Video: Another proof Romo made made this putrid scheme look better than what it is

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zman5, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Zman5

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    This video shows how Romo would call a new play at the LOS to make JG bad scheme work. Against 2014 playoff game against Detroit, two plays were called based on coverage they saw all game. When Romo saw that the coverage was looked different he called a brand new play "Tennessee" at the line.

    This shows you Romo made the coaches look much better than they were. People who thinks we can just bring in a new QB and all will be fine are kidding themselves. Unless JG and his scheme is gone, we need a QB that is as good or better than Romo. Good luck with that. Nothing will really change much until JG is gone.

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  2. sacase

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    Well perhaps TO was right that Romo and Wit were drawing up plays in the dirt. I am glad they did.
  3. WillieBeamen

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    I dont think anyone on here is campaigning for JGs and his scheme to stay. Most of us want a full house cleaning (New QB and coaching staff).
  4. black label

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    get rid of the scrub too
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  5. Zman5

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    I'm all for full house cleaning. I don't want to spend any resources on a QB until JG is gone because that would just be throwing away a high pick down the drain with that clown around.
  6. Mr_C

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    I don’t think this theory can be questioned much anymore.

    Tony was a classic enabler. He made it possible for Jason and Jerry to not change anything. Once he’s off the team reminding, explaining, actually showing a young qb how to get better and succeed we see the result.

    I say this all the time. When so you ever see Jason sitting down with Dak looking at pics/plays and guiding him. Or anyone on the team for that matter. He does encourage them to do better(over and over) and that’s wonderful...

    We often saw Romo sitting with him explaining the game. Coaching does matter and Tony knew that and was the ultimate coach.
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    The pair of Romo and Witten. Romo even says that if it were anyone else running the route, he would have thrown the out.

    That's a "we're just better than you" play. Called by Romo. Executed by Romo and Witten. Coaches contributed bupkis to that play.

    Coaches can't call that up. That's not a scheme. That's special players making plays. That's not a system that you can build an organization around. You certainly can't play "next man up".

    I want to see the passing game be a system. It's not gonna be as good as Romo at his best. But if it lets us plug and play WRs, we can win in the short term. Otherwise, we're waiting for a QB who can do magic, and then waiting for years for him to develop chemistry with his receivers.
  8. catiii

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    Exactly why I laugh when someone on here thinks Romo should "train" at QB coach or OC or something first. Totally ridiculous. Romo was the HC for years and no one knew....well...some of us did. Romo can HC right now and has more intelligence and talent in his little finger than JG the clapping clown does.
  9. aria

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    Let’s talk about Romo more...
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  10. brooksey1

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    Well he deserves it. We all see who the OC and the real QB was. We should double even triple the Romo talk until the two scrubs are gone. JG and DAK
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  11. aria

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    Ok, let’s talk about his 2007 MNF game against Buffalo. He tied a record, he was only the second QB ever to throw 5 INT’s on MNF, 2 of which were returned for fumbles. He even lost a fumble to add the icing on the cake. Very impressive!

    I can only imagine the reaction if Dak did that in his second year.
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  12. Streetwise

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    For some reason Romorooters consider him the reason we won the game.
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  13. FLCowboyFan

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    I think the point is that Dak couldn't do that. That's not Dak's fault. First he is a young player and doesn't have the same experience and secondly he doesn't have Jason Witten on the team anylonger. That's why you need a creative scheme that gets players open. You can't just line up and beat your man consistently in this leauge.
  14. aria

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    He’s only responsible for wins, losses are everyone else’s fault.
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  15. catiii

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    Wow so one of the best (and certainly the toughest) QBs in Cowboys history has a bad game and that's your best argument against the point of this thread? "You're no daisy." :lmao:
    The point of the thread is that Romo can out-coach the clapping clown blindfolded. That's got nothing to do with pointing out the same stuff ups every QB has had.
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  16. Tenkamenin

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    That’s fine, but I’d rather draw up a play with one of the greatest receivers ever because of his big play ability. Give TO 20 more receptions a season you probably have 2:1 TD ratio vs Witten.
  17. Northern_Cowboy

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    The reaction for Dak would be exactly the same as for Romo assuming Dak after making all those mistakes still came back and won the game as Romo did (and yes with some help)
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  18. droopdog7

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    Three things.

    Did romo completely make up a play or did he call another garret play?

    The quarterback has the advantage of being able to see the defense and adjust the call. The playcaller doesn’t have that option and all the good QB’s change calls. One instance means nothing.

    People used to KILL romo because changed plays too often, especially away from running to passing plays.
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  19. percyhoward

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    “We were down by three, we were on the plus 42-yard, and we said ‘We’re going for it,’” Garrett said. “This was the play of the game. We called Y-Option.”

    That's how Garrett described it the day Witten retired. "We called Y-Option."
  20. Tenkamenin

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    Don’t forget that Jerry was the orchestrator of Tony’s involvement in the offense. I forgot what offseason it was, but Jerry pushed for Tony to be more involved in the play calling.

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