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Hardy, Brent, and drafting Gregory all but prove Jason Garrett is little more then a puppet

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CowboyRoy, May 4, 2015.

  1. CyberB0b

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    I disagree. RKG doesn't mean they have to be a saint. They need to have the attitude and drive to succeed. They did their homework on Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory.
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  2. Redball Express

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    I think the big difference in this franchise is that Garrett has been allowed to hire the assistant coaches he wanted instead of Jones.

    He has weeded out the guys that were not producing like Rob Ryan calling the defense and Callahan calling the offense.

    Hands down Linehan and Marinelli were Garrett choices and they have resigned with the team becuz of Garrett letting them do what they need to do.

    As for the drafting..it's a work in progress but the defense is finally getting the picks and FA signings it sorely needs.

    The last 3 drafts have been about the offense and letting the old guard like Ware and Spenser and others move on with their cap ball and chains.

    It's been fun as a fan and it's been a big surprise to all of us to see the success we have had.

    I expect a bit of a step back this year as we integrate all these new players into the team but it's all uptick to me.
  3. hornitosmonster

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    Another Garrett bashing thread....Yawn.
  4. CowboyRoy

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    Ok.............on Linehan I can agree. But it was clear to me that Garrett didnt want to give up the offense. In my opinion, Jones forced his hand on that one. And Jones was not shy in admitting that Garrett has made plenty of mistakes while learning on the job. Garrett is a politician suited more to a walk around head coach. He still isnt the coach I would ever hire. But if is going to be our head coach, Jones finally has him where he has a chance to succeed. And in my opinion, that is out of the way of the coordinators. Even the biggest Garrett fan has to admit watching him call the games the last 3 years before this one was hard to watch on many a Sunday. Its easy to see I am not a Garrett supporter, but I can admit he has helped change the culture here.
  5. CowboyRoy

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    The key for this team was improving the defense and the pass rush. I think they will be even better this year. As long as they can retain the strong running game.
  6. btcutter

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    You do realized that most teams have GMs that draft and manage the personnel side of the team....not always to the coaches liking. It is not until recently (to attract coaches) that the coaches have control over personnel side of the team as well. Parcells used to bud head with Reese in NY. It wasn't until later in his career that he had control over personnel decisions.
  7. ccb04

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    Not exactly my point.

    And was it Jimmy or Jerry calling the shots back then?

    Did you root for those players if old enough? If old enough, did you care about their off the field character more than their on-field performance?

    A guy Belichick has coached Lawrence Taylor, Moss, Blount, Hernandez, and many others with issues. Then he's also had strong character guys...just like the Cowboys. Point being, that athletes with issues have been around for a long time.

    And players with issues were on the Cowboys long before Jones...even under the Great Tom Landry:

    Sometime during the second half, Henderson said, "I pulled out my inhaler. The Orange Bowl holds about 80,000 screaming fans, plus there were about 200 million watching worldwide on TV, and there I was on the sideline taking a couple of major snorts in front of them all. We lost that day. I lost that day. I was out of control."

    Henderson said he was wired on cocaine his last day as a Cowboy in 1979.

    During a loss to the Washington Redskins, Henderson mugged for the national television cameras on the sidelines, waving a towel in front of the lens. Linebacker coach Jerry Tubbs caught Henderson's act and told coach Tom Landry.

    On the flight back to Dallas, Henderson said he drank gin "and snorted a noseful of coke in the lavatory." Then he shouted he wanted to be traded and cursed some coaches.

    The next day, Landry ordered Henderson to his office.

    Preparing for his meeting with Landry, Henderson said, "I laid out a line of coke about a half a gram long and snorted it all."

    He said Landry, wiping away tears, told him, "You can play football for somebody else. I just can't handle you anymore. I'm putting you on waivers."

    Other Cowboy legends formerly coached by Landry (no football man ever had more character IMO), were also arrested either during or after their careers...including:

    - Bullet Bob Hayes: went to prison after personally delivering cocaine to an undercover cop.

    - Harvey Martin: was arrested 3 times in a 5 month span...all involved beating a woman. He was also addicted to cocaine.

    - Lance Rentzel: the WR was arrested for exposing himself to a 10 y/o girl. Before being traded from the Vikings to the Cowboys for a 3rd rd. pick after the 1966 season...Rentzel had previously been arrested for exposing himself to two young girls in St. Paul, Minn. And after his 2nd arrest for exposing himself to minors, Rentzel wasn't kicked off the Cowboys and out of the league....he was traded to the Rams.
  8. iceberg

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    insert bull**** excuse why none of this matters here.

    let that *i* list grow.
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  9. CowboyRoy

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    Yes, thats why Its a little confusing why some people think that Garrett is the one calling the shots on draft day.
  10. CowboyRoy

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    No, I have never really cared if they screwed up off the field, unless they continue to do it in a Cowboys uniform to the point where it got old. If they were great, they have a long leash. But guy like Brent...........they are the guys you set examples with. Jimmy used to do that all the time to perfection.
  11. iceberg

    iceberg rock music matters

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    um, hardy has YET to do it in a cowboys uniform. neither has our draft picks. and brent hasn't either as far as i know.

    but hey, you do tend to make up *facts* as you go so this little hypocritical contradiction shouldn't phase you at all.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Without reading thru this entire thread, I'm sure it has been pointed out several times how correct you are.
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  13. LatinMind

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    Did you happen to see what Belichick was without good coordinators early in his career? Cleveland Browns right a bell?
  14. Alexander

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    I really wish the RKG thing would drop out of the lexicon. You see the same thing each time, first there is the notion that player X is not a RKG, then a barrage of you don't know what it means.

    It is not even worthy of discussion at this stage since the meaning is malleable in the first place.
  15. iceberg

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    that's it. i'm shipping jackets to hell.
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  16. CowboyRoy

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    I love the Hardy signing and I love our 2nd round pick. Are you claiming I dont? Start all over again at the beginning of the thread and read again. Then come on back to the discussion.
  17. iceberg

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    no. i said you're being a hypocritical monkey boy cause you make up **** as you go. hardy does all these things so you hate him and it simply proves garrett is a "puppet".
    then you don't care about "off the field" until it gets old.

    yet here you are baggin on hardy and making it an issue before he ever even plays a single game.

    not my fault you're not smart enough to see your biggest weakness. it really isn't.
  18. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

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    Yet you seem to like responding to it all. The most popular thread this morning quite clearly. If any of you think that when Garrett meant guys like Hardy were his RKG, then you will believe anything you hear that comes out of the head coach. I guess some people have such blind devotion that they will stick up for anything Cowboy regardless of how ridiculous it sounds.
  19. CowboyRoy

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    So now Im not smart? I see you cant have a conversation without insulting someone that disagrees with you.

    Ill tell you again since your comprehension is a little slow. "I love the Hardy signing". Hardy was my #1 off season FA priority.

    The hypocritical part is listening to you try to act like a guy like Hardy is what Garrett meant by RKG.
  20. CowboyRoy

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    Im pretty sure that Im not the only one that thinks Belichick is one of the best if not the best coach in the NFL. I have yet to see Garrett at the top of that list. In fact, for his first couple years, he was highly regarded as one of the worst. Those lists bear that out quite clearly. There is no denying that the Cowboys have suffered over the last 8 years as he has agonizingly had to learn to be a viable coach in the NFL. Jones finally found his place by allowing him to walk around and preach like a politician while real football men handled the players on the field and on game day.

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