Why all the negativity?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. starfan1

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    People have opinions and people have players they like and dislike. people also want to be right with their said opinions. Some handle disagreements better than others. Ill just blame jerry cause he is an easy and deserving target.
  2. MarcusRock

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    I think I saw a few "skcus tterraG" posts out of him but I don't want to assume what was meant by them.
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  3. Aerolithe_Lion

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    hate to be that guy, but….

    4 playoff wins
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  4. ShortRound131

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    PTSD? I can't wait for some football again though.
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  5. Creeper

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    We're fans. We watch and enjoy it, but we also want to win. Unlike being a player, we don't have the ability to play harder or prepare better. When I am driving my car I am quite confident in my driving abilities. When someone else is driving, I will hold on and white knuckle the entire ride.

    Some of us like to be realistic. I see the team, identify what I think is a weakness, and rather than lie to myself and say that player is going to have a breakout year every year, only to be wrong, I say that guy is a weakness and I wish the Cowboys would get someone better to take his place. Is that what you mean by being negative?

    Being negative about your team is not unique to Cowboys fans. Watch the movie "Major League" and how they depict Indians fans before and after they start winning. It is what being a fan is.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    Peoples own defensive mechanism in how they handle disappointment
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  7. john van brocklin

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    Hard to argue lol
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  8. Verdict

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    I think some of these people just love pouring urine in their breakfast cereal because they like the taste. Reality is fine. Criticism is fine. Not liking a move is fine. But finding fault with literally every move or non-move made by the Cowboys is just beyond jacked up in my opinion.

    I figure some team has to win a SB and every year I am hoping it is the Cowboys. And MOST years, they actually have a shot at getting it done whether they win it or not.
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  9. Creeper

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    I agree with this. But I think a lot of fans don't see the light at the end of the tunnel because of the one constant - the owner. It is not hard to assume it will be another mediocre season for the Cowboys because we have been conditioned to it in 25 years. I am optimistic that the Cowboys will be a better team than in 2020, but winning a SB is a bridge too far for me. Something is missing from Jerry's teams. The Bucs had it last year. The Chiefs the year before. When the Cowboys players take the field they just don't look like champions and I think Xavier Woods admitted it when he said no one plays hard every play. Maybe getting rid of Woods will change the attitude of the entire team but I don't expect that.
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  10. Tangle_Foot

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    I'm never negative about the upcoming season, I always look forward to it. Right now I'm just waiting on training camp, hoping it can be both productive and injury-free. If others want to be negative that's out side of my control, for all I know, they could be irritated by my positivity. To each their own, the battle lines of fandom have been drawn. I will remain positive, respectful, and sometimes humorous:)

    Let's Go Cowboys! :flagwave:
  11. aikemirv

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    No faith at all in the defense and no faith that Dak could really take us to the Super Bowl. Good QB and all but I have yet to see him really lead a playoff win. He struggles in the second half against tough teams to score points. We saw it many times in 2019. Minn, New Orleans, New England, Philly. 1 GWD since 2018 and that was one play after the onside kick recovery.
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  12. Jammer

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    Can't argue with that. I grew up KNOWING the Cowboys were going to win. Now, it's the opposite.
  13. Hadenough

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    It's not negative as much as it is pointing out what this team needs to become a real contender.
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  14. Ranching

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    Because it's healthier.
  15. Ranching

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    Good point!
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  16. Runwildboys

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    You didn't have to tell us that. We recognize the symptoms.
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  17. Ranching

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    Garrett sucks was more of a joke...... although, he did suck!!
  18. Ranching

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    So, why are you still here? If they piss you off and frustrate you, why stick with them? I mean that in general terms and not specifically, you...
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  19. Ranching

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    Apparently so! Y que?
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  20. ninja

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    Tampa Bays' GM Light (I think) finally made the playoffs in 2020 in his 7th year with TB. They also won the SB.

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