Beckham's Giant future?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. John813

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    Miami has no cap for him and Landry.

    Besides, even if they restructured deals to make it work, they are already paying Stills 10m a year, and have a boatload of questionable contracts and poor depth starters elsewhere.

    For the posters wanting Landry here, he does most of his damage in the slot. He doesn't stretch the field either.
  2. rocyaice

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    Hardy is not in the league because of his off the field antics.

    And please...even Jerry isn't stupid enough to try and sell Drew Bledsoe or Eddie George as the final piece. You don't have to make stuff up in order to roast Jerry...there's plenty out there.
  3. JoeKing

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    He most certainly did. I can't make this stuff up. You just don't recall it correctly as you've already admitted. Hardy would still be in the league if he played worth a damn. Now who is making stuff up? :rolleyes: Hypocrite much?
  4. rocyaice

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    So you are telling me that a guy like Nick Hayden can steal money for years and be in this league but Hardy couldn't lol? A league desperate for pass rushers? So you think Greg Hardy isn't here right now because of him getting 6 sacks which last season would've led this team in sacks?
  5. JoeKing

    JoeKing mrtxstar

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    I didn't say anything about Hayden. And Greg Hardy is making his money at MMA because be can't do it in the NFL. You tell me who pays more.
  6. Bowdown27

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    Didn’t know Miami situation. Crazy paying stills that amount
  7. John813

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    He's been solid for what he brings, especially last year when they had a competent QB. I made a mistake, he's getting close to 10 mil this year, but average is 8 per.
  8. atlantacowboy

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    They should trade him to Detroit. Then we can offer Detroit a 1st and 3rd to sign him to that huge contract he's always wanted......... and if Detroit plays ball again, there might a staff position open......:lmao2:
  9. Longboysfan

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  10. Jake

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    I remember people saying the same thing about TO.
  11. EPL0c0

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    I don't want to be one of these whiny whiners, but Beckham in Dallas would be beyond toxic.

    If everything he does gets blown up right now...imagine how much worse it'd be in Dallas? He couldn't even stand NEAR a boat without 782492874 articles being written.
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  12. jrumann59

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    Dez is up for grabs threat, and is very good underneath if the ball gets there when he is in stride. Take a look at all of the underneath stuff, he stretches or goes to the ground to catch the ball. Dez is YAC receiver, slants, ins, drags, digs are his routes then go deep with Sluggo, in and up.
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  13. Sarge

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    If we got ODB it would take him less than 10 minutes to learn our route tree.
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  14. haleyrules

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    I can't stand Beckham and it would make me sick to see this phony showboat wearing the star. Owens was bad enough.
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  15. dallasdave

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    I second that thought !!!
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  16. dfense

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    ODBs speed will throw Dak off. All his slant passes will be behind him. ODB will throw a tantrum (when he's not hurt) and Daks inconsistent passes will be blamed on ODBs route running or coaching. Nobody wins.
  17. Trouty

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    Um. Okay.
  18. aria

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    We have enough distractions on this team. I would want nothing to do with Odiva and the baggage he brings but it would be just the type of move Jerry would make to keep himself in the headlines.

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