Differences In Animated Shows Or Films

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    I have not seen the newer episodes but the series was very well-crafted when it was on Cartoon Network. The series is worthy of primetime slotting on any network in my opinion.
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    This third season is enjoyable; however, the story isn't quite as interesting as the first two seasons. They can't all be great seasons. The first 2 seasons were excellent.
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    did it only last one season ? (young justice)
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    It had a 2 season run on Cartoon Network. The third season took some time to get greenlit and is currently running on the DC Universe streaming service. More than likely, this will get switched to the Warner Brothers streaming service when it is up an running.
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    nothing tops Batman:the animated series.
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    East - what other Japanimation featured films of yours that come to?

    And speaking of which, I think Japanimation films are starting to come to more and more
    live action films as we’ve seen Ghost in the Shell, .. and very recently Alita Battle Angel to which there were some change ups and different formalites in that Robert Rodriquez -directed film than the actual Gally Battle Angel animation, which BTW, it is indeed one of my favorites Japan-anime films. – and some who have followed Battle Angel will know that Matt Damon’s Elysium was much based off Battle Angel anime.

    And word is another very popular japan-anime Akira is set to become a live action film as well.
    My greatest hope is Vampire Hunter D” and Ninja Scroll will eventually join the ranks as well.

    And it's not just live action films., but if you follow the latest Netflix Originals (and you know how gigantic Netflix is among streaming services) Japanimation is making their way in with
    them as well. Recently Netflix's very own Japanimation series in Castlevania (a vampire series) and Baki Grappler series.
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    lol .. Is this Dark Knight bias here?

    I really enjoyed Batman- the animated series and was elated when eventually featured films followed in that very same artwork/format And that even includes Batman Beyond series.

    My fav episodes of the Batman- Animated series :
    -batman vs werewolf,
    -Clay face
    -Bruce Wayne gets amnesia,
    - origin of Two Face
    - the Mad Hatter places Wayne under a illusion spell,
    - Batman vs Croc (Vendetta)

    – it wasn't part of the Animated series, but there’s even a Batman vs Dracula film made in the same Animated series like format and artwork. I definitely enjoyed that !

    And they actually made other several featured films that look like it was based off the same artwork and format as the Batman animated series such as:
    - Two Face
    - Legend Begins
    - Gotham Knight
    - Mystery of the Batwoman
    - Batman and Robin- Joker, Fire and Ice
    - Poison Ivy/Penguin
    - Mask of the Phantom
    - Mr Freeze – Sub-zero
    - Batman Year One
    - Batman; Unlimited Animal

    But they do have Batman featured films that are far higher in artwork.. and more violent than Animated series-like features, such as:
    -Batman Ninja ( my fav. Awesome artwork!)
    - Bad Blood
    - Batman Killing Joke
    - Son of Batman
    - Under the Red Hood
    - Assault on Arkham
    - Batman: Hush (very recent)
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    Thanks East
    I do appreciate separation of the two threads

    the talk of Super Friends (easily the lead part of my Saturday Morning cartoons in the 70's when I was a kid) But I know I liked Super Friends anime series the most when it introduced the Legion of Doom.

    Irony? that's where I believe the Seahawks defense originated their nickname from !
    Legion of Doom became the " Legion of Boom".. lol .!!

    Besides Speed Racer and Super Friends I was really limited to watching
    was a really weird, cheap format version of Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor.
    hard to explain but it featured sound effect screen words like " Bwampp !" .., " Powww!! " ..Splassh!" just as if the marvel comic magazines would have.. lol
    it's funny when I think about it now. i'm gonna try to find an example to display if I can.

    Among other Hanna Barbara led cartoon series that I grew up on was
    Thundarr the Barbarian (another one of my absolute Favs!)
    ..as well as the usual Hanna Barbara late 67's series such as such as Spider man,
    Fantastic Four, Herculoids, Space Ghost series ( sorry I just wasn't a fan of Birdman or Dino Boy) and it was something about Johnny Quest series that just never stuck with me for whatever reasons.
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    of the animated films
    Under The Red Hood
    Year One
    Killing Joke
    The Dark Knight Returns

    the first episode w/Mr.Freeze is one of my favorite episodes....also the one where killer croc escapes and Batman hunts him down is good.
    the first 2 or 3 seasons are superb....the first season is must see.
    i love their use of dark....and shadows in those early episodes.
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    " Dark Knight Returns " anime is the only one of those I believe I have not seen yet.
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    Except for Spawn, when HBO did the series. That was awesome.
  12. cowboyec

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    very well done.
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    I am more into the various television series than films, although I have enjoyed Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, Summer Wars, etc. I have seen clips of the Battle Angel anime but should catch it and find out more about the story James Cameron adapted for live action CGI. Cameron's version was not well-received, especially with US audiences, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.

    really wowed me for an only four-episode first season. Its second season was lengthened to eight-episodes and it was good but not as good as the previous season. Baki looks interesting but I have not stopped to watch it yet. Some other anime series I have greatly enjoyed outside the (original and first sequel) Fate/Zero have been Death Note, Bleach, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, One Punch Man (hilarious!), Violet Evergarden, Steins' Gate (smartly told time paradoxes plot) and Inuyasha, of which I am forever thankful the series' creators finally decided to finish the show's conclusion.

    Attack On Titan
    would be my number one anime series if I were held to only one choice. Extremely well-written, solid continuity, in-depth characters and very good artwork. AOT is an excellent example why I like Japanese storytelling. No matter which side a character is on--good, bad or neutral--their individual backgrounds and motivations are often described equally for the audience. Doing so does not necessarily make any particular character 'more good' or 'less evil' but it does make all of them and their stories far more interesting in my opinion.
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    Thanks East for a much detailed input, some of the anime that you’re mentioned, I haven’t heard about. But I will seek them out now. :thumbup:

    I can clearly understand why Alita Battle Angel would poorly conceived among movie critics as director Rodriquez altered too many key parts of the original plot, and totally subdued and under developed
    key characters to where they didn’t mean anything and viewers couldn’t connect with in the film as they could in the anime.
    love/romance relationship seemed so rushed, certain elements weren’t explained very well and for it was all said and done it seemed like it became one big CGI special effects movie,.. and that was it.
    They gave that Battle Angel project to a declining director who has been in quite a slump with his films of late, ..and this one wasn’t any different.

    As with ANY film, .. if the studios give a film project to the wrong director, he will crush it, the critics will hang it out to dry, ..and the movie will flop at the box office ( only rare movies have survived bad reviews)

    If the studios pick the right director.. the movie has a better chance to flourish. Not a guaranteed (as I’ve seen wonderful movies mysteriously crushed ala Columbiana and Law Abiding Citizen)
    Interesting enough, that it was actually director James Cameron (Avatar) that the studios really wanted to handle Alita Battle Angel, and for whatever reasons the project was held up for ages, until they decided
    I would suggest anyone interested in seeing Rodriquez’s live action version to first see the Japanimation version of Gally Battle Angel, to see how Rodriquez altered and rearranged (watered down?) Alita into a far more critical viewed version.

    - Luvv Death Note ! .. from the anime to live action film. The plot, the concept, the twist and turns, the well developed characters, artwork, etc.

    - since I’m extremely big on vampire element so definitely Hellsing Ultimate is gonna be a watcher with me. .. and with both the vampire genre and japanimation being so enormously popular than ever, I thought for sure a studio would finally seize the rights to produce Vampire Hunter D” .. his humorously talking hand alone begs that D” is a quite a great character to center a film projection around.

    - I had always heard about how popular One Punch man, and with Netflix bringing it to streaming on its site I was finally able to catch and see the hype. The artwork format reminds me so much of Last Airbender anime version.

    - I’m getting into Netflix’s Castlevania, I do wish it was all of it in one year – instead of Season 1, season 2, ..as soon momentum gets going and building, then the series for the season is over.
    But I have to admit that the intriguing and constant characters, storywrites, pace, the graphics and artwork, blood gore and terrific action sequences keeps me quite entertained and intrigued.

    - The Baki series that is also an Netflix original series, actually wasn’t what I expected, in that very much of it has very little to do with Baki himself, …rarely does it involve Baki in these epic one vs one battles himself .. and when it does involve Baki, he’s easily defeated.

    However at least the battles of the other fighters are indeed gory, bizarre and imaginative. It doesn’t seem to have one big plot, but more chapters of various story writes from various characters, I have no idea where they are trying to direct the series. it's a cry different from the Baki Grappler movie feature.

    I love the artwork and graphics of Attack on Titan, too but the pet peeve I have with it as far as Netflix or YouTube, .. “ SUBTITLES “ ! (uggh) lol
    It maybe just me. But I strongly prefer the English dubbed versions over the sub-titled versions, as it’s just way too distracting to have to “ double focus “ on the faces and upper screen as well as quickly read subtitled words at the bottom of the screen. And I very strongly prefer (insist?) that a DVD or streaming service at least give me an audio language option menu en route to English version.

    - i dunno if some may not be aware of this , but several of these aforementioned Japanimation features can be seen on Youtube.
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    I feel ya about subtitles. I try getting around them by catching shows broadcast on cable like Cartoon Network or other streaming services like Hulu or Funimation.

    It is probably a solid bet you will love OPM English dubbed version. The main character, Saitama, is laid back, nonchalant and talks straight-forward throughout his dialogue. The whole most powerful being on the planet flying under everyone's radar story concept, in a series overflowing with numerous heroes, villains and ordinary citizens of all kinds interacting with him, is too funny for me to describe.

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