Signed by Cowboys Cowboys sign DL Christian Covington


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Sounds like we got a good one guys.

Texans fans from Reddit:

-Super pissed we chose Blackson, Heath, and Dunn over Covington. Cowboys, y'all got a very solid, underrated DE/DL. I personally think he's starter materiel, though he's not gonna *wow* you with his play.

-He'll be a very solid rotational piece for y'all. He's a high-floor, low-ceiling guy. I don't think he's got the body or technique to become an impactful pass rusher, but he's decent at generating pressure and is excellent in run defense. He was a bit of an unsung hero in that regards, to me.

-when one of their starters misses games with an injury, they'll be so happy to have this guy
pissed we didn't get him back tbh

-Great pickup for Dallas, pissed that we let him walk.

-awww lame

-Christian Covington on the same roster as Chris Covington will be very not confusing

-Really not happy that we let him go. I'm obviously not privy to what went on behind-the-scenes, but I'd have MUCH rather kept Covington than Heath, Blackson, and/or Dunn.
I feel like we're hemorrhaging talent and depth this offseason and hardly being "selectively aggressive" in replacing that lost talent.

-Damn I liked him a lot as a run/pass pressure guy. Really fed off JJ very well. Wish him luck in Dallas.

-Yup. He was an excellent complement to JJ - when healthy, I liked him way more than I liked Crick and some of the other guys that have played in that RDE spot.

-Wish we would have tried to retain him, I like him a lot.



What's it going to be then, eh?
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Ur right, my bad. Sounds like a good rotational player however. Hopefully cheap....wait i keep seeing highlights of him playing END...and he's labeled as DE. Hmm.

in the 3-4 that they run i think he was...
Yes but at nearly 300 lbs., he is a Crawford type for Dallas. He is even Canadian too.


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I'm old enough to remember when "David Irving Game" meant football instead of a guy live streaming smoking a blunt the size of a chair leg.
Hey he showed restraint, it could have been a "History of the World Part 1" sized blunt....


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Yay, color me jaded but first thing I thought of was. Marrinelli at it again. No need use resources in the draft, we'll just pick up a spare off someone else's team and I'll coach em up .....oh hewas a sixth rounder ? Sweet, I can make that work

Actually he is pretty good against the run. I understand you're cynicism though. Hopefully the cowboys have stopped listening to rod and he'll be gone after next season


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This moves the needle.

And it doesn't happen if we have to pay Earl Thomas.

When did you turn into the complete agenda guy? You're a little better on the cap then this, not so elementary or blah about how it really works.


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Not bad...obviously Rod must like him, but with the amount of good DT’s left I’m surprised we jumped on him already.

Decent rotational guy tho, nothing to complain or get excited about