Dak Looked Bad **merged**

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by cml750, Sep 10, 2017.

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  2. okstateCowboy

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    He's fine. Didn't look any worse than Aaron Rodgers did today
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  3. Swanny

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    My comment wasn't meant to really talk about Romo. Just want to talk about Dak. If this is a bad game for Dak we are lucky to have him
  4. MrMavsMan

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    lol 268 yards with a 68% completion and a few of them were dropped balls with 1td 0 turnovers. Vs. a very good defense that beat us twice last year, I will say that was a very good game.

    some people just aren't pleased with a victory.
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  5. Gator88

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    That's not saying much. Eli was never anything special and he has declined quite a bit. Not to mention he was missing by far his best offensive player.
  6. jrumann59

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    Then why mention him, thinking you would not be called out a for dumb post.
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  7. River82

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    5 ints on paper IS bad. In a game where possession is so critical, important, and vital, turning the ball over that many times will just kill your team.
  8. Clove

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    Double super bowl MVP playing against a suspect defense.
  9. ksadler1

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    Dak had some issues tonight, but Eli looked like total dog s***. Dak will be fine. It was nothing more that a timing issue from not playing in preseason.....
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    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Dak is 14-2 as a starter discounting the last philly game where he played a qtr.
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  11. percyhoward

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    Last year, Dak's game would have ranked as the 3rd-best performance against that defense. Only two QB (Cousins and Roethlisberger) had a higher passer rating with more yards vs the Giants than Prescott did tonight.
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  12. CATCH17

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    Oh we style point. That's what we do here haha.
  13. Gator88

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    Double super bowl MVP makes him sound a lot better than he really was, a guy that was a top 10 QB in the league once in his career.
  14. links18

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    Dak wasn't helped out by some of the playcalling...
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  15. muck4doo

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    Yes. You dares to risk me fisks? I gotta whole lotta spinach here.
  16. RS12

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    Eli looked worse by a mile. Looks like the end is near.
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  17. robbieruff

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    Was he on his A game? No...to call this bad is beyond comprehensible...phantasmagorical...I'm just...eh...whatever.
  18. Swanny

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    Lol I could care less if a person thinks my posts are dumb. Take a chill pill. Let's talk about Dak and how lucky we are that he played a bad game and still dominated.
  19. bsbellomy

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    Look around the league my friend, you can insert any QB name and your title would still be accurate. I guess it's possible that he, like every other offense, was rusty? As a general rule the defenses start ahead of the offenses.
  20. jrumann59

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    Yes throwing 5 ints is bad but context helps. What if one of the 5 bounced off the receivers chest, or one of the 5 was because the receiver ran a go instead of a slant. Knowing something about the offense the QB plays in helps, Romo and Dak play in timing offense not a backyard or NCAA offense where you throw to a guy when he is open. It is an anticipatory offense where you see the guy and see what he is doing with his defender and whether or not he will be open when you throw it to THE SPOT. The last tiem Romo threw 5 ints two were because Dez ran the wrong route.
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