Ever had a player like Zeke?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by QuincyCarterEra, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Psst. We've had a few injuries to our OL this year. Might have some impact on the running game, regardless of who the RB is. Just sayin'...
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  2. daboyzruleperiod

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    JJ extend Zeke when Pollard can do same?
    JJ extend D Law after only 1 decent year?
    JJ extend J Smith after half a decent year?
    JJ extend L Collins being injury prone?

    Where’s Dak $?
  3. MetalMike

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    And Adrian Peterson is 35 and running like Zeke is supposed to. Go figure.
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  4. Fontaine

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    The only thing he’s wearing down now is everyone’s patience.
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  5. MetalMike

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    The Johnny Manziel of RB's? The fumble-itis drive killer of 2020.
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  6. QuincyCarterEra

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    Psst, this isn't regarding just this season. Just sayin'
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  7. MetalMike

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    Yet, Pollard is averaging 5 yds per carry, so...
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  8. lukin2006

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    Elliot is a bum and should be sitting and released right after the season...
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  9. Flamma

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    He was done after 3 years. I know running backs have a short shelf life, but he has to break the record! Three years and you're done? WoW
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  10. PurpleHaze22

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    Zeke lead the NFL in rushing 2 out of his 4 years in the league.He also has more yards than any running back in those 4 years.One good season doesn't check out.
  11. Blackspider214

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    The contract has gotten to him. He got his big payday and strong armed Jerry to give it to him 2 years before his deal was up. What incentive does he have left? He knows he will not get another big payday. His fire is now gone. From his days at Ohio St to his time here before his suspension kicked in, he was definitely a top RB and was dangerous. Go watch the Steelers game his rookie year. He took a pass 80 yards for a score and made it look easy. The burst he had to hit the open hole for the game winner. He was a machine that season. He was a machine at Ohio St and was a top prospect for a reason. But after the suspension happened, he never got that back at all. Even in 2017 before the suspension finally was official, he was very good and having a great year. After he came back, he went downhill and it was been a slow burn since then of going downhill.Outside of last week, he has been god awful. He can't catch. Fumbles so much. No burst. Looks slow and lazy. He's a bum now.
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  12. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Roy Williams
    Troy Hambrick
    Terrence Williams
    Terrence Newman
    Miles Austin
    Tyrone Crawford
    Jaylen Smith
    Julius Jones
    Felix Jones
    Anthony Spencer
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  13. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    LLLOOLLL, Pitt will get 7 before we get 6.
  14. daboyzruleperiod

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    This was complete devastation. Special teams made a gaffe. Ewok fumbled. That’s five lost fumbles for him this season, maybe it’s time to stop trusting him with the ball?!

    Lamb dropped a TD. The D was gashed for three rushing TD's by a rookie. [​IMG]
    Far from it. They'll be knocked out first round in playoffs. Their schedule thus far included only one .500 team (Ravens) which they defeated. That certainly doesn't constitute a 7th ring.
  15. Thomas82

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    Well said!!
  16. QuincyCarterEra

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    So you are admitting you were fooled he was good simply by looking at bulk rushing yards? It doesn't matter to you if he got those yards efficiently or if they helped the team just as long as he got them by running a bunch of times?

    That seems to be common on here.

    Having three all-pros in front of you, having the most rushing attempts by 18%, so then he leads the league in rushing yards impresses you?
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  17. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Does he get to find any rhythm though ? They phase him out every game . 10 carries isn’t enough . I’m
    Not saying he’s not in decline but we really need to see what’s there and give him 20 touches .
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  18. Praxit

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    ....>>> watch this segment with Skip and Shannon. Shannon, being pro player for long time. Gives huge insight into RB's age and playing factor. This regarding to Zeke fumbling issues.

    >>> Really enlightening for the avg Joe<<

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  19. baltcowboy

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    No one in the front office wants to admit it but we can replace Zeke with our 4th round comp pick next season and get the same production. The Football Teams runner, Gibson is basically Zeke without the fumbles.
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  20. rnr_honeybadger

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    The entire league was moving in a direction where RB's were not treated like a premium talent and in general were not taken in the first round let alone given massive contracts for such a small body of work. In fact this team had a RB named Demarco Murray who ran up a storm and was not handed a contract - saying that his season of excellence was a product of the offensive line. Yet somehow Zeke was the exception? This team has labored under the stupidity of this front office with no end in sight. This off season they will rush out and sign Dak to a massive contract and next season we will start to see that blow up in their faces.
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