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Video: ESPN: Photos of Greg Hardy's former girlfriend show multiple injuries

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by jobberone, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Rogah

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    You are also "guilty" of saying Hardy did it. Funny how your opinion changed sometime around the moment he was released from Carolina and it started looking like he might come here.

    "Beating up his girlfriend and throwing her on a bed with 25-30 loaded guns, no way. People want to throw Sterling out of the NBA because of some ignorant comments, but want to trade for a guy like this. There are too many talented 'good guys' to keep falling for this." - bkight, 5/15/2014
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  2. neosapien23

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    The fact is that Hardy has served his sentence. If he wasnt a cowboy he would definetely be playing for someone else. I suspect he would have been playing for seattle. Why should jerry jones have not brought him in. I didnt hear half the outrage over Rothlesburger and he had alot more victims come forward with much more crediability.
  3. mattjames2010

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    To be fair, Big Ben was certainly criticized for his actions.
  4. JoeKing

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    Wow, you poked your head out of the sand to say that silly garbage? Get your head back in the sand before you accidently see something you choose not to believe.
  5. Austin 3-16

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    If only Hardy had shown some humility. He obviously feels he's been hard done by but surely somebody close to him should have made him realise in the current climate, he's a marked man.
  6. cowboys2233

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    To be fair, I don't think there was any beating. A lot of grabbing and some pushing and maybe a touch of throwing, but I don't think there was any beating. If this 270 lbs. man was literally punching her Ray Rice style, her bruising would look far different, much deeper and more focused. I don't think there was any strangling either, her neck would be severely bruised. This does look more consistent with a very serious argument that turned physical on both sides, but not sure this played out exactly as she described.

    I would also consider the possibility that this whole thing about throwing her on a couch covered in automatic weapons might also not be quite what it seems. Is it possible that he intended to push her back, but was in fact being conscientious about making sure there was a couch behind her rather than something that could hurt her far more seriously, like a coffee table? The automatic weapon thing seems more like an unfortunate circumstance, they just happened to be lying there. But it certainly adds a sensational quality to the story, doesn't it? And it might also help explain that bruising on her back, landing on guns could certainly cause that. But landing on tennis rackets would also cause that -- so what if the story was that she came rushing at him in an angry fashion, and he pushed her back in an equally angry way, but did so towards a couch, and she unfortunately landed on a couple of tennis rackets that happened to be there, causing some moderate bruising on her back? It changes the whole nature of the story and puts Hardy in much less of a negative light. The automatic guns might play well in the papers, but they're really kind of a peripheral detail.
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  7. ghst187

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    "In the police report, the woman describes a night of drinking and doing cocaine at several bars before returning to Hardy's apartment with the player,"

    I have to fault Hardy mainly for merely keeping company of these types of people, that's what needs corrected
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  8. Dave_in-NC

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    I agree with you, but maybe you should read up on her.
  9. cowboyuptx

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    I cant stand listening to all these ****** in the media getting on their moral high-horses and shaking their finger at Greg Hardy... It's like Pacino's character Tony Montana says in Scarface, "you need people like me, so you can point your ******* fingers and say there's the bad guy......"

    And maybe Greg hardy is a bad guy, but he's certainly not the type of monster that deserves this level of scrutiny... This is the same media machine that falls at the feet of paedophiles like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen... And all these media people saying "it's irresponsible for the Cowboys to not cut him immediately"... So what, if you're convicted for domestic violence (which Hardy was not) then you should lose your job and never be able to work again? They'll say, "it's okay that he works, but he cant be a millionaire football player after what he did..." And to those people I would ask, so then what is the most money somebody convicted of domestic violence should be allowed to make? What sort of jobs should domestic abusers be allowed to have? And why do you hate freedom?

    Does nobody deserve a second chance? And the media would answer, "he's not remorseful... he doesn't act like he's sorry..." Again, just because he wont put on a show for these people and speak meekly and apologetically, as if the media themselves were the victim, and they're the ones who have to believe your apology...
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  10. bkeavs

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    All I know is Hardy is a RKG

    Some of you can't see what we're building here
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  11. rags747

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    But, but, but He had guns on his bed...Oh my...
  12. Mr_C

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    The 911 call says a lot to me.
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  13. Mr_C

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    So I'm here to sum up 20 pages because yes, I read them all.

    1. Some are sure he's a vicious criminal who doesn't deserve a second chance, despite the fact others in our society do get a second chance.

    2. Others offer some support and say the victim in the case deserves at least some blame.

    3. And some don't have much stake in it and just know they want their team to win and he helps.

    4. No one has any proof or facts to back up their position except the ones who thinks he helps us win.
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  14. Proximo

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    I just don't care all that much about this aspect of being a football fan. Doesn't interest me. I want the Cowboys to win football games. If the players they're employing are legally allowed to play the game, then I'm cool.

    This particular guy is being scrutinized by the media, so now everybody's judging him.

    Are those judging him also going to judge every other player on the roster as well? Do we need to dig deep into each players' personal life and history to make sure they meet your moral standard to qualify playing for the Cowboys?

    Give me a break.
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  15. Parcells4Life

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    My opinion since Jerry signed him in the offseason has been if Osama bin Laden could run and catch there would be a team that would have thought about signing him. If Aaron Hernandez got his lawyer to get him out of jail someone would sign him.

    As long as someone can come up with an excuse for these guys teams will always choose talent over character.

    I personally detest Jerry for his response to this the last 6 months. He is the ultimate do whatever is allowed to win a Super Bowl. There's a reason the man is very successful in all his businesses because he has no limit.

    People defending a Hardy just stop. He's never said he didn't do it. To what extent he did it you can argue if it makes you feel better but he did it and his lawyer when arguing with goodell never said he didn't do it just that goodell was punishing him too much.

    Don't get me wrong. There's probably multiple guys on every team who do this. Doesn't mean it's worth it as long as they can score 20 TDs.
  16. Cmac

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    Wrong....Ben's been living the good life.
  17. 65fastback2plus2

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    my wife didnt know anything of this story or even hardy's name. i showed her just the pictures and asked her if the injuries appeared from a fight, physical abuse, punches...what?

    her response?

    "looks like she fell down on some rocks or something"

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  18. TexasFrog

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    The 911 call, that witness, what the victim told police, the pictures, the judges review of evidence....all says a lot
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  19. WPBCowboysFan

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    DV appears to be the new "racism." The self righteous mediots and presstitutes will feign mock outrage and there will be a never ending crusade to crucify anybody they can. The facts dont matter. A fair and honest researching of an individual situation and reporting it accurately isnt even considered because the agenda doesnt require it. And all is justified in their pea brains under the "its all for the greater good" excuse.

    There is no condoning DV. And at the same time, there is no condoning lousy and deliberate inaccurate reporting of DV incidents.
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  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    2-5. Can't win a game.

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