Video: Xavier Woods on Undisputed: "we needed new energy"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Not confusing at all. He's too much of a player's coach. If you're not making someone angry, you're just not doing your job.

    It got stale. Ten years of complacency. Even for Garrett. He knew he was a lame duck coach. This should have been his most intense year.

    In the end, you can only be yourself, you can't force a style you don't have, but Garrett's personality isn't what is needed. Based on last year, Parcells "in your face" would be my first choice, but I'll also take Big Mike's toughness.
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    As the whole nation looks at Xavier wondering who in the heck he is....
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    So half the team bought into Garrett while the other half didn't? Not surprising there was dysfunction and some of that likely came from conflicting messaging with the assistants and different styles.

    It's good we have a lot of free agents, because that should hopefully lead to some healthy change.
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    You got all of that out of what he said?
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    Imagine that, players have respect for a SB winning coach.

    The exchange about Kris Richard coming to the staff and the immediate impact is telling.
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    Lol..How did he look when his players didn't execute
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    Well I believe the coaches were selling him a dream. It was personal why he was pissed off. We dont know what goes on or what these idiots are telling these players.

    Why would he get pissed if he knew he was backing up until another player Dallas was searching for came in?

    The coaches are the ones who are telling him he is great and a starter while going behind his back doing otherwise.

    This was his issue.

    The coaches should have been streightforward with him even if he wasnt playing great.
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    woods was dropping every free interception this year...why's he talking about needing new energy?
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    Two points:
    1. Woods says he dropped 4 picks and he acted like it was nothing...not a dawg!

    2. Woods said Super Bowl...they lost to the Jets and got beat by an injury riddled Eagles with all the money on the line...Stop!!!

    Look no further than this interview to see the problem with this defense. Nolan needs to get a real FS and let Woods play STs.

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