Brent fails two drug test...Ordered back to jail

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BlueStar22, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I'm not going to condone what Brent is doing by hitting on some devils weed...but it sure would be hard on any person knowing that they just killed their best friend, that they are facing some serious jail time, and that they may never play pro football again.

    Sometimes marijuana will help troubled people get some sleep or at least get them to think about something else. That is why some states make the weed legal for medicinal purposes.

    But, in this case, Jerry needs to just cut ties with the guy because although Jerry and the team may feel the need to help him out for making a BIG mistake, he is not coming back to the Cowboys anytime soon, or ever.
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    I've been sympathetic to Brent's plight up to this point, but this is the last straw. I think Brown's mother will understand that the Cowboys stood by Josh as long as they could, but he brought this on himself. I hope he gets his life together in any event.
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    If at first you don't succeed..... :mad:
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    Nope. It's just foolish to smoke weed when you know you will be tested and your future ( football and life) is hanging in the balance. I don't compare that to someone who smokes weed but won't be tested anytime soon or someone with a medical condition.
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    That's why the man is stupid. So many NFL players just don't know what they have, and end up throwing it all away.

    Oh, well, stupid is as stupid does.

    (stupid cowboy fans)
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    As bad as his situation was he still had an opportunity (thanks to Jerry) to get his life back on track and help the Brown family. He literally pissed it away and I don't care if he was having trouble sleeping at night or whatever. It is not that hard to not do drugs especially when your life hangs in the balance. The dude was given a second chance and he blew it. End of story. If he really thinks his life is so bad now wait until he gets out of jail and he has nothing because all the people lined up to help him in his time of need have moved on and he is on his own.
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    So true...
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    "Some men, you just can't reach."
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    Time to flush

    What a waste of talent.
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    This kid headed down the wrong road and instead of trying to reverse direction he spead up. What a waste of space.
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    But Hernandez appears to be evil. A far worse human being....
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    Yea, at this point we need to cut him
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    Give him an extension
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    A second chance in life is what Brent should have made for himself. The team owed him nothing.

    The NFL is a privilege and not a reclamation project.

    You drink and drive and kill, your rights should be revoked to ever play in the league again.

    That goes for Tom Brady to Bob Schmedlapp.

    The league needs to take a hard stand and talent be damned.

    This is about sending the right message to children that follow the league.

    Then when the offender has righted his ship, he can be on Oprah and tell his story.

    But tell it walking.

    Responsibility and consequences. They are paramount when you are offered a great opportunity.
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    I think it is in Brent's best interest for him to get away from football. And it would be best if he made the decision by himself. Time to get on with his life's work, whatever that will be. Time to bury the dream life of a football player for good. Give him a shovel and pay him to dig a hole 8 hours a day and then he can go home and drink and smoke all he wants. He made the decision that alcohol and drugs are most important in his life. To each their own.
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    I was telling one of my co-workers today about the lack of Cowboys in the legal news this off-season and how it was great. Now this.
    Camp can't get here quick enough.
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    I'm fine if the Cowboys want to continue supporting him in some manner. He might be a fine young man who simply made one tragically bad mistake. But the Cowboys need to support him as a former member of the team. Get him therapy, help him with rehab, whatever. But cut him first. It just looks -- and feels -- bad keeping this guy on the active roster.
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    So is it possible this team will cut this guy now..?

    I mean what else does he need to do to be released..?

    C'mon and Stephen need to save Garrett and the players anymore embarrassing questions about this whole matter.

    End it.

    Next Years Champs
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    Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn 16m
    I'm told Cowboys have no immediate plans to release Josh Brent following what appears second failed drug test
    So youre telling me theres a chance?

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