Twitter: Zeke: Those that want more Pollard aren't the ones signing the checks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. Cowpolk

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    He has a new haircut
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  2. StuckMojo

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    Zeke was actually asked about his contract not about Pollard. Todd must of forgot that part. The tweet is very misleading but people don’t bother to actually look at what was really asked or context of the statement.
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  3. bigE79

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    So in other terms, your saying he's a high paid fullback?
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  4. Bigdog

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    I am with you on that. Give him the ball
  5. GimmeTheBall!

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    On second opinion, Zeke is entirely correct!
    Because Jerry has invested so much monay on Zeke, he is not ready to bench him.
    Plain and simple, snappy chaps.
    Wot!? Wot!?
    Would we undermine our season by not featuring Pollard to save face for Jerry and Zeke?
    I should hope not, bland fellows of the pigiron!
  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    I was hoping the wires were attached to tasers. Heh. Just kidding, kiddies of mirth.
  7. elcowboi

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    Some people care too much about what athletes say.
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  8. Mr_437

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    Good enough for me. Feed Zeke and Pollard! Take some of those passes away from Dak.
  9. RonnieT24

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    Swing passes and dump offs are not screens.. And if I'm not mistaken the backs have 11 catches so far this season.. 5.5 a game.. I can only recall one of those being a screen. They have run a lot of WR screens though..
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  10. buybuydandavis

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    A completely uninteresting comment. Could say that about anything the team does.

    The Right Answer was:
    "Pollard has been playing great and should get more snaps. I hope there are more personnel packages with both of us."
  11. Captain-Crash

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    it's not the wire, it's the hook. sending the hook to yank him out.
  12. Verdict

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    I’m not a Zeke apologist, but it is obvious that the team’s game plan was to pass the ball in game 1 and pretty much abandon the run. With that fact, it’s a little bit disingenuous to put that on Zeke. It’s a very small sample size.

    If Zeke is still in that same range at the end of the season (and he doesn’t lose games due to injury or illness) then your point is a lot more valid.
  13. America's Cowboy

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    Zeke's an idiot.

    Keep your mouth shut!

    Now he's definitely going to hear many voice their dislike towards his cocky mouth and attitude.
  14. Walker

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    He should ask his boss who is in the building who he gets his checks from.
  15. Sarge

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    YPC of 3.9 is valid now.
  16. RoboQB

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    Whew! Those first few pages are brutal. Couldn't read anymore without
    commenting. So many have misinterpreted what Zeke said and focused
    on a narrative. The Contract.

    He also said "...what really matters is what's going on in this building."
    The perfect response. Easy translation is everything you'd want.
    It's about the team. The whole team. Nothing but the team.

    Easily missed because he signed a contract and got his money
    before they gave it all to Dak. QBs are playing well into their 40s
    these days while so many RBs are done before their 28th birthday. Just sayin'.

    I predict that Zeke will have great game on Monday night.
    Pollard too. Just like they both did last week. Except this week,
    Zeke will shut a few people up. Not everyone, of course... lol/smh
  17. JBond

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    False... sending the wires is what matters to him. He said it clearly.
  18. Macnalty

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    I have never seen a fullback block as well as Zeke, he is a thousand yard rusher who blocks similar to a lineman in pass protection. When you have a line like the Cowboys, that is a valuable weapon, and Pollard does have this in his arsenal. In fact, no other team in the NFL has a Zeke level pass protector who will spit out a thousand yards a season. I understand your argument if you think the QB protection is more than adequate without Zeke.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Zeke comment is about people on the outside making statements and giving their opinion yet have absolutely no say in anything. People can say Pollard should start yet none of those people have anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys. People are taking this comment from Zeke completely out of context. Only opinion that matter to Zeke are those who actually have a say in what this team does.
  20. Starforever

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    Todd's tweet feeds the starving and bloodthirsty anti-zeke fans, that hunger for negativity about him and other Cowboy players. I wonder who's next?

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