Where does Garrett land?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by DHCBF66, Jan 8, 2020.

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    We shall see. Prob not this year but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t rebound . Afterall when he was OC he was being pursued for HC.

    The longer his tenure under Jerry has probably tainted his opportunity at this time.
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    Jerry said that Garrett would have 5 offers for HC within 2 weeks .
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    He may have been right in 2010 maybe all the way to 2014. But think about how fast offense has changed with young coaching in the last 5-6 years.
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    My post was made tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless, Garrett has never been known for his in game or halftime adjustments and most people around here are well aware of that. If you don't, then you haven't been paying attention. On rare occasion I too have seen him make a mid game adjustment, but they've been rare.

    Remember that Atlanta game where Chaz Green was the swinging gate that allowed Dak to get sacked SIX TIMES? Well Garrett finally made an adjustment in that game too, AFTER SIX SACKS! BTW We lost that game.

    "if he cant adjust he took over a 1-7 team his first seasons and they finished 8-8"
    Wow. Firing the HC is not an in game adjustment.

    "blaming Garett for all that went on in the last 9 season is utter ridiculousness."
    False accusations are also ridiculous. I didn't blame Garrett for "all that went on in the last 9 years", just most it. LOL Since he was the HC for those 9 years, he WAS responsible for most of it, good or bad, like it or not. You'll notice they didn't fire the players, they fired Garrett because he was the HC, and they fired the right person. Finally!

    It wasn't just time for a change, it was way past time.
    Nepotism was the only reason he lasted as long as he did.
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    Then it wasn't Jerry's fault for letting him go late. Garrett knew he was history, but there were reports he was refusing to leave and stuck around begging to stay.
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    Arizona, where his number one, blowhard fanboy can blow smoke up all of our skirts about nostalgia — and how great he'll be for this franchise.
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    Could he go to Minnesota now to replace Stefanski and work for Zim?

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