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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. dupree89

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    My God, I feel sorry for the fine people in the Dallas area. I am listening to the Cowboys post game show...this show has to be one of the worst I have ever heard. These guys are as brutal on air as Garrett is on the sidelines.
  2. QT

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    That's what i was telling people last year. Romo was the true mvp of the team not Demarco . Take him away and this team sucks. Unfortunately, this year people realize it.
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  3. davey999

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    This off season was botched from the get go.
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  4. coult44

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    Y'all, we can keep going over every player and say what they did wrong. All 53 of them. But , of you know anything about football, and aren't too homer to admit it, there is one simple reason we are 2-6. And I'm not talking about Romo being hurt. OUR COACHING IS PATHETIC.
  5. dupree89

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    this team is not 0-6 without Romo if they have a real head coach.
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  6. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Coaching has been pitiful since Parcells left.
  7. dupree89

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    Amen. Garrett and Marinelli could be gone tomorrow and I would be thrilled. He I have the post game show on The Ticket on right now...FINALLY a good phone call and I am wondering if it was you. :lmao:
    The called started like this: "Hey guys, I wanna talk about the gutless Jason Garrett"
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  8. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Now Jim Rome and other twitter nerds are claimed being 0-4 with Hardy is karma.
  9. CowboysFanSince88

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    Now Romo comes back to a awful 2-7 team and expected to win
  10. Irvin88_4life

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    I was wrong. I thought we could win some games with Romo out but we can't. Our offense and defense plays just good enough to keep it close except against NE.

    The one player on the entire team we couldn't afford to lose was Romo. Lucky for us is out just enough games to maybe get to 8-8.

    We could lose Dez, Hardy, Tyron, Martin, Witten or any other player you want to name and still win with Romo. You know why, because he covers up the coaching staff. With 1 timeout and over a minute and a half Romo throws a game winning td and win that game. He has bailed us out time and time again with his most come from behind wins.

    The bad part is both overtimes our offense doesn't even get a chance to score. Defense has stopped the opposing team from TD's until it mattered most. Guess that's why Romo goes for the win instead of paying for tie or FG.

    Can't win that way guys. At 2-6 we need to win out and go win in playoffs to win superbowl. ....I'm as positive as they come but that's way too much to ask. Not impossible at all but highly. ....check that. ...most likely not happening.

    I'm going to just enjoy watching the rest of the year, no hopes. If they win they win and if we lose oh well move on to next game.

    This lost hurts guys
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  11. CanadianCowboysFan

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    True. 2-6 tells me how important Romo is and how bad Garrett is. Tomlin has won with 3rd stringers, so did fat Andy. Garrett can't.
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  12. PoundTheRock

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    Names Cleveland Browns coaches have won with Brandon Weeeden.
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  13. Rack

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    Not Garrett's fault the defense was horrible. Not making excuses, just saying it's not all on one person.
  14. RunDMC

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    I'm just so sick. I'm sick of this. THREE weeks in a row we flat out gave games away. There's not another team in the league that does this with such consistency. I just the Romo excuse doesn't fly with me in terms of being the sole reason. We have been in all these games so obviously as great as he is we can still compete without him. So many instances in this game. Terrance Williams, my God get this bum out of here. You're a PROFESSIONAL reciever and you can't catch with your hands. You're afraid to get hit then get the **** out dude. Man up and make the play. My god he's so soft. Never fights for the ball. Can't run any timing routes. He makes one or two plays and doesn't show up the rest of the time.

    Matt Cassel i can't believe I backed this bum. How many times do teams have to blitz for you to realize you HAVE TO GET THE BALL OUT? Witten was WIDE OPEN. He was literally calling for the ball and he's impossible to miss and yet this scrub continues to miss him. Dez was single covered a number of times and he didn't have the balls to change the play and go to Dez. The pick SIX that ball should've never been throw. He was way late again. He's just as bad as Weeden at staring dudes down. PATHETIC. There was time in the pocket and no need to throw that pass. Dez bailed him out on that last TD because that was a horrible, horrible throw.

    The defense don't even know where to begin. They HAD Murray in the backfield and they couldn't bring him down. Missed tackle after missed tackle, the defensive ends were horrific in contain, no pressure all night unless we were blitzing and Nick Hayden needs to be cut. I've never seen a player so AWFUL be so coveted. The hell is wrong with you Rod? He sucks and so do you. They hustle to the ball that's great, but they're constantly overrunning plays and why is McClain still starting? He is FAT, SLOW, and just has been awful. Put Gachkar, Wilson, I don't care but either would be an upgrade. Why is Heath playing middle safety. He's small, takes awful angles, constantly gets beat over the top what is he doing out there? You're going up against another awful offensive line and you can't pressure. Just embarassing.

    Once again this is on Jerry. He thought Brandon Weeden was good enough as a backup quarterback. That says it all. Then he wastes a fifth rounder on another bum in Cassel. Doesn't take a back in the draft. Continues to refuse to try and look for the heir to Romo and its blown up in our face. He for whatever reason refuses to hold any of these bum coaches accountable. Wake up moron. These guys aren't getting it done. They're liabilities all of them. This vanilla scheme on both sides of the football. No creativity, no deception, so predictable every single week. Disgraceful. DISGRACEFUL. PATHETIC. EMBARASSING. Jerry should issue a public apology to Romo for wasting another year of his career. Witten too. I feel so empty right now. I really thought this was our year and it could've been. Easily if we had a competent coaching staff and a GM who wasn't such a cheap and arrogant *******. Now we basically pray Romo comes back and stays healthy. My only hope is Stephen said five losses isn't acceptable so maybe he can convince Jerry to wake up and make some much needed changes. We'll see, but man it's gonna be a long offseason. I feel like crying. I really do. I feel so saddened and sickened by what has transpired. I just can't believe it. Romo is probably gonna retire without a ring. Dez will probably waste his own career and be another great reciever who didn't win a Super Bowl and be unfairly labeled as a diva like Moss and Owens. Good for Ware that he was cut and got out of this football atrocity. Hopefully he can win a ring he deserves it. Another under appreciated all time great.

    I'm so tired of being heartbroken again and again. It's like being in a relationship with a girl who you love with all your heart. At times it's great and you feel like wow this could last forever and then she breaks your heart AGAIN and AGAIN. That's what the Cowboys have done to me. How could they do this to me how? That's right I'm personalizing it. HOW CAN THEY SUBJECT ME TO THIS? I GO TO EVERY GAME I CAN AND I GO ALL OUT EVERY SINGLE WEEK AND THIS IS WHAT I GET. WHY? WHY GOD? It's gut wrenching after gut wrenching loss time and time again and wasted season after wasted season. Ugh. I'm ashamed to be a fan of this team. I'm sorry, but I am. I'm embarrassed. If you're like me and as invested as me I feel for you. This team doesn't deserve that type of fan. With that said I will always be here. No matter how pathetic and how much they disgust me I will always be a fan. I love them too much. I just hope and pray things turn around.

    They just get you to believe they can be great, something special and each season they find a way to break your heart. They set it up. They really do. Just when you think they'll go right they'll go left. They're the biggest enigma in sports. I have never seen a team lose in such inexplicable ways. No matter how good they look they cannot get out of their way. It's the same act again and again and again.
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  15. mugsybows

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    You're right. Good coaching can overcome a bad situation. The team with Garrett at the helm has never played to win. I find it so irritating/interesting that when our opponent scores we score. When our opponent doesn't score we don't score. We play to the game plan of the other team always. The worst thing about us being good last year was it reupped red the imposter. Now it's back to the same old ****. Here's my guess what happens for the rest of the season. We lose at tb, get Romo back, red strings together some wins just enough to go 8-8 miss the playoffs and push our draft stock up to the middle of the pack. I've seen this movie before too many times. It's not good.
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  16. NextGenBoys

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    Please, just stop. It's over.
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  17. NextGenBoys

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    This. 1000x this.
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  18. Tabascocat

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  19. BigD16

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    I spit out my beer laughing so loud when he said that.
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  20. kevm3

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    I don't see how people haven't figured it out since it has been going on ever since Garrett has been head coach. We ALWAYS play to the other team's level. We get a lead and then we start going super conservative on offense and then the other team catches up it always comes down to last minute heroics. Somehow our offense marches down the field for easy scores in the last 5 minutes of a game despite being in a complete drought the rest of the game because they actually open the playbook up. No matter how awesome of a defense we have, we're always going to have this sort of nonsense because we simply cannot beat teams by outscoring them despite how much we have invested on offense. We ALWAYS let teams hang around and get back in the game and we require Romo (and now Cassell) to throw his way to a victory in the last minute. We should have punched Philly in the mouth when our defense was actually doing something in the first half. But nah, we leave them hanging around and they come back and beat us. The only time our offense looks how it should look is in the 4th quarter, and that's because we don't actually play to win unless we're behind.
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