As Cowboys fans, do we deserve more?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, May 2, 2019.

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    Stephen has had his same position and role throughout. He’s been a part of the poor decisions and good ones. The better decisions can be connected with 3 different HC’s influence.
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    deserve's got nothing to do with it
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    Deserve? It's like a fallen hero once said "football is a meritocracy. Nothing is given it's earned". What have fans earned with their undying love and support? I bought at cap once. Probably cost about $30 way back when. I can tell you with all honesty that I've received $30 back a 1000 fold! Yep, everyone is entitled these days Coach. I get why the 20 somethings gripe BUT the major gripers are not millennials. They probably wear suspenders to hold up their polyester pants and have Velcro on there shoes. There major gripe is "not getting enough". Sucks being them doesn't :muttley:
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    But that not in his makeup, he ran his oil company and never had any reservations about running his own NFL team and was drawn to Crazy Al as a mentor, even up to suing the league.

    Booger has never wavered from that jocks to socks stance coming in and was pretty take it or leave it with the fans. And he's still that way.
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    This sounds an awful lot like you are telling us to just be satisfied with the status quo. Be happy with the occasional division championship. Don't desire more, just like it and quit your whining.

    All I have to say is -screw that-. You wanna be that lone Indian fan sitting in the outfield bleachers beating his drum? Knock yourself out.
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    C'mon Cern, Why Blue?
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  8. Diehardblues

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    It’s not about being satisfied. We always desire for more. That’s not the message here.

    Those Cub fans waited for a hundred years to finally raise their banner. Saint fans had bags over their heads for 43 years. Browns haven’t ever been to a SB and they’re still in the Dog Pound rootin and holllerin.

    Cowboys success came early and often. We begin thinking that was the norm. There’s no guarantees we’ll ever win another one. That’s not saying we shouldn’t want for more. But it is saying that a big part of being a fan is enjoying the ride.

    I’m all for holding those in control accountable. And we can critique and complain. But in the end we are sitting in the bleachers cheering our team on. Winning just makes it more fun.
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  9. Hadenough

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    I would say as a longtime Cowboy fan I think the players deserve a SB but the owner doesn't deserve it.
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    Nitrogen and oxygen.
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  11. cern

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    If you cannot see that he wields far more power now than 15 years ago, there is no sense in continuing this conversation. Not that there was in the first place.
  12. Londonboy

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    Well said Greg, It's My team, I'd love it if We won another Title, but it's My team no matter what transpires.
  13. CouchCoach

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    I am not saying that at all and you know that. There are ways to be critical and reasons to be but when something positive happens as it did last season, too many were far more on the LA game than the fact they turned it around and they were even in that game. That's what was the sign of entitlement to me. Too many were "so what, they'll lose in the playoffs" with little regard for what that team accomplished. Hell acr, some don't know when to be happy they've been pissed so long.

    Short term memories from what this place looked like at 3-5, looking up at the other East teams. I wonder what those, not wanting to lose to get rid of Garrett, would have said at 3-5 if they were offered one playoff win from that far back? After lmao, I would have said "sure, sure, wake me for that playoff game".
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  14. CouchCoach

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    Yeah, she's like a bad woman, I thought about quitting her but then she'll tease me again. Put on that see through negligee, candy panties and peek-a-boo bra and I'm hooked only to find out it was Rowdy wearing that half the time.
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    Excellent topic Coach.

    I think most of us fans, even most on this fun forum are extremely fickle. We often form opinions that are based on pre-conceived notions and emotions about our favorite team including its history. Because I am an older fan who started watching the Cowboys in the early 60s as a little kid, so much of my perceptions, hopes and expectations for this team are rooted in the early glory days of the Cowboys when the NFL was completely different than today.

    For example, my dad took my brother and I to a Cowboys home game several times in the 60s and 70s when tickets, parking and concession costs were within reach for an average middle class family man. Today’s costs are not within reach for most fans, while NFL owners’ profit margins are exponentially greater than they were when the average fan could afford a ticket.

    Ticket prices have gone up way faster than an average fan’s paycheck. From that standpoint, I expect better.

    Regarding the team’s performance- While I agree that last year was an amazing turnaround from 3-5 to winning the division and a WC playoff game. The drafting is better, and the team has certainly done better than most of the “Jerry era” years. I’m also still dismayed at the lack of playoff success over the last 20+ seasons. So I don’t think expecting more than this franchise has delivered is “too much”.

    Why shouldn’t fans expect excellence? Excellence is NOT perfection. The difference between excellence and perfection is this- excellence is the highest attainable place you can reach. For some years, excellence is 10-6. For other years it could be 12-4 or 9-7. As a long time fan, excellence will always be my expectation. I don’t think expecting something better than we have attained lately is asking too much.

    I think it’s pretty clear the Jones family are fat and happy making their billions regardless of winning playoff games. Sure I think they wanna win. But not if they don’t get to play with their toy like it’s their frat house party. There is such a thing as professionalism and dedication to principles of excellence that the Jones family feels no compulsion to follow. I think the fans and this community deserves better than that.
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    For Me it's a life sentence with no hope of parole, getting out is never gonna be an option.
    Fortunately, I feel the same about Chelsea FC, Wasps RFC, Hawthorn Hawks ARFC, Wigan Warriors RLFC, The Mumbai Indians IPLCC, Surrey CCC, Johanna Konta and all of Our National Teams, one of them usually manages to give Me a happy.
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  17. the_h0wey

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    The team and franchise owe us nothing. Nothing. We all choose to be a fan. We can also choose not to watch the team
  18. kevm3

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    So in other words, we need to hand over more money to Jerry and Stephen as they treat this franchise as their personal Madden season. That's what we deserve right? We don't deserve an FO that is at least TRYING to do things in a sane fashion.
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  19. 408Cowboy

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    This guy gets it
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  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Not that easy to just give up on a team that's been a big part of your life for over 40 years.
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