Cowboys Game ***Cowboys vs Eagles post game thread***

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Good effort tonight by our team, but the pick 6 and a couple of defensive lapses cost us the game... Some credit has to go to the Eagles who played a pretty good game... Cassel played really well overall, but that pick 6 was killer! We were already in FG range, that one play resulted in a 10 point swing... And how bad do we need to sign either Eric Weddle or Tashaun Gipson to play Safety for us next season? I mean JJ wilcox, Barry Church, and Jeff Heath, these might be the 3 worst players on our roster at any position... I don't think a single team in the league would want to sign any of these guys as a starting Safety... And I'm not going to hate on Lee for getting concussed, it was a freakish play and the dude took a really hard blow to the head, but losing him also hurt...
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    Fire Garrett.

    Fire Marinelli.

    Fire Linehan.

    Fire everybody.


    WE WERE IN ALL OF THESE GAMES. except New England and we can't win ONE. We had every opportunity to take this game just like the other ones and we find a way to lose the football game. It's unbelievable. At some point you have to show some ******* accountability. PATHETIC. **** you Jerry for wasting another year for Romo.

    We got beat by the same play over and over again and why in God's name Rod do you continue to play that scrub Hayden when you have a far superior player in Irving? WHY? Wake up moron. How can you get beaten by the same play over and over again? How can you play so conservative? We were blitzing early and you went away from it.

    Our offense continues to be so vanilla. We needed Dez to make a circus catch just to keep us in this game. We never move him. We never use different formations. Same bull**** on every running play. The heavy 12 personnel. I'm so sick of the lack of creativity. It's no wonder no backup QB can succeed here. Pathetic. Just absolutely pathetic. This team is a walking embarassing and a disgrace.
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    Every single season we deal with the same issues. If the offense is on, defense is off. Defense is on, offense sucks. We can never fully pull it together. This has been a CONSTANT problem for years.

    I had a glimmer of hope for this season until this game. We needed this one. Any thoughts of really getting in the playoffs now is delusional. We just don't play smart. Had we, these close games would have been wins.

    We aren't going to tank. Romo would never sit when healthy, that's just not who he is. 7-9 mediocrity here we come.

    Meanwhile, listening to the news post game about how this would be the 13th straight at least 10 win season for the Pats. Must be nice.
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  4. Avery

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    Season's not over, we just have to win eight straight now.

    I'm watching every Sunday - I'm not putting my $250 for Sunday Ticket to waste (though I may file a chargeback against TV as the Cowboys are not as described).
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    Don't forget Atlanta.
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    Yet when someone bashes Marinelli on here, people are quick to defend the guy. He has been a fraud this year.
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  8. kevm3

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    The whole team sucks period. One game it's the offense losing it for us and the next it's the defense. I think part of the Cowboys curse is Garrett having one excellent season in a contract year and now we're stuck for the next 5.
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    72 isn't old enough. He could still be around for another 10+ years. He might trump Al Davis.
  10. perrykemp

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    Coaching is probably the #1 influencer of who wins/loses games like this.
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    That would be the miracle of all miracles if we do that.
  12. Everson24

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    Two overtime games this year and we still haven't touched the ball yet
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    It's time for Sean Lee to retire.
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    He's a pathetic loser of a coach and I'm sick of him and his posse of supporters here on CZ.
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  15. Sydla

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    Most, if not all, will be back next year.

    Basically just hibernate until one of the Jones' wakes the hell up.
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    Hey, so,

    Fallout 4: 11/10/2015
    Star Wars Battlefront: 11/17/2015
    Creed: 11/25/2015
    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens: 12/17/2015 <---- if your theater has a Thursday screening

    None of those will let you down, I promise :)
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    The offense has been consistently upper tier. The defense has never been in the Romo era. Look it up
  18. fishspill

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    I'm a patient man but it's time to start looking for a new coach.
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    Especially when the Eagles player called heads and refs said tails and it was tails.
  20. greatwallofdallas

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    Cowboys will be in it till week 16......they will be tied with the Giants,if they win they're in the playoffs if they lose its over. They will lose to the redskins and Giants will play the Broncos in the super bowl since the NFL loves Beckham and the mannings .

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