Game turned when they put Zeke back in for Pollard

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyRoy, Nov 8, 2020.

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    So you're doubling down on the falsehood? Pollard averages .1 more yards .. 3.6 inches more after contact than Zeke this year. His 1.9 yards per carry after contact does not crack the top 50 in the league.. Please explain to me how that makes him "one of the best backs in the league in that category.."
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    Read a book
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    Actually..the game turned when we held them,but jaylon got the stupid penalty,and gave them the ball back...if that doesn't happen,we win I believe..jmo
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    Sorry what am I do do with this? According to pro-football-reference Pollard is averaging 1.9 yards after contact this year..

    Last year he averaged 3.6 ..

    I would love to hear how that works out to 4.3? Somebody's lying. Anybody got a tiebreaker?

    I suspect that if Pollard was truly averaging 4.3 yards after contact then his season average would be more than 4.4 yards.. But that's just me being old fashioned and logical again..
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    Aria....there's a ton of threads to discuss Zeke's worth or as you would put it.....his worthlessness, and now Dak as you bring him into the discussion after the thread was whether game momentum changed when they put Zeke back in. But to help with your answer.....truth be told, Tyron Smith may be a source for the pay woes, hurt in the past few years and caused value to be an issue. And though pay is not quite high for SLee, his ability to be on the field comes into question. I'm for a player to get his market value, because an injury can change that in a second (though Dak's worth is going up at The Star, while injured). But to answer your persistent topic, here you go:

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    I never was a Zeke fan. I wish they would have let him walk and went with Pollard. Instead, they messed up signing him to a big fat paycheck.

    Sure, he has a great rookie season. But that was because of the oline.
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    Zeke look like Troy Hambrick.
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    That's a sentiment that some fans have but have less than ZERO proof there is any mandates. It's an easy excuse to grab when things don't go how some, most, want them to go, but there is ZERO proof where Jones has said this or that will be done during games or McCarthy saying I'd do this or that but Jones told me I had to do this or that. It's just an easy out for fans because Jones talks to the media a lot they just think he micro manages the team and McCarthy is just a figure head.
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    I feel like some of yall are missing the point.

    We dont want to give Tony Pollard 25-30 touches a game. Of course his production would come down with that workload. We want two Tony Pollards on the team getting 12-15 touches a game instead of a worthless bell cow RB. If you're stuck with that worthless overpaid RB because of dead money reasons, at least split their touches 50/50.

    Pollard's snaps should be increase and Zeke's decreased until you reach a point where Pollard is no longer outperforming Zeke.
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    that maybe true but surely the coaching staff is as sick of jaylon as the fans are
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    I'm guessing that you know this because Jones told you this during one of your many conversations you've had with him. What are other insider secrets that he's told you about?
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    I've never been a Smith fan and have always thought the Cowboys wasted that 2nd round pick. A couple of games ago I thought I remembered that one of the announcers said Smith was 3rd in the league in tackles. So just now after reading you comment I checked and Smith IS 3rd in the league in tackles. Now there have been time this season that I thought Smith was attacking the wrong gap but he must be doing something right if he's 3rd in the league in tackles. Lastly we don't know anything about what Jerry and Stephen talk about nor what the coaches say among themselves.
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    If only someone here had showed how Zeke has not been a top back nor particularly explosive in years.
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    I think that's a load of crap and if Pollard got the full time duty he would outperform Zeke easily. We can sign a guy off the street right now for pennies that's as good as Zeke on 3ed and 1..that's not a great defense of the player lol
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    Mac, why couldn’t you give me a simple yes or no answer?

    So because the Rams set a new “market value”, which they almost immediately regretted and were scoffed at for around the league, means you automatically supported zeke’s contract?

    The Rams screwed up big time, so we should have to as well because you think zeke was worth more or equivalent money than the obscene amount the Rams gave Gurley?

    That’s absurd. On top of that, when you over pay for market value you expect to get what you paid for, zeke hasn’t been worth half of what he was paid.

    Take a look a Henry’s contract, that was appropriate IMO and it’s part of the reason why the Titans are a better managed team and a better team overall.
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    Pretty amazing considering all those incredible blocks Zeke was getting.....
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    It is very obvious to all that since both Prescott and Elliott came to the Cowboys in 2016 and for the next 2 years the Cowboys were know as a run first team. Now you seem to be a big Elliott fan and another user pointed out a very interesting fact. Prescott and the Cowboys have won more games that Elliott didn't play than Elliott and the Cowboys have won without Prescott playing So maybe Elliott isn't as necessary as you seem to think. I will say it was a nice surprise that yesterday Elliott didn't fumble so that is a good point for him, but as much as he has coughed the ball up this season he needs a lot more than one game of not doing it.
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    I would you 100% call him Zeke Idiot
    LOL........Zeke the engine? He is getting EVERY opportunity to be the engine with Dak out and he is failing miserably.

    Its pretty obvious that 2016 was a false positive. Analysts have gone back and looked and come to conclusion that Zeke was running through holes so big in 2016 that he often wasnt touched until 10 yards downfield.
  19. CowboyRoy

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    When is the last time Zeke had runs of 12,20,23? That most long runs than Zeke had all year long.
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    And yet your premise is false.

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