Zeke: Court Vacates Injunction and Dismisses Case ***merged***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mardwin, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. IAmLegend

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  2. KingintheNorth

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    Probably 3-3 or 4-2 with Zeke.

    Could be 2-4 without him bringing us to 4-7 with 5 to go.
  3. revospeed

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    I feel the same. If we were undefeated and then this happened, I'd be freaked out that we could go 0-6. Now I feel like we are just going to have to scrap in every game.
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  4. dogberry

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    We've got nine days to get the NY court to issue an injunction.

    Or do we refile in Sherman and the NY court defers to Texas?

    What issue did the NFL ask the NY court to rule on when they filed?
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  5. J817

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    Everyone and their mother is aware of the case and how unreliable the source was. This will go away over time imo
  6. Direwolf63

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  7. Playmaker247

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    So legal people what are the chances he plays all year?
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  8. gmoney112

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    Whole reason they filed the suit was because they knew the arbitration was bull****.

    so now it goes to NY?
  9. RJ_MacReady

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    Unfortunately, this might still drag out past this season and affect 2018.
  10. DanManJ

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    Think of how this will affect the scheming against us. This might open the run game for our other backs and we wont see stacked boxes all day. Could be really interesting to see how defenses play us now.
  11. gmoney112

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    This just goes to show, if you have any skills whatsoever, don't ever agree to settle anything by arbitration.
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  12. CowboysWillRise

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    Morris time lol, to hell with it.
  13. canters

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    I think we knew this was coming at some point. Zeke can postpone it a little longer, but his day is coming. I just hope and pray we can keep Dak healthy for the remainder of the year, which just got longer. Yes, Morris and Dmac can help, but an already average team will be below average at some point for 6 games. And JG gets a longer piece of rope either way.
  14. JackOfNoTrades

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    I need to go take a nap. :(
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  15. SeanLee50

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    Just serve it. We aren't going anywhere this year
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  16. Manwiththeplan

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    Maybe, I'm of the belief, that Jerry would do what he'd be inclined to do, with or without the suspension.
  17. DCreppinBoysfan

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    Dak goin win MVP now
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  18. movaughn88

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    Just creating this post to come back to on the chance that Roger has to hand Zeke the Lombardi in January after returning from suspension fresh and blowing through the playoffs. Then I can quote this and start a thread renaming myself Mostradamus!!!
  19. Pokeness

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    Going to the same court in NY that ruled in NFL's favor against Brady and Peterson.
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  20. dogberry

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    If he didn't join the union, he would have to pay his legal bills but wouldn't be bound by the arbitration clause in the CBA?

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