Did Anyone Else Want to Go for it on 4th and 6 on the Last Drive?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blackspider214, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Blackspider214

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    I did. I get in a vacuum, that move is labeled as stupid. But when you factor everything going on, it really was not. For one, Brady is on the other side. With plenty of time and a timeout. And only needing a FG to win it. Also factor in this defense. They can't cover and get no pressure. Not to mention we have a very shaky kicker with little confidence. All we needed was one more first down on that drive to bleed the clock way down and leave TB with no timeouts and little to no time left. And keep pushing the ball down the field. TB was not stopping our offense most the night. Especially with their injuries that happened.

    Playing for the FG was the loser move. Most of us knew that game was over then. Brady was going to jam the ball down our throats and win the game. Heck they could have easily scored a TD if they wanted but they conceded for a FG at the end.

    4th and 6 was extremely manageable to pick up last night.
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  2. Reid1boys

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    yes and no...... in my heart I knew Brady was taking that ball down to kick that FG. But my head just says there is no way you can go on 4th and 6 when you can take the lead with that much time in the game.
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  3. JD_KaPow

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    Yes I did. But forget that play; it's a close call and either decision is justifiable.

    The play that lost the game was the FG on 4th-and-goal from the 3 in the 3rd quarter. That was not a close call. You have to go for the TD there.
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  4. IceStar-D7

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    As the poster said above, Yes and no. Even when we hit the field goal when they showed Brady looking pissed on the sideline I knew with our defense we would lose. Wasn't even a point of being happy five seconds after the hit. You knew what was coming.
  5. aikemirv

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    Exactly. You gotta kick the FG on the off chance we make a play on D.

    However, had he missed that FG, I would have no mercy for McCarthy and Bones - no excuse for what they did in the preseason to not prepare for Zeurlein to be 100%
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  6. Reid1boys

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    that was exactly what I said. That was the one where we needed to go.
  7. Blackspider214

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    Yeah it's a double edged sword. You are labeled a genius if you go for it and get it and bleed the clock to win. And a village idiot if you fail. But so much coaching in any sport is like these. You walk the ledge on being smart or stupid based on the outcome of a few moves.

    The time we gave the ball back to Brady with a timeout was an eternity. And they had a timeout. I knew exactly what was coming. This reminded me of the Green Bay playoff game in 2016
  8. Blackspider214

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    That 3rd down call was great. Jarwin completely whiffed on his mind and Zeke had no where to go. Would have nice to see him make a move to make the guy miss. But I really have little hope for him. Had Jarwin made that block, that was an easy TD.

    But yeah, Dallas gets 2 turnovers deep in TB territory back to back drives and we get 3 total points. Another year of terrible red zone offense. That loses games. TB scored TDs. We didn't. That game should have been a double digit win.
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  9. TequilaCowboy

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    I can understand MM going for the FG...the playbook says you do that. But what the playbook does not say is how much time left for Brady and ONLY needing a FG to win it. Also your defense has not shown it can stop them unless they get a TO. In that instance i feel there is more risk of losing to a FG than making the first down to continue. If they don't make the first down then they lose the game with 1:24 to play instead of with :02 seconds to play. Let your offense win it for you, instead of your defense losing it for you. The offense has been on that night and your defense has not. You decide who to trust.
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  10. Blackspider214

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    I still can't believe we did nothing to something about Zuerlein or Anthony Brown this offseason smh. Both of them start and both cost us huge last night.
  11. Carson

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    You just can’t go for it. Kicking gave you the lead and a chance to win.

    Not converting simply loses the game

    Hindsight is always great. I would’ve gone for it … but I don’t think it would’ve worked out
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  12. Hennessy_King

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    This guy right here
  13. gimmesix

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    Nope. Fail on fourth-and-6 then there's absolutely no chance of winning the game. Kicking the field goal was the higher-percentage play and gave us a shot.

    If McCarthy had went for fourth-and-6 and failed, fans would be tearing him apart for that. You can't win in a loss.
  14. VaqueroTD

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    No one will take that call serious until later in the year when everyone knows what they are and there are more W-L in the books. If TB and DAL are offense #1 and #2 in week 13, and DAL's defense is #30, it does look like a good gamble, but you can't win on that decision this early.
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  15. Reid1boys

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    I coached softball at a very high level. But obviously nothing that comes with the pressure and scrutiny of the NFL... BUT, in the softball world, yes, big scrutiny. Knowing that, you cant be a head coach if you are worried about criticism. My teams would steal third base at crucial parts of games, and we were successful on stealing 3rd probably 9o+% of the time. I wont go into why... but there was a reason. I could deal with the fallout if we were thrown out. An NFL coach absolutely cant coach worrying about what others think.

    That being said, how many of us knew before the bucs got that kickoff that we were losing? if you think that, ??????? I remember Jimmy being smart enough we were not beating the Football Team playing the game the way you were SUPPOSED to play. He came out and onside kick to start the 2nd half. You think he was worried about criticism?
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  16. Crown Royal

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    While a case can be made for going for it, I have no problem and am not going to second guess not doing so. Statistically you have more edge kicking it, and yes - the defense had been gashed, but they'd also made plays, so it's not guaranteed not to get the stop. There are other choices in the game that I would prefer done better, but overall I thought the coaching staff did well enough. No problem from me kicking it.
  17. fredp22

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    4th and 6 trailing by 2 on the opposing teams 30 under 2 minutes to go. Going for it and not making it would have crashed this site for 3 months
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  18. Carson

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    Jimmy is a different breed.

    Mike is just another yes guy in a Cowboys hat
  19. Hook'em#11

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    The way the defense was playing, I'd kick it too.

    Course, I did forget sometimes "other" things happen to where that might sting ya.. And then, lose.
  20. SlammedZero

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    It's funny, going for it is exactly the kind of decision McCarthy was doing last season, and he got roasted for those decisions. Now, he makes the right call and people are questioning it. Proves you just can't win with people no matter what. lol
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