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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BulletBob, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Six Feet is worth watching. Peter Krause is one of the best actors of his generation and his on screen relationship with Rachel Griffiths is classic.

    Last year was a bit of a let down for me with Nate getting married and having a kid, less of the Nate/Brenda thing.

    The other characters are well written and continue to evolve. All that with the backdrop of a family funeral home business make for entertaining viewing.
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    Hey Bob!

    I agree some awesome acting is goin on, particularly in last night's season finale.

    Those"soliloquys" are exactly what makes the series unique, and the characters get deeper by the episode.

    I've always been a major Ian McShane fan, but I notice how adept he has become at using his body language to set mood. When he slumps, when his shoulders sag, when he sighs, he doesn't need to ham it up...the mood change is complete.

    I also am amazed at how this character, so vicious, a pimp who would sell anyone or anything, a murderous scoundrel who thinks nothing of killing with his own hand and setting others out to kill, a conniving, thieving, unspeakably vulgar, carnal, and greedy creature, has become, actually, somewhat sympathetic, simply because unlike the politicans (ie the now deceased magistrate and his henchmen) there is a self honesty about his level of corruption and venality.

    Swearengen knows exactly what he is, doesn't lie to himself about what he's become, and McShane's drawing a startling portait of a man who both understands what he's lost, yet refuses to shed any tears over it. He has nothing human left in him but his willingness to look himself in the mirror and call it for what it is. There's a certain bravery. almost nobility, in his looking into the pit of his depraved soul and choosing not to be a hypocrite. On some level, it's a freaking heroic portrayal.

    Wonderful acting by all, but McShane is just riveting. I hope the potty mouth thing does not keep him from an Emmy.
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    I did the binge on this one a while back and although very well put together it ended weak IMO.

    Then again most series do.
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    It was cancelled before they could do an ending.

    After the last season they assumed there would be another but a new head honcho for HBO wanted to cut budgets and his targets were the HBO shos Rome and Deadwood since they were expensive to make.

    Rome was given a final season that was so. Discombobulated by trying to cram multiple seasons into one shortened one. There was word that they were going to do two two hour shows of deadwood to wrap it up but it never happened.

    Timothy Olyphant was talking in an interview about he and his wife just bought a new house thinking that deadwood had a few more seasons at least only for the whole cast and crew too be shocked by its cancelation. He joked that in debt for the new house and the cancelation was the cause of him doing the crappy movie hit an just for the check lol
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    My fav. character was Trixie, she was mean and sensuous at the same time lol [​IMG]
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    Bullock actually owned a Hotel in Deadwood
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    I got a kick out of the fact that whenever they killed someone, they fed the body to Woo's hogs to get rid of the evidence
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    If you liked Deadwood you need to watch Justified.
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    Ehhh. I absolutely will second a recommendation of watching Justified. Show is fantastic, and is Olyphant at his best.
    But I would absolutely not compare Deadwood and Justified as TV shows. They are very different.

    Olyphant is pretty much good in everything though.

    Very excited about the upcoming Deadwood movie.
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