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Different Perspective: Good Moves

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kskboys, Mar 18, 2022.

  1. Cboyfan4ever

    Cboyfan4ever Well-Known Member

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    O line will regress.Same coach, same scheme, lesser talent w/ players.
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  2. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    while i like your posts intention its an option we are getting worse just because right now 6 months before game 1, it appears that way doesn't mean on the field in real games that how it will turn out..IMHO i dont see us as worse?we shall see in august/September what the roster actual looks like. Not now but before the real games atrt and moves are made to set the game day roster.

    WE Truly wont know how the moves will work out until it will be obvious how the season went and we can than judge these moves..

    fans make up their minds 2 weeks into FA and thats just ridiculous.

    I remember last offseason many here said WFT was going to win the division most had us finishing 3rd , then mid season they saw Philly and WFT making moves and they said we would slip and not win the division , many said the draft sucked and the FA were cheap and this and that so on and so forth..many didn't even like the Parsons pick

    its funny how often fans are WRONG! all they can live on is the 230 year nartiove to back their nonsense but the rest is almost ALL WROPMNG. .why no tam is complete in march , no moves can be judged until the games are played..yet here we have fans expecting the worse SIX freaking months until game 1..lauighable....
  3. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

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    Why should we lie to ourselves? Denying reality only leads to disappointment at a later date. Releasing Greg the Leg is the only move that might work out for them. Stephen is cheap, so I am sure he can turn the replacement kicker into a negative if it will save him a dollar.
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  4. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    12 win team.

    Restructure coop, Collins, Dak, and Collins. Get D Law to lower cap. Sign Gregory and keep year 1 cap hit low

    Sign Wagner, a starting C (Jones/Jensen), and a starting S.

    Start a 3 year window of a championship run.

    If it doesn’t work out we are rebuilding the same time as getting rid of Dak.
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  5. JBS

    JBS Well-Known Member

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    They just restructured Dak. This isn’t their plan.
  6. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    12 win team that is incapable of winning playoff games. Gotta get all of it in there, dude.

    Keeping everyone as you are proposing means that you won't be able to sign a C, S, and Wagner.
  7. black label

    black label Well-Known Member

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  8. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    The general fan consensus in the offseason is almost always wrong from year to year.

    Two years ago when the signed McCoy, Poe and others plus had some potential young players on DL, fans thought it would be the best Cowboys DL in a decade.
    - Reality: Worst defense in Cowboys history.

    In the 2016 off-season, fans predicted complete failure.
    - Once Romo was out all threads were about starting over with a rebuild.
    - Reality: They made the playoffs despite the majority of fans predicting 4 wins max.

    The best predictor is to believe the opposite of Risen Star.
    - The success of position groups like the DL is normally inversely proportional to the number of negative posts he makes about that group in the offseason.

    The other inverse predictor is Bryan Broaddus.
    - If he predicts anything, believe the opposite.
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  9. Pantone282C

    Pantone282C Well-Known Member

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    From a strictly financial perspective, your argument makes sense. From a team chemistry view, trouble was brewing between Dak and Coop, if it hadn't already created problems.
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  10. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    That we needed to dump salaries? Why do you disagree?

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