Who else is numb and really doesn't even care after the last two weeks?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by johneric8, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. johneric8

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    The last two weeks?

    For me personally I had to just walk away from all the media and anticipation for upcoming games.
    There is no way I could ever have seen winning the first three games in the fashion we did and then
    laying a turd in the bed two weeks in a row in the fashion we did. It defies logic quite honestly
    and at this point I;m just numb and unattached comparatively to how I was after going 3-0.

    The ups and downs are too much take with this team. Just when you think they have one side of the ball figured out something happens on the other side that leaves you scratching your head. It wouldn't be so bad if it hasn't been 20 plus years of horrible luck, but now it's bordering on insanity.

    I'm just wondering who else has gone a bit numb? It's kind of like self protection/preservation is kicking in.. Thanks Jerrah..
  2. Ky31

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    That’s going to be a “no” for me dawg...I only get 16 guaranteed feelings like this every yr!!
  3. Jkyle

    Jkyle Well-Known Member

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    After years of being a rabid fan/season Ticket Holder, I'm at the point now where I don't get too high or low. It is what it is.
  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Once you accept that mediocrity is as good as it gets you're set.
  5. Cowfan75

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    No, I'm not numb, but I am also not shocked. We played 3 scrubs to start the season, and even then we didn't exactly look dominant. When you have no real HC going on a decade, there is no shock.
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  6. Sarge

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    This numb feeling you're talking about? Seems like I have had the exact same feeling for the last 20 years...…..weird.
  7. foofighters

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    We are the usual joke of the league again. I'll watch but it'll be background noise. I'll probably winterize my Harley and have the game. It's been a while since I would spend the day smoking something on the grill, have people over and wear my jersey. I use to have the flag out on the porch. I just want us to be known as a football team instead of the Jerry's Cowboys. We stopped being about football a long time ago.
  8. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    I mean in the big picture it doesn't really affect me either way.
    Not numb over the team, nor did I get upset over these past two weeks. It's entertainment.

    But I still watch and care to some degree.
    Even if this team was the Pats current dynasty I wouldn't get too high/low over games anymore.
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  9. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    It's not that I don't care or I wouldn't invest so much time following the team. It's just that we are getting the same thing we have come to expect so there's no use in getting upset about it.
  10. 75boyz

    75boyz Well-Known Member

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    yep, pretty accurate description for this year and most recent history.
    Such a contrast to my personal life in that I’m super glass is always totally full positive type...

    Guess my one vice, the Cowboys serves as a means to balance me out.

    Lol. Yeah bro, someone else already said it. Try not to get too high or too low and at this point just wonder if we will ever get lucky enough to have all the breaks needed for another trophy.
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  11. Boyzmamacita

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    Numb for what? Say we beat NYJ and Philly loses to Minnesota. Then next week we beat Philly (like we tend to do lately), then we're 5-2 and they're 3-4. It could happen. Of course, the opposite could also happen, but my point is that it's too early to throw in the towel or be numb. Let it play out. I'm still excited for each game and will be as long as we're in it.
  12. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

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    My sentiment towards this football team has evolved over time. I used to get upset after every loss to the point that it would ruin my week. 20+ years of mediocrity on the field while the owner's fortune continues to rise made me realize that in no way shape or form do I directly benefit from the Cowboys performance. So why get upset?
  13. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    With Jerry at the helm it may be another 20 years of numb.
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  14. Bullflop

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    The first three games were expected wins and the warm and fuzzy feelings that go along with it. The next two were games vs. tough teams that were more than ready for us, while we weren't nearly as ready for them. That's what mediocre coaching will do for you. Jerry and son sorely need to take a good look at what these coaches provide and adjust accordingly. I'm talking about the coaching on both sides of the ball. Changes are in order. I'm confident this will become more obvious as this season wears on. Open your unbelieving eyes, Cowboys' FO! The bad teams, we can beat. The good ones, not so much.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
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  15. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Moderator

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    Numb? No.

    I shook my head for four quarters straight two Sundays ago and continued shaking my head for the first two quarters last Sunday up to when Garrett cussed out the official. I am dumbfounded by both the team's expressed lack of identity during much of the past two games and seemingly strong confidence displayed during the first three games.

    The site enjoyed a propaganda campaign about lack of leadership between 2012 - 2015, which lost steam from 2016 into 2017. Just mentioning it because any validity about lack of leadership should have already re-surfaced more strongly here on the site after everyone witnessing a truly bi-polar beginning to this season.
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  16. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

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    This ^^^....This team has been largely irrelevant for nearly a quarter century for things that really matter in the NFL- playoff wins. The Cartel like to brag about the cash registers they ring, but in the end, when NFL history is written, the Cowboys will have been absent from the records that will show the teams that WON CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  17. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member

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    basically. You can’t experience this type of continued frustration and disappointment year in and year out and not settle into a “Ohhh this again” type of incredulity.
  18. 75boyz

    75boyz Well-Known Member

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    yup exactly. The old Here We go Again syndrome. What this time...

    Stephen A. Smith laughing in the background.

    Sad but true.
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  19. johneric8

    johneric8 Well-Known Member

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    Love the responses thanks! I think I'm just finally realizing without a shadow of doubt that no matter how much talent we amass we can't overcome the "COUNTRY CLUB" atmosphere so to speak that runs rampant.

    The defense has been pretty difficult to give much admiration to thus far and who would of thought that our linebackers would forget how to play the game? There is no reason to ever get hyped up about our team anymore knowing how ludicrous our coaching is. Some of you have said it on this forum, anytime we face great coaching we lose, it's like death and taxes.
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  20. johneric8

    johneric8 Well-Known Member

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    I think I got suckered into to thinking because this was Garrett's "POSSIBLE" last season to coach this team we might actually have a chance with some new coaching philosophies breathing life into the team. The issue I see is even with Moore doing a better job with adjustments on the offensive side of the ball it's not enough to overcome the overall dysfunction internally.

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