Dak now knows what Romo had to deal with

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon52, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. DandyDon52

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    Dak got a taste of what Romo had to deal with for years. bad pass blocking, bad game plans ,bad play-calling,etc getting sacked a lot it isn't any fun is it Dak.?
    Romo dealt with it for years, and his spin move saved him from even more sacks, and hits.
    Dak is going to have to adapt
    To situation's like this and
    ad-lib whether coaches like it or not.
    Otherwise more games like this one will come.
    Dallas only scored once, and that was after int and only 20 yards to go.
    Other than that they were shut out.
    My point is Dak can't rely on
    the coaches in some games.
    They can't pull dak if he changes things on the field.

    For example if linehan calls
    Play with deep pass routes,
    Change it to short routes!
    With intense pass rush, deep
    Routes are silly.
    If runs inside are not working,
    Try outside etc.
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  2. Darkhound

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    Thing is... a Team that is condidered pedigree IN the NLF.. or like we used to be shouldnt be suffering these types of things. The Cowboys have been a lesser mediocre team for toooo long.
  3. DandyDon1722

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    Anybody who thinks Tony, or Troy or Roger would've been able to beat Atlanta with that pass rush is just as wrong as anybody who believes Dak, or Troy or Roger would've beaten Minnesota in the Divisional playoff game in 2009.
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  4. LoneStarDawg

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    Agreed! However, we’ve beaten this dead horse all week! The QB is not the problem with this offense. It just isn’t!
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    NO NO NO....All it takes is the bestest of the bestest QBs and they can be a one man offense and defense and win games by themselves.

    You have never seen Troy Aikman throw multiple INTS or play bad in a game when his oline was bad.
    You have never heard of Tom Brady having multiple 4 int games.
    You have never heard of Drew Brees throwing 5 TDs in a game.

    These guys don't let a bad oline, no running game, bad defense or any other excuse get in the way.

    /sarcasm off.
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  6. ThatJerryKid

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    Wait until the Cowboys Oline is built out of 4th-7th rounders and undrafted FA's. Wait until the plan is to have your QB drop back and throw 40 times per game with the aforementioned Oline. Wait until everybody on this board turns on him and can't wait for the next guy. Then Dak will get a taste.....
  7. ThatJerryKid

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    Oh wait, that is what you said.
  8. Coy

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    Plus this 2017 team is much better than what Tony had from 2009 to 2013. No question about it.
    We even were 12-4 in 2014 and Sean Lee didn’t play a snap, we are 0-5 without him since.

    Romo hid a lot of the problems we had back then and it really sucks that he gets the blame for not winning in January, I guess that’s the way it goes and fair or not Dak should know that he will get the blame as well.

    Not a jab at Dak btw, I really like him but he ain’t no Romo, at least not yet.
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  9. tecolote

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    Yep. He has to deal with Garrett as a head coach.
  10. willia451

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    Tony knew what he was getting into in 2007 when he signed. He had lived it from being a starter in 2006. And if he didn't know, then Minnesota pointed it out to him in no uncertain terms in 2009. But by the time he signed again in 2013 while the Cowboys were drafting better than in the past, it was already too late. His body was essentially done.

    Dak is RFA after 2018. And UFA after 2019.

    A few more games like the one in Atlanta, especially if they start coming in bunches next season, and the decision for someone like Dak should be an easy one.
  11. risco

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    Good Lord- What a thread!
  12. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Romo never got sacked 8 times in a game did he?

    This was a jailbreak of epic proportions. Could have easily been 10-12 sacks.
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  13. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    The Romo passion does not just go away in one offseason.
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  14. LoneStarDawg

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    I guess not
  15. theebs

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    Romo had to deal with a large portion of the fanbase disliking him from day one and blaming him for everything.

    Then he had to deal with a group of guys in his locker room and a coach here involving race and accusing him of not throwing to black players.....none of these players ever had numbers as good as with him again fyi.

    he was public enemy number 1 around the league and used as a punchline.

    Dak has had it made so far. he has faced limited adversity and has had everyone in his corner, even frigging romo.

    Romo had to deal with a coach being fired and losing a legendary coach right as he took over.

    Blow this season, miss the playoffs and have everyone turn on Dak for no reason other than personal hatred like with Romo then he will understand what its like to go through what Romo dealt with.

    Right now Dak gets to go partying after games and have videos of him dancing on twitter and everyone thinks its fun and exciting. Miss the playoffs and then get back to me how that partying goes over here and nationally.
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  16. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    So? Aikman had John Blake openly calling him a racist.

    At first I think people felt sorry for him for the snap, but then after having horrible mistakes at the worst times in the biggest games, saying "if this is the worst thing that happens to me, I have led a good life" did not score him many points.

    Well two, really if you count Coach Parcells saying he had enough.

    Romo was a sad tragedy, but to pretend he had it worse than anyone else is just not true.

    He had an organization catering to him (remember "Romo Friendly") and paying him handsomely. If he had a concern, he did not have to right along with everything.
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  17. DFWJC

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    Definitely takes a team.
    He knows that.

    This line is still way better than what we had for many (not all) years. Not even close in some cases.
    The defense is better than anything we've trotted out there since 2009.

    Dak's a good player and he'll be fine.
    Plus, if they can somehow hang on, Zeke, Smith, and Lee will eventually return.
    he knows had it had it good coming in--better than almost any rook in the history of the NFL as far as the set up on offense (total oline, best RB, other weapons)
    But at least he realized that and was humble.

    I like his pods to keep getting better.
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  18. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    I remember vividly you saying he didnt have it and wanting to draft Johnny Manziel because he had it or however you put it.

    so your opinions of him dont really matter to me.
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  19. mattjames2010

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    Romo was maligned from 2006 to about 2014 - he really didn't get any respect, even from a lot of the Cowboys fan base, until then.

    Dak had instant fandom and isn't allowed to be criticized without a hoard of people coming in with excuses and ad-homs.
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  20. mardwin

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    Romo and Dak have a common denominator preventing them from succeeding and that's coaching. This team have had talent, a lot of talent but for some reason they can't adjust when the game is on the line.
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