Twitter: For fans concerned about Dak passing under 200 yards

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Sep 18, 2018.

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    I defended Romo often and thought he got too much hate at times, especially from those outside of the Cowboys fanbase and those in the sports media who loved to bash Romo or either refuse to give him credit for how good he was and how good he made the Cowboys. Some of the hate Romo get went overboard at times.

    But, I defend Dak as well because while I do believe he has from for improvement, I think some just dislike him either because he is QB for the Cowboys or they resent him for replacing Romo and "costing" Romo his starting position. Like Dak played great in 2016 and the team didn't want to risk throwing up the good thing he had going with the team. Some wanted Romo to come in and finish off the great season Dak started. And because Romo wasn't allowed to do that some have resented Dak ever sense.

    Guess it would have been better for some of Dak played awful in 2016 just so that Romo could still have is starting job now?
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    Of course.

    I’ve been around since Dandy Don so have seen it all. No doubt current technology with social media has increased the bashing to a new level.

    Before it was basically only the media and publications we heard from. Now we’ve empowered anonymous entities from all over the world. Lol

    Used to if I wanted my voice heard I’d have to write a letter or call in on a radio show.
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    Low risk passing isn't possible in football unless you can control the game with strong defense and running the ball well. If you try to pass conservatively when the D folds like a wet napkin and the run game produces barely any yards, you just lose the game for the sake of keeping the QB's stat line clean.

    If your run game and D can't control the game, the passing game has to step up by making more passes, and more risky passes, to keep up with the opposing offense. Romo was much better at this than Dak... but being in that situation in the first place means you're behind the 8 ball already. It's why nobody in NFL history but Tom Brady has a winning record in the games where they threw 50+ passes.

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    I wish I could take credit for the excellent adjective but someone else on this forum introduced it. :)
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    I don't disagree, Romo was a gun slinger, he could go out and throw 2 ints in a game yet would come right back and attack you. I also think there will be games that Dak will have to carry a bigger load and will need to make big plays through the air as well as with his legs. However for the most part success or failure will come with balanced offense and the play of the defense but I also know over 16 games things will not always go as planned and again will fall to Dak to produce. My difference with some is I think Dak will improve and I think this group of WR will improve as they continue to work and play together. Not expecting Dak to become Rodgers or Brady but I don't think you have to be Rodgers or Brady to win a championship.
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    I'm sure you do.
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    I just wanna win. I don’t care who leads us.

    The only one I resent is Jerry.
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    Great Post brother
    I also defended Tony with a passion here in the Philly area against the most Rabid Eagle fans on the planet . I came to a point where I was ready to move on from him not that I didn't appreciate his warrior mentality and all the things he did for this team but I wanted a power running game and a more conservative style .
    The whole gunslinger thing just seemed to lead to a roller coaster effect that I grew tired of . Sorry but I did . Tony was a great QB and his career dosent need to be exaggerated by these crazy fans at Daks expense .
    Its really sad they cant support a guy like Dak and give him the same chance to mature that Tony had
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    He's more than a bus driver. He's a team leader on and off the field. I'm not painting myself as a Dak optimist. I think we could sign Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Gronk, and Dak would still be throwing for 175 yards a game.

    My point was on the off-chance he does LEAD the team to a super bowl, it would also mean that he's playing more like 2016 and less like what we've seen more recently. Window is still open.
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    Happy medium my man. Gotta be somewhat aggressive, but you can't be careless. Romo was careless.
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    And then you proceeded to argue against a game that somebody listed, as falling under that criteria. By using your own subjective definition....., so don’t play the babe in the woods routine
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    Hilarious how he uses the term “Dak slobberer” but then plays the victim about being attacked by people who are pro Dak.
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    I bet you have a Voodoo doll. :muttley:
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    No disrespect to anyone and if this has already been stated, I apologize. But one thing I will say about these numbers is this:

    There's a significant difference between "NFL teams" and one team in particular.

    NFL teams cover a wide group obviously, and they refer to widespread results and ups and down spread through 32 teams, in this case over a period of many years. Not a trend or a pattern. Therefore opposing teams and defense aren't playing a consistant way against those 32 teams because the variables are not a constant.

    Conversely, when referring to that one particular team, it is precisely a pattern, and currently, a constant. A clear tendency for that one team. What is it now? 8 out of 10 games where the quarterback hasn't gone over 200 yards? Sorry, but that's starkly different from a league's ups and downs over several years. And it's going to directly factor into how teams prepare to play that one, specific team.

    When it's league-wide? Hard to plan for any sort of trend. When it's one team over a smaller period of time (currently), that's something else.
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    I agree, Thank you. I don't understand why our fans complain with a Win, so what Dak didn't play like some wanted HE WON, SO THAT SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH.
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    I know. He's always tried to suggest he was "attacked." Very fragile.
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    That's a lie because the tape is there for anybody that wants to watch it. I can't spin the actual game footage but keep making up stuff. I did answer your question but your question was stupid from jump. I never said he didn't have that play so hell are you blabbing about some gotcha when I never said that didn't happen? I said he threw more passes that weren't complete deep than complete.
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    Throughout history, new methods and/or technology increased the number of ways criticism could be disseminated and will continue to do so but that is not what I meant. Criticism is as old as humanity and individuals are not above being criticized. However, it is applicable logic behind any criticism that differentiates what is or is not relevantly directed at whomever is being criticized. The same can be said of those who have played, are playing or will later play quarterback for this or any other franchise.
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    This sounds good until they lose when he plays similar. It's like the player getting over on pure talent against bums but against those closer in talent it won't work. That's Dak and the well he won folks. Yes they won but some me included don't see this being able to work on good teams consistently when it counts most.

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