that.

    Cowboys will be among the very best in the NFL in 2018. The 5th seed may very well be one of the two great NFC East teams at 12-4 or better. We will contend and we will finally have the defense to rise up and challenge the Matt Ryan's, Aaron Rodgers' and Drew Brees' of the world when it counts most.
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    The only thing that could have made this post better was if it was followed with the 2 words...….
    Platinum Guarantee.

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    Quote). will people stop making Dak out to be some sort of a joke? And then the horrors of the Seattle game( QUOTE)

    Ya DEZ was Terrible but doesn't he wear # 88 ? :muttley:

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    Damn, son. This is good.
    I think me knows your uncle Giaforte.
    But, football ....
    Yours is a reality check on our riches and liablities. Well done lad. I thought you were dumb but you have more in you than .... well, it is all relative.
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    It won't matter if we get bounced out in the divisional playoff game at home.
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    I think that all 3 of those rankings are possible to probable. If you expand it to top 3 rushing offense, top 16 passing offense, and top 10 defense then I think it's a plausible prediction, as it stands it's the higher end of their projection.

    If they do have #1 rushing offense, top 10 passing offense, and top 5 defense, then they'd win the superbowl unless they choked in the playoffs but Dallas never does that...
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    Your predictions are kinda low we will be better than that
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    Has to put a produce this season not only in the regular season but make a deep playoff run... if we keep spinning the wheels heads will be called for...

    You can’t be “almost there” for a decade before it’s time for some new blood and leadership
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    'When we go 14-2, have the 1 rushing attack, top 5 defense, & a passing attack ranked around 10'

    You Will know 2 things..... Pigs have begun to fly and its snowing in hell.

    Honestly, I appreciate the positivity and enthusiasm and REALLY wished I shared it but, I believe this team is a disaster waiting to happen. That's fine with me though if it means Garrett is sent packing.

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    Drinking provides unrealistic optimism umm kay
  11. JoeKing

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    With all that going on, we are SB bound. Please football gods, hear this and make it happen. Go Cowboys!
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    We will definitely NOT be 14-2. And we will definitely NOT have a top 10 passing attack. That is simply not the way this offense is designed.
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    What have you been drinking.
  14. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I need to have what you're having.
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    Maybe you should drink more then. :laugh:
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    But all the Dez haters said he hurt the passing game with his drops and route running. And it was addition by subtraction. So therefore, any WR will actually catch the ball. So then that adds yards to the offense, keeps the chains moving. And leads to scoring. Keeps the D off the field so we control the ball even more.

    All because of one hated player.
  17. jazzcat22

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    There is a 2nd time for everything.

    Pigs flew, just look at the cover of the Pink Floyd album, When Pigs Fly
    And Hell froze over when the Eagles won the SB.

    This can happen.
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    You're a talented writer.
  19. The Natural

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    None of this is going to happen.
  20. America's Cowboy

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    Then why watch?
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