Conner McGovern: Starting LG battle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jun 11, 2021.


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    I don't see the value of expending all of the resources it would take to do that if Williams will be gone next year. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, better to just move forward with whomever you plan to keep and get them ready, to me.

    But doesn't matter, Williams is not getting paid to play Tackle in Dallas IMO. He will be gone, maybe some other team might try him there, IDK.
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    He sucks...I would cut him....and wouldn't think twice about it.
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    For one, I think it just took Williams a couple years to get NFL strong. He's the same age as Neville Gallimore right now. PFF did a study that showed that OLs/DLs often don't break out until year 3 or as late as year 4, likely because guys like Cwill need time to fully grow into their frames. He's not a late bloomer as much as he just started in the NFL really early.

    For another, I don't think Williams would be bad at all at tackle. His arms are identical in length to La'El's, who didn't have a problem at RT. His arms are identical to Zack Martin's, who kicked out to emergency RT and didn't have problems. But while Martin and Collins both had thick frames and booming power that got you excited about their futures at guard, Williams is a naturally smaller dude who is never going to have elite NFL strength like the former two do.

    His best asset is his feet, and he's always going to struggle with the bull rush. That doesn't scream guard to me. You can bulk him up and square-peg him at guard, and the dividends for that were pretty good last year. But it's hard to not think there's a better tackle in there that we're misusing.
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    Williams will most likely get the start but he seemingly gets beat bad at least once or twice a game

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    This is the problem. This statement, is not even close to true but you see stuff like this all the time. It's all perception. Maybe he would be better served if the Cowboys don't resign him and he moves on to a team who might value his skills.
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    I agree, his services could be replaced here. He’s serviceable, but replaceable.
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    That makes me feel even better about Conner Williams. :p

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    No, we don't agree. Not even a little bit. This is what I hear from our fanbase all the time but it doesn't mean it's true or even wise. Hell, it's not even the question I asked you but whatever. We disagree.
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    You said maybe his services would be better elsewhere, I agree, maybe that’s true.
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    Don't know how to explain my thinking any more clearly than I already have.

    I thought we agreed that we don't see them re-signing him? If he's the best G we have and he leaves, then yes, they will have to address the G position next year either via the draft or FA. Again, part of the reason I would want to give McG every opportunity in camp to see if he can become the guy.

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    I see. OK, my apologies. But to be clear, that appears to be al lwe are in agreement on, on this issue.
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    If we can dare to place overachiever, athletically limited Brandon Knight in as an emergency LT reserve, .i don't see the harm in doing so in camp with Williams at OT.
    i don't see the harm in being able to swing vet Williams outside in a pinch vs having to rely on struggling Steele, overaged Tyske and a raw green Josh Ball.
    If we have such a luxury, I don't see why we don't take advantage of it.

    If injuries dictate some shuffling, we have McGovern who the scouts were very high on, he could always slide into LG (should he not win the role) but dunno if OL Phillibin is that high on him.

    C-Will play that LT role very well in college at UT, and ironically his final year, only surrendered his one lone sack to current Cowboys DE Dorace Armstrong,.. go figure.
    (Williams must've sneezed on that one play,.lol) but Cowboys staff saw him solely as an OG, much like they did with Lael Collins entering the NFL. and apparently based it
    off their wingspan.

    i knew Williams hasn't never been big on strength core.
    I was hoping he'd develop into Richie Incognito type, a movement-oriented guy who plays with sound technique and a nasty demeanor.

    He's never been a power player, but run blocking wise he's not as terrible as some are making him out to be.
    In a knee recovering year, he finally and surprisingly was able to stay healthy for an entire year.

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    Not necessarily. They could just go with what we have on the roster but again, that's not the point. The point was that in order to upgrade the position, you would likely have to take a guard high in the draft, to be a guy who comes in and starts day one. Again, I don't see us spending a 1st round pick on a guard and I honestly don't want to see that. So no, I wouldn't bet money on that. It's more likely they just roll with McGovern and hopefully, he is able to develop into a serviceable LG. But right now, today, the best Guard we have on the team is Williams. To me, it's not debatable. So I guess we'll see what happens......
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    I can’t understand why Williams is not even had the chance to try playing OT. It makes no sense whatsoever considering how well he played OT at the college level. He could still play OG, but he could be used as a OT if needed. Everything about Williams fits the OT position except for his arm length and a couple inches of arm length shouldn’t stop the team from trying him at the very least.

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