C-Money's top 10 QBs of 2023


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There’s a difference between who played better in 2023 (which includes the OL, the run game, the receivers, etc) and who is clearly the best QB and whom you’d prefer as your starting QB.

2023 was an off year in production for Mahomes because he didn’t have reliable weapons or consistent protection. In 2023, Dak was among the top 3 QBs In performance and production. That cannot be questioned. The facts bear it out.

But in the bigger picture of who is the best QB, whom I’d choose if I could choose anyone to QB my team in 2024, Dak is probably barely in the top 10. There are 5-6 AFC QBs whom I’m confident are better than Dak. It’s much tighter in the NFC.

This isn't a draft ranking of best QB. It's best in 2023.


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I understand football better than most. I'd guarantee I understand it better than 99% of the people on this board.

I know ESPN and the talking heads have a lot of folks brain washed into loving Mahomes... I do too. He's great! But he had a subpar year this year.
Your first paragraph is incredibly ironic in light of your post just a few before this one. To refresh:

“Usually the most confident in their assertions are the most incorrect. Thanks for proving the point!”


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With the season finally at its end, it's time for my annual year end ranking of the QBs. You can find my mid-season review here: https://cowboyszone.com/threads/c-moneys-top-10-qbs-midway-through-the-2023-season.516756/

There were some pretty big shake-ups from the mid-season point.

1. Dak Prescott: I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! To put this on an Eagles fan board is just asking for all the hate but I'm hoping the smarter football fans who actually watched games AND UNDERSTAND football will see the bigger picture. Dak balled out this year.
Coming into the season, there was a lot of talk about his 15 ints the season before. Well, he said "I won't have 10 ints" this season and he held true to his word. He led the league in TD passes, 3rd in yards, 2nd in comp %, 2nd in passer rating, 2nd in QBR, and 17th in INTs thrown. Not only did he have impressive numbers he won the division and got the 2 seed in the NFC. In most statistical categories he was competing with Brock Purdy for the top spot, but IMO Dak did more with less.

2. Brock Purdy: This one is tough for me to write. I'm not a Purdy fan. I don't think he's this good and if he was to be put in a different situation, I think you'd see him farther down this list and possibly on the bench... but HE'S NOT. He's where he is and he thrived in 2023. 4th in Comp %, 5th in Yards, 3rd in TDs, 1st in TD %, 1st in Y/A, 1st in Y/C, 1st in Rating, 1st in QBR. #1 seed in the NFC and a trip to the super bowl. IMO he is the only argument instead of Dak at #1.

3. Josh Allen: Allen had a tough start to the 2023 season and was really playing some sloppy "hero" ball early... but a change in coordinator and in his play style really showed what Josh Allen is capable of being. It's almost like he learned, or the coaches made him, how to manage a game to win! He finished the year 4th in yards, 5th in tds, 2nd in INTs thrown, 3rd in QBR, led 4 game winning drives, and 2 fourth quarter come backs. Until this point, I haven't really looked at rushing but with Allen and the next guy on my list, you really need to factor that in. He was T2nd in the ENTIRE league with 15 rushing TDs and added over 500 yards on the ground.

4. Lamar Jackson: He wasn't in my top 10 at the midway point in the season and I really don't think he had the run-away MVP season that most do.... with that said, he did win the league MVP. Lead all QBs in rushing with 821 yards and 5tds. He was 4th in Passer Rating and QBR. He didn't play week 18 so his total stats are a little skewed but all-in-all he is in the top 5 IMO

5. Patrick Mahomes: Not a great year for the "GOAT in waiting"... really wasn't. The team was led to a super bowl by their Defense and efficient QB play and a strong run game. This ranking is probably more based on his perception then his actual play in 2023 but he has earned it! 8th in Comp%, 6th in yards, 8th in TDs, 15th in Td%, T4th in INTs thrown, 19th in Y/A, 21st in Y/C, 14th in rating, and 8th in QBR. But he did get his team to the super bowl and they did ultimately win it. He had little to no help on the outside and did sit the week 18 game. I'm not taking him out of the top 5!

6. Matt Stafford: With some of the injuries to top end QBs the list this year is more open than ever before. Matt Stafford really played well this year and gets the nod at the 6 spot. In what many thought was a rebuilding year for the Rams, Stafford led them to a playoff birth and finished the year 6th in QBR. In only 15 games he was 11th in yards and TDs, 8th in Y/A, and 3rd in Y/C.

7. Tua: He cooled off some during the back half of the season. Finished the year 10th in QBR and 5th in Rating but did lead the league in passing yards and was T5th for TDs with 29 but threw 14 ints.

8. Jared Goff: Moved up a couple spots from the mid-season rankings. He was in the MVP conversation until a bad outing on Thanksgiving and the turnovers caught up with him. Still, finished the year 2nd in yards, 4th in TDs, 9th in rating, and 11th in QBR. He is getting some love here for winning the division and a playoff game. With more competent coaching, they probably make the NFC championship game.

9. Jalen Hurts: Boy, did the league figure him and that Eagles offense out during that 49ers game. Finished the year 20th in rating, 13th in QBR, 14th in yards, 14th in TDs, 3rd in INTs thrown. While he added 15 rushing TDs it was only on 157 yards rushing.

10. CJ Stroud: I'm giving the nod to the rookie here. Jordan Love is in the mix here but given the situation in Houston, I'm giving Stroud the nod. From basically the worst team in the league to a playoff team, Stroud's play helped turn around a franchise. Houston didn't have a 1,000 yard rusher. Not a great OL. Not great WRs. and still was 8th in yards, 13th in tds with only 5 ints,3rd in Y/A, and 2nd in Y/C. He finished the year 6th in rating and top 15 in QBR.

Receiving consideration: Jordan Love and Baker Mayfield.

There you have it. This was a tough year, 66 QBs started this year and there wasn't a lot of clear cut, great QB play. Scoring was down and defenses seem to have caught up some.

Sir we cannot have positive Dak posts up in here.
It may cause a host of mental and physical issues to some here.


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Rare footage of a Church of Dak ritual where the cultists harvest energy from the earth in an attempt to alter the minds of the non-believers and trick them into thinking this list isn't hot garbage:



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Thought you were good with moving on from Dak as you had said in other posts? Feeling different now?
I was good with moving on from him when I thought we were firing Mike. Now it makes no sense to move on from Dak when all the same coached and players we coming back. I was for getting rid of Dak in favor of a rebuild.


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I was good with moving on from him when I thought we were firing Mike. Now it makes no sense to move on from Dak when all the same coached and players we coming back. I was for getting rid of Dak in favor of a rebuild.
Oh I’m good with moving on-even if they must make do with Cooper Rush. The rebuild is just going to get delayed by how ever many years Jones extends Dak.


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Mahomes on the other hand, when the lights are brightest, set a streak record this year for going 6 straight postseason games without an INT. But yeah, Dak is better because he had better stats against the weakest pass defense schedule in the league, which definitely is just a coincidence to him having his best year. Lol
You know what’s crazy is that if an actual franchise QB came into the circumstances that Dak fell into, Dallas would have probably won a SB and had multiple NFC conference championship appearances because of his weak the NFC East and the NFC in general have been.

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I just love the fake outrage is all lol.
You mistake amusement for outrage. I'm sure others too found it funny all these people who claim superior football knowledge giving their thumbs up to a post that ranks Dak ahead of Mahomes in a year were Mahomes won a superbowl, and was an instrumental reason too why his team won it.