Twitter: Dez calls out Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 1, 2021.

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    Social media drama queen needs just to let it go. .. :rolleyes:
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    He may talk too much or let his feeling out unfiltered through his fingers but he will always love the cowboys and be a cowboy at heart.

    Really good player for us and he's seeing the fun this team is having and the comradory and wishes he was apart of it.
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  3. eromeopolk

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    This post is the typical Arlington Jonesboys fan post.

    So Garrett did not deserve the job and Dez earned the right to be called an "elite wide receiver" but did not earned the right to say the truth about the man that did not deserve the job? Who are the players that said Dez Bryant was a bad teammate? If they said it, what did they have in common.

    You can not win if you do not have a team with true leadership from Head Coach to Quarterback to players. See 1996 to present.
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  4. ChronicCowboy

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    Jones fanboy? I criticize Jerry more than anyone. Maybe you clowns are Dez fanboys.
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  5. Xeven

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    Garret ruined a lot of careers. Actually Jerry did by keeping Garret at HC so long.
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  6. kskboys

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    Along w/ not jogging your routes.
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  7. calico

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    Sign the guy as official “game day atmosphere coordinator “ or something. Get him on the jerry-tron pre game to hype the stadium and make him feel like he’s still apart of the cowboys,
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    DeMarcus Ware said this same thing. Everyone was fine with him doing so.

    Now, Dez is saying the same how Garrett had his buddy-buddy favorites and coached the team that way to favor his buddies (Romo, Witten, etc), so now Dez is the problem. Just like y'all blamed T.O. for saying the exact same thing.

    I applaud Dez for finally speaking the truth, how it affected the team and why. The problem is not the suddenly vocal ex-players like Dez, Ware and T.O.. The problem always has been a jackwagon "coach" like Garrett and players who took full advantage like Romo, Witten and a few more. Oh, fans who support such favoritism are also the problem in my book.
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  9. Cmac

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    Truth do tell Dez. And we always heard the "leadership" spill or "coaches on the field" for the privileged.
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  10. Captain-Crash

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    give him rowdy's costume and tell him to play in traffic. Dak said to shut up in the huddle or he was going to get him cut.
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  11. Zordon

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    @Reality please transfer 10,000 of my likes to this wise man.
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  12. Alweezy

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    I don't think people here are realizing that Jason Garrett stole the primes of a whole era of Cowboys. This man was here for 10 years "learning" how to be a Head Coach as a project for Jerry Jones. This really is an unforgivable act if you're a player. To Dez's point... every time something positive happens that would have probably led to a L in the old era, should serve as a reminder for the future so we don't go back to that style of organization.
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  13. Etchyboy

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    Didn't Beasley say something similar to this after he left?
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  14. kskboys

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    He did. Which means Jerry Jones did.

    A HC cannot be a clique leader.
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  15. kskboys

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    IMO, that's what POed Snarky Rodgers. MM was simply coaching the team and refused to coddle Aaron or take sides.
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  16. EST_1986

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    I recall he had some things to say about Dallas on the way out
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  17. ConstantReboot

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    Yeah he was too buddy buddy with Jason and Romo. Jason should not have gotten the starting job when he came back.

    He also threw players under the bus to serve his purpose.
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  18. ConstantReboot

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    It could have been much better. Bryant, Witten and Romo made his stale offense work.
  19. plasticman

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  20. ConstantReboot

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    While Witten barely sniffs the endzone but gets the majority of the passes.
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