Bucs sign Shaq Barrett

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Denim Chicken

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    You're talking about differences in the player, not the position. You can have a 3-4 OLB that's is a pass rushing specialist same as 4-3 DE. The only real difference is you typically wont see a 4-3 DE in coverage.
  2. OmerV

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    In a 3-4 you have oversized DEs that can take on the big OTs and seal the edge against the run, so the pass rushing OLBs like Barrett have a little more freedom to attack from different angles whether on the line or blitzinng from behind the line. In a 4-3 the Barrett would have to be a down lineman,period, and smaller guys are much less able to take on a big OT to do that.

    And, again, even aside from all that, Barrett is still just a 3-4 sack player, so what extra would he bring to the table anyway?
  3. blueblood70

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    so 5(4 yrs played) years 14 sacks is how different than Taco? if TaCO GETS a lot more snaps now with Gregory out im sure he can squeeze out 3.5 sacks..your diss is laughable.. its the same and that defense with all those players funneling sacks to Shaq he should have had more..not saying he couldn't help us but theres reason they let him go and hes only getiing 1yr 5mil..he isnt much more of players then Taco..
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  4. OmerV

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    Using him as a pass rushing specialist is what i was saying about using him only on clear passsing downs.
  5. QuincyCarterEra

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    He had 44 pressures last season on limited snaps. That's what he offers
  6. OmerV

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    Out of curiosity, where do you find stats on pressures? I know it’s out there, but I haven’t found a website so far.
  7. JoeyBoy718

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    Maybe if his last name was Witten.
  8. Zekeats

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    You fans crack me up. My god, when will you every get it? Ware and Ellis are coming back, how obvious does it have to get?
  9. atlantacowboy

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    We like our guys. Understand it. Accept it. Live with it.
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  10. Risen Star

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    Well, I sure hope Taco Charlton and Dorance Armstrong are ready for breakout seasons or this team's pass rush is going to be ugly. Even with Lawrence.

    GMs don't matter.
  11. lane

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    I think Dorance might be a player for us.He has a twitch and motor that should only get better with experience.
  12. Whyjerry

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    You are spot on. The Clinton-Dix deal has me burned. That would have been a nice upgrade.
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  13. Common Sense

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    And at only $2.5M per sack, how can you go wrong?
    I didn't realize Kool-Aid came in taco flavor now :rolleyes:
  14. SeanLee50

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    Who said anything about ware or Ellis?

    Just simply stating we have a need at rush end. A rush end who is solid signed for super cheap and a one year deal.

    One year at five million doesn’t hinder your cap or hurt you down the road. If he flops he’s off the books next season
  15. Walker

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    They are still apparently probably on vacation.
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  16. blueblood70

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    not kooliad but the OP sated taco can maybe give you 3 sacks yr and wants Shaq, well thats shaqs output as well.. keep wanting guys at more money that arent truly better is not drinking Koolaid, its reality...Taco if he plays 16 games most likely gets 3-5 sacks and Shaq's the same type of player..

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