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Signed by Cowboys CeeDee Lamb signs with Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PAPPYDOG, Jul 23, 2020.


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    Ian Rapoport


    The #Cowboys have agreed to terms with No. 17 overall pick WR CeeDee Lamb, I’m told. He gets a four-year, fully guaranteed deal worth $14.01M, along with a fifth-year option. Rookies have begun reporting across the NFL, and Lamb can now join them.
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    Meanwhile the Cowboys 2020 opponents :(

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    Watched him shred my TCU Horned Frogs, can’t wait to be able to finally cheer him on to shred the eagles/giants/and whatever the hell they call DC fans now.
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    I hope Noah Brown makes CeeDee carry his shoulder pads.....
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    First time in my life I ever seen PappyDog make a post that wasn't Dak related....I'll be damn......
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    Tee Dee Lamb
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    Not a single Dak dig Papster?
    Y'all O.K Bruv?
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    And people say College players don't get paid..... actually they do - they get paid for performance that gets them draft position!
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    Good deal.
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    I'm just thankful the Cowboys have a HC/staff in place that will use him the best way possible.

    There is probably no way he gets drafted if Garrett is still here and I have little faith Garrett could scheme up ways to use him.
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