Hope, springs eternal!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Feb 27, 2021.

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    The theory is untested, and likely to remain so for many more years.
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    Like Quantum Physics and Worm Holes? :muttley:
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    No need to offend me.

    I sure read enough from him and tried to have a educated conversation. Latter had zero chance. The guy is way too egocentric and conviced by his age and what he has done in his life (whatever that is).
    Sure idk him in life. Maybe he is the complete oposite of what he shows to me here. But then what ? Maybe he should change the way he posts if he wants to be seen else ?

    But then you are the one who has a problem with what i wrote. Not him.
    So whats the problem at all ?

    Maybe you should keep your breath to cool your porridge.
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    Agree 110% Raunchy. Dallas has the players. These coaches need to be a lot tougher.
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    Don't know if you're old enough to drink, if you are, I bet you'd enjoy drinking a few and shooting the shiy. I'm rough around the edges, but pretty smooth when it matters.
    BTW, big egos are good where I come from.

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