3rd down - who scares you more Heath at S or Taco at RE

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Parcells4Life

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    As it stands today without Gregory, Taco is probably the RE on 3rd down. Unless there’s a unicorn in the 2nd that can contribute as a rookie.

    And Heath whose as bad as RW31 in pass coverage is there.

    So if you can only address 1 which would it be
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  2. MizzouCowboy4

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  3. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Taco tbh. Atleast Heaths athletic, tries, and has a good attitude. He isn’t a very good safety but I’ll take those traits over Tacos only trait which is size. Taco is an entitled bum with a mouth
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  4. The Quest for Six

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    Red zone offense!
  5. _sturt_

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    Heath makes plays sometimes.

    Taco? Really? This is a legitimate question?
  6. dwreck27

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    Every OC worth a lick was beginning to try and isolate one on one matchups with their playmaker on him.

    Criminal that he will be starting again
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  7. ctrous25

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    Good question. I’ll say this though, Heath in a limited role can make plays. And will be fresher for special teams. ( I know I didn’t answer the question lol). We need to draft a safety in the 2nd or 3rd rd.
  8. BigCatMonaco

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    Don’t you ever disprespect Roy Williams like that again. They’ve both played six seasons for Dallas.

    Jeff heath will never sniff a pro bowl let alone five or a first team all pro.

    And Roy had 19 interceptions for us. In a league that passed less than now. Heaths 8 don’t compare. Or the fact Roy doubled the amount of forced fumbles and actually sacked the QB 7.5 times compared to none.
    Then the fact that he more than doubled the tackles too.

  9. sandbridge77

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    Better fix the pass rush first, with no rush it doesn't matter if you have 4 all pro's in the secondary given time someone is gonna be open.
  10. BigCatMonaco

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    I try and Im athletic with a good attitude. Doesn’t mean I deserve to be a starting safety in the league.
  11. ChronicCowboy

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  12. Sarge

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  13. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    He doesn’t deserve it. But atleast he tries. Tacos extremely entitled he got sat because of attitude not ability and he was on Twitter the other day saying we have no clue what we’re talking about because he doesn’t play on rush sets. Gee I wonder why!?
  14. kskboys

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    Heath by a landslide. A huge landslide. While Taco has yet to make plays, I feel as if he's been competent setting the edge and holding his own.

    Heath, OTOH, is easily left in the dust w/ any semblance of a move in coverage, as he simply does not possess the burst or lateral agility to mirror any moves. It's just way too easy for a competent OC to scheme him into coverage. That's why he'll look so good at times. He's strictly a downhill S, which means he's great coming straight at the action. Problem is, it's just not going to work that way every time, esp w/ a competent OC on the other side.
  15. DasSchnitzel

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    Taco. He doesn't play on 3rd down as it is for obvious reasons.

    Heath isn't half as bad as the majority of posters on here claim. He shouldn't be a starter but he's not worthless back there. Did you know Heath has been either #1 or tied for #2 in interceptions every year from 2015 to now?
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  16. slick325

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    Heath shouldn't be a starter in the League, but that doesn't mean he isn't a bona fide NFL player. As someone else stated, he makes plays when his role is limited. He is a solid depth guy on any team in the League. He needs to be replaced as a starter that's for sure but he can be on my roster any day.

    Taco on the other hand, despite pedigree, I have no idea what type of NFL player he may be yet. He hasn't really even flashed to me. Hopefully, much like DLaw and other DEs, he hits his stride in year 3 and comes on.

    Until Taco starts ballin', I'd say he is the answer to the OP's question. Don't care who is in the secondary, if a good NFL QB has time to throw on any down...they slice you up.
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  17. CATCH17

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    Neither worries me having them on the field.

    If I could upgrade it just depends who I’m upgrading with.

    In general give me the Defensive End over the safety.
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  18. boxer-rumble

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    Gotta agree. As much crap as I give Heath, his attitude and willing to give effort is there. He’s just not very good.

    Taco on the other hand looks like he doesn’t give a crap. Not a fan of that.
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  19. Questfor6

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    Heath picked off Rodgers in the playoffs on 3rd down & caused Derek Carr's fumble on 3rd down as well, give me him over Taco all day.
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  20. glimmerman

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    He makes a play here and there. But misses a tackle every once in a while also.

    I remember a safety we used to have that missed 2 tackles in the ravens game that resulted in 2 tds. Missed them on the LOS. Was the same exact play both times. Was the last game in the old stadium. He didn’t catch as much crud as Heath.
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