Hypothetical Dak Trade To Dolphins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MyFairLady, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Floatyworm

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    We are talking about a team that traded a 2nd rounder for Josh Rosen.....so anything is possible. :popcorn:

    I'd trade Dak in a heartbeat....For every 1 great pass.....he puts 20 behind the WR or in the dirt. We need an upgrade. Yet there are those in the media...that keep pushing their agenda.
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    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    Oh, how naive the young and dreamers are sometimes.
    Please be here when Dak has Winston's fate.......
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  3. Mr_437

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    I don't know why MIA would do that deal just after drafting Tua, but if I'm DAL this what your looking at.
    • Pro Bowl QB coming off major injury

    • #3 overall draft pick 2021
    • #5 overall draft pick 2020, Cheap QB1

    You can start over with Tua and have #3 pick to trade for a possible haul

    Draft Fields and Trade Tua for a 1st
  4. charron

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    You had me at 2 1st round picks. Adding in Tua and it's an easy yes. The biggest commodity in football is having a cheap starting quality QB so even with Tua you draft another guy if one you like is there and see who develops with the hopes you can trade 1 to a QB needy team.
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  5. slick325

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    I would definitely execute this trade!!! Wouldn't think twice about it either.

    With that being said, we know that the Jones boys would never deal Prescott (obviously Prescott would have to sign the franchise tag first), even if they receive great draft capital and a highly drafted QB that Nick Saban endorses on his rookie contract.
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  6. Trajan

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    I would do this in a heartbeat.

    you can like Dak, as I do, but realize this team is not 1 player away from success. Nearly every position on defense could use an upgrade, correction, ever position could use an upgrade on defense.

    The savings from not signing Dak, and several picks could provide the core needed to build a quality team. Draft a QB, draft defense, and then acquire some quality FA defensive players.

    sure, the QB will be worse then Dak, but the upgrades around the team could improve the overall record.

    dumping $40mil a year on Dak, and all the other really stupid contracts like Jaylon and Zeke will prevent this team from becoming a contender.

    time for a Herschel Walker type trade.
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  7. BigTimeBlues

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    Dude, it's 2021, leave the misogynistic crap behind. It wasn't cool in the 60s or 70s, it sure isn't now.

    You don't think "real" men gossip? Do you live under a rock? Please.
  8. BigTimeBlues

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    I'd see a more realistic option being that Dallas and Miami swap their top 1st rounders, so 3 for 10. Maybe a 2nd rounder thrown in for good measure.

    Dak can't pass a physical and isn't under contract, so I would think Miami would be less likely to throw everything but the kitchen sink.

    I'd be okay with it either way tbh.
  9. CATCH17

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    Smart post..

    I like that you don’t view our 1-3 start as a feather in his cap as well.
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  10. cowboyec

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    i thought the dolphins tanked for tua.
    im a little surprised at the chatter about them taking a qb or trading for watson and moving on so quickly from tua.
    he has the heart of a lion.
    put some pieces around him and i think he'll be solid there.
    amazing how quickly these teams act like QBwhores....falling in and out of love with one flick of the wrist.
  11. buybuydandavis

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    As would *offering* that trade.

    Trade talk is so often ridiculous this way. We're borderline on signing Dak long term for the money he wants, and yet some expect another team to offer us a mountain of gold for him.
  12. Rockport

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    Hypotheticall bull****.
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  13. Rockport

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    You admit you don’t know anything about Tua yet you say do it. What an ignorant fool.
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  14. Ranching

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    Only if they take Jaylon too......
  15. CowboysWillRise

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    Love Dak, but you have to take that deal.
  16. DoctorChicken

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    Oh how naive you are, plus willfully ignorant, plus an obvious troll.

    Jimmy Garrappolo makes $27.5m a year.

    Goff is getting $33m a year.

    Those are two QBs that are mediocre, and that their teams want to move on from. It’s absolutely, comically ignorant to say Dak wouldn’t get $30,000,000 on the open market.
  17. ColoradoCowboy

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    OK, so there will be no trade offers for Dak because he IS NOT SIGNED TO A CONTRACT.

    In order to trade him, he must sign a contract. There are two types of contract in play here: the Tag ($37.7 million) and a longer term deal.

    If Dak is tagged and he signs it, then he can be traded. Our dead cap money is zero.

    If Dak signed a longer term contract, there will likely be a massive signing bonus and this will remove any possibility of a trade as our dead cap money would be the entire bonus.

    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    I'm the ignorant troll who for 2 years now has stated Dak would not get a long term deal.
    Pray for another Tag(Highly unlikely) as Dak had his chances and fell flat on his ankle opps meant to say face.
    Unless he accepts a contract lower than Goffs and Wentz (If one is offered) he is history.
    Now continue your insults but remember.......Dak is still unsigned!:omg:
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  19. rnr_honeybadger

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    I love how all these people have insight into what other people will do when it comes to handing out money to Dak. Too bad it can’t be used for something useful like what stocks will Warren Buffet buy or what turns Gina Caranos legs to jelly.
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  20. rnr_honeybadger

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    sorry you have missed the point entirely. Is there some desperate GM out there that will pay for Dak Prescott? Yes. Does your team need to be the team to shell out money for mediocre talent? No.

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