Who are you picking at 24 if these are the best options left


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I’ve seen JPJ mocked to the Jags, Rams, and Steelers who are all drafting ahead of us. The last 2 also recently released their starting C. Miami also has Connor Williams who is a FA.

One of those teams could sign Connor and maybe one more signs a FA Center. But at least 2, and maybe 3 or all 4 will be looking for a center in the draft.

I see no way JPJ makes it to 24. It possible he and Barton both go before us. That would leave Frazier, ranked around 35-40, and Van Pran who is projected as a 3rd rounder.
Unless this team believes someone on this roster is going to be ready to step in and play Center, they have to draft someone because they ain’t going to spend money in FA on the position. JMO. Frazier won’t be there in round 2, so if you want him you’ll have to take him in round 1. Van Pran is solid and should be able to step in. But do you reach and take him in round 2? He may not be there when pick in round 3.