Are we really going to dump everything into Dak?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Jan 22, 2020.

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    He’s going to get $35-$40 million. Is he the best QB? Nope. Is he good enough to win with? Absolutely. Pay the man and concentrate on signing Amari.
    Why is everyone so surprised? This was going to happen eventually....
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    If you listen to some of these posters, you would think Dak was the entire reason the team under achieved. Many of them will respond that they also know the coaching was bad. Which makes no sense, because if they truly believe that, then they would realize the bad coaching permeates throughout the entire team.
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    Good enough to win isn't worth 40 mill. Paying Dak that much automatically means we're going to suck in other areas. We aren't the Chiefs, where Mahomes is so good, you can dump money on him and your team will still be good.
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    Its kind of weird how you make the 35m number. You are pretending we are going to let Dak walk away and find a guy off the streets to come in and play for free now?
    Or do you want to sign a journeyman like Chase Daniels $10m per year to struggle. Thats a $25m net not $35m.

    This thing where modern day fans keep pretending every team with a QB making QB money is somehow handicapped by the salary just shows a lack of knowledge about the big picture. Which players are we losing because we can't afford to keep them all of a sudden? Byron Jones? B Jones is much easier replaceable than a QB is. Regardless of what Dak agrees to play for we are not the team to go spend big money overpaying guys like Sammy Watkins 16m per year in free agency.

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    Do you have any videos Dak eating some Chucky soup or do we need to go to the commercial bud?
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    This is wrong.

    Every team needs a certain number of average types throughout the roster. Look at every team in the league and you will see the JAG's all over the roster. Doesnt mean the team sucks in this area. This is where coaching comes in. This is why the great coaches win every year. They get the most out of regular guys. Since every team will have regular average roster churn types on the roster you don't want your QB to be handled by these types of players. So you have to pay the QB.

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    Deja vu of last off-season here comes that massive Dak contract once again lol....:muttley:

    Hold a small cup as you've already gotten a cold shower last year do you really need another?
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    I’m gonna see if MM can make him better. That’s fair. Now if he sucks under MM then we had better hope we can cut or trade him.

    I don’t hate him or like him. He’s all right I guess
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    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, specific thoughts, on what the Cowboys do next year for a QB if they send Dak on his way into free agency?

    Which FA QB would you sign and for how much?

    Here is a short list of names to help the discussion along with their projected market value according spotrac.
    • Brees - 36.5
    • Brady - 33.7
    • Rivers - 27.5
    • Bridgewater - 20.0
    • Winston - 26.7
    • Tannehil - 30.5
    • Dak - 33.0
    • Mariota
    • Daniel
    • Keenum
    • Henne
    • Stanton
    • McCoy
    Draft available QB’s (using Jimmy J’s draft value chart)
    • Burrow - #17 overall, 2 future firsts, a number 2 or 3 - probably a 4th or 5th
    • Tua - #17, 2 future firsts
    • Hebert - #27, 2 future firsts
    • Fromm - #17
    • Eason - #17
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    Retirement must be getting to you, a hobby at this point in your life other than football may be the elixer you need.

    I think the rock band Styx wrote a song about this aliment called "too much time on my hands"...
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    Dak is purely a bus driver, but not a very good one.

    Poor Jerry, he wants a Flacco or Dilfer who can take us into the playoffs.

    No soap, ruffians of the green tundra.

    Dak will never rise above 8-8, even when the NFC east sucks.

    Dak will get $40 mil and 3 years.

    Jerry will subjugate McCarthy with a bus driver who has sterling stats but no compass to a winning drive in the NFL.

    3 more years of 8-8. Then a new QB to groom.

    By that time our O line is a shambles and our WRs a weak version of what they were in 2019.

    Blimey, a dystopian world of 8-8 seasons and "we need to do better."

    But, what cares Jerry when he can sell a half billion worth of shot glasses, t shirts and barbecuing tools with the Cowboys logo?

    A logo that once meant something.

    Hollah and brings me a dollah!
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    I have never met as many out of work Football GM and Personal guys out of work, and all posting on the same forum.
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    Well obviously you are going to pay somebody but the point remains the same. Dak could not get it done with the current salary structure but somehow you expect them to get it done with 35 million less.
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    Sounds about right to me........Mediocre.
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    LOL..........Dak led the NFL in late comeback wins his first 3 years. Even turds like you admitted he was clutch. OR did you forget?

    Maybe you forgot the playoff game last season where Dak threw for 300 yards and 2 TD's and beat the Seahawks in the playoffs.

    Cowboys record under Dak is 40 and 24 in 4 years.

    Nothing mediocre about any of it.

    You are a total and complete joke on here and I hope you enjoy getting your sorry butt kicked around the board on a regular bases.

    I will definitely enjoy watching you cry the blues as Dak is here for a long time. :lmao2::lmao2::lmao2::lmao::lmao:
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    Average to good? Funny how it keeps changing.

    I guess you realized how dumb your previous comment was that Dak was backup material?

    40-24 Cowboys record under Dak..............Leading the NFL in passing and leading the #1 offense in the NFL just makes your average comment look as dumb as the rest of your opinions. '

    NO anxiety at all, just laughter. Gives REAL fans like me all the ammo I need to kick a troll like you around the board.
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