Gameday rituals

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jan 5, 2019.

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    When I was coaching, my games were mostly at night. It made for a long day. After meeting with my staff and players in the morning, my routine was to have a quick lunch with my parents and then come home and sit in my sauna for about 30 minutes after a couple of miles on the treadmill to clear my head. Made the day go by quicker. Now that I'm retired, I find myself doing the same thing during night games. Gonna have brunch with my dad, hit the gym, get a good sweat in the sauna and then start the fire for my meal.
    Any of you guys have gameday rituals or routines?
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  2. Bobhaze

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    Don’t wear Cowboys gear. Lol.
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  3. Typhus

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    Sorry brother,, I gotta wear it today..

    @Ranching .. I have to get in the water,, getting my gear together between posts,,lol,,
    Reaching in some holes today for that fat cat,, hope he bites hard,, seems to take the edge off for me, like taking that first hit.
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  4. jazzcat22

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    Nothing routine. Normally use the same coffee mug after a win. Hope I just didn't jinx it. :laugh:
    Almost grabbed the wrong mug just a few minutes ago. And thought, well maybe I should use a different one to un-jinx the jinx for posting this.

    Nothing like wearing the same clothes or hat or anything like that. Just get up, start watching all the recorded local shows or from the team website.
  5. Typhus

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    You need to go fishing with me Jazz
  6. Pants

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    wouldn't call it a routine, but before every game, I will clear away ALL of the things that would take me away from the game at all...dogs will be fed and comfy, cats will be taken care of, food will be ready by 15 min before kick-off, cell phone will be charged (for the incessant texts I will get from my friends that are eagles fans - I live in NE Penna) if that is a routine, then so be it....
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  7. Pants

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    I used to have that issue but I am happy to say that I broke that string this year by wearing an Aikman jersey for the Saints game...I figured either I had nothing to lose or break the string

    string broken, have had one of the home triplet jerseys (90's triplets, not the current guys) on for the home games the rest of the year
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  8. Doomsday77

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    As my avatar shows I enjoy a "XL" Jack and Coke to go along with my salad.
  9. Typhus

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    Good Fan, and I feel for ya,, but I respect ya.
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  10. Hadenough

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    Nothing special! Work half a day than rest and hit the local pub to have some beers and watch the game with a whole crew of NFC east guys. Bar is usually divided and lots of smack talk and laughing at the Cowboys or things get real quite except for Cowboy fans cheering. Go Cowboys!!!!!
  11. Mr_C

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    Since I’m more or less too old to play basketball, my first love, to my satisfaction anymore. I’ve taken up cycling.

    I’ll do 30.9 miles exactly before the game which is my new lucky route that probably was the difference in the Tampa and Giants game. Switched after the Colts debacle. Though, I wonder if riding so early because I needed to travel to Indy was the reason we played so bad rather than the route.

    I will then proceed to replenish all valuable calories lost with beer. Followed by beer.
  12. aria

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    If not working game day or the day after my ritual routinely involves copious amounts of alcohol and pizza, sad but true.
  13. Bleu Star

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    My gameday ritual (since this past Xmas) is to make sure I sip some hot steamy java from my new favorite supper. I'm doing that right now.

  14. Typhus

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    Good for you, exercise is always good,, but just please don't put on the silly biker outfit.
  15. Verdict

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    I drive down from Oklahoma, and pretty much always "tailgate" first class at Pappadeaux near the stadium. I have a couple of beers, and almost always have the same meal (including a lobster tail). I study up on the game, listen to 105.3 the fan and read up on the latest Cowboys news on this website.

    Then I slip on over and pick up my lot 10 parking pass from Lance at ticketsource, get to the game early and have a little bit of fun at the Miller Lite Corral, saying hi to any friends I see there.

    I get in early enough to see the "walkout" by our players and the Cheerleaders do their thing.
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  16. CowboysWillRise

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    Put on whatever gear has been lucky of recent and get in a fight with my wife.

    The second one I used to try to avoid, but if we are winning ball games Ill instigate to keep the win streak.
  17. Mr_C

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    That’s why I had to preface by saying I used to be somewhat of a baller. Clearly a more manly endeavor.

    Cyclist don’t have the best image. At least I’m aware.
    The outfit is shameful, but necessary for the road. :oops:
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  18. Mr_C

    Mr_C Carharris2

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    Now that’s being focused!!! We owe you brother
  19. LovinItAll

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    My daughter bought me a Lee jersey. The first time I wore it, they lost, so it stays in the drawer :(. Now I just:

    - Wear a Cowboy's cap
    - Put my Cowboys helmet in the helmet spot
    - Have my Gatorade towel in hand
    - TRY TO MAKE SURE MY GF IS HERE. We've won 10 this year when her *** was where it was supposed to be and lost all 6 when she elsewhere. She tried to 'prove' that she wasn't lucky for the Indy game. We know how that turned out.
    - Make sure my dogs are on the couch with me (obv)
    - I can't post my other rituals. I'd seem like a fanatic...haha.

    Other than that, nothing special.
  20. Mr_C

    Mr_C Carharris2

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    I need that! Where’d you get it???

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