Win or Loss, it's about Dak!

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by rwalters31, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I do not consider it to be a "championship defense".

    It's a very good defense vs. the run.

    It's somewhat average vs. the pass... Both in rushing the passer and defending the pass. They were 15th in the NFL in giving up 7.3 YPA.
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    No offense but this has got to be one of the most moronic posts I've seen on the board...

    Is Dak the only player on the field? Your post literally makes no sense whatsoever...
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    This defense is fully capable of shutting the Rams down, relatively speaking.
    If they get some turnovers, look out!

    The Rams defense is ranked 18th in the league and are awful vs the run.. so it should not require anything amazing from our QB to stay in this one.
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    I must admit there is a striking resemblance to Roseanne.

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    This game will about who controls the LOS. Can our OL open up holes for the running game and can they pass pro? Can our defense clog their running lanes and get pressure on Goff? The team that can do those the best will win the game.
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    Ah.... now the username makes a little more sense now.
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  8. DFWJC

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    This will Dak's (and many on this team's) first "road" playoff game.
    I think we can all agree that this environment will be about as Cowboy friendly as any road environment we could ever dream for. Plus, this D is VERY porous.
    I think Dak's going to fair well.
    Hopefully we somehow pull this'd be huge.

    PAPPYDOG “There were 4 guys open.” -Troy Aikman Zone Supporter

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    You dare to question Dak's greatness??? OMG here comes the Dak-Mob with nothing but class and kindness.....:laugh:
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    I think they meant Dak wants it more than his own teammates which shouldn't be taken literally.
  11. Mr_C

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    I asked you an honest question in the other thread and I’ve not insulted you at all despite your opinions.

    What do you think of Dak having the MOST 4th quarter comebacks since 2016?

    What do you think about him having the highest completion percentage of any QB in the first 3 years?

    Also, when you call people daktoids or whatever very clever names(not;))do you see that some may see that is insulting? Pretty sure you started doing that first.

    My suggestion is that you don’t insult others unless you’re prepared to be insulted back. So if you start stuff and you feel someone was too mean in their retort please understand they may have felt the same when you insulted them.

    That asides I’ve tried not to insult you because you haven’t insulted me and I’d like your honest opinion of my above facts about DAK.

    Thanks bro
  12. blumayne38

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    Not converting in 3rd downs was a huge problem and probably contributed to bad field positioning
  13. ItzKelz

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    But we watched the game and we know why it was that close.
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    Hello Cowboy brother......first and foremost resorting to insults when we're here for healthy debates is simply beyond my character.Now to set the record str8 .....there is no Hate in this Pappy for Dak or any other Cowboy player.To hate someone is just a waste of good energy and in the end pretty much non-productive in ones life.Concerning our QB I firmly stand by my personal belief that he is not qualified to lead our team as he lacks God-Given talents which are essential for any QB to carry a team on his shoulders esp America's team.
    His 4th comebacks are a pleasant surprise but are they enough to excuse his presence and overall performance as our starting QB?
    His comeback against the Hawks was helped by 2 PI calls and the final run which was awesome but a run never the less.
    We won but check the posts for the 1st 3 Quarters of the game in these forums and you will find many "Dak Stinks" posts.
    Why is that?
    We are all Cowboy fans but it will be a cold day in hell when I put 1 player above the Stars Glory!
    Dak Prescott for better or worse is a player that has our fans debating and in the end only DAK will answer this dilemma by his play on the field......
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    Are we talking about Dak Prescott or Tim Tebow?
  16. Swagger

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    My take is that they do intend for it to be taken literally.

    People are claiming he wants to win more than Tony Romo, the latter a guy who left a game with the Cowboys winning and came back once the boys' went behind to win with cracked ribs and a punctured lung. Yeah Romo never wanted to win. Those type of brainless comments are what wind people up as you just cannot take anything they write seriously if they genuinely believe Dak is a winner and the guys never really got behind romo etc.
  17. Mr_C

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    I didn’t accuse you of hating Dak. Interesting that you answered with that word;)

    The two pi’s were legit imo. He needed none vs the Giants or in any of the comebacks I remember.

    You didn’t comment on Dak having the highest completion percentage through the first 3 years of a career. Ever. (All time). I think we can agree that’s also a “pleasant surprise”. (He also broke Tom’s record for no ints)

    Hopefully Dak continues to prove you wrong. I think he will.
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  18. Boyzmamacita

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    Dak Prescott for better or worse is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Let's all get behind him. You've stated your opinion. Duly noted. Since you can't change a thing, it's time to root for the Cowboys. Every one of them.
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    When is this not true about any QB? All QBs have won and lost games for their teams.

    - They all throw Ints and fumble the ball. If they do it at a critical juncture, they often lose.

    - They all miss open receivers. I've always hated this narrative.

    - Becomes immobile. Many QBs have no mobility (relatively speaking)

    - Reading the defense is an imperfect art. There are times when there is a defensive breakdown that can be exploited, but by the time we reach the line and see the defense, the play, its backup, and limited audible options are already in place. It isn't like the offense gets to say, 'Ah! That's what you're doing! Let's regroup and run a different play.'

    Like every team does this time of year, we just need a good, clean game from our QB. He's as capable of winning his position as Goff is, so if he does his job, I love our chances.
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    Percy already owned you on that stupid comparison.

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