I have soured on Surtain

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysFaninHouston, Mar 3, 2021.


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    Status? I didn't realize you'd reached any status. With whom?
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    Can't ask for a better training plan from your CB then having to up against Ridley, Ruggs, Jeudy, Waddle, and Smith every day in practice and hold your own.

    I think he's a solid pick and it will really come down to scheme if it's between him and Farley. The real problem is watching Denver at #9 as your decision might get made for you.
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    I guess with those who follow me around this forum and repeat the same nonsense anytime I post an opinion.
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    I see a ton of Richard Sherman in Surtain. Super long, super intelligent and physical. If we're playing a Seattle style jam-step Cover 3, Surtain is the perfect fit.

    I really like Farley too, but I've started liking Surtain more.
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    Yep. Every time he stepped on the practice field he had NFL caliber talent lined up across from him. Not to mention, he's been drilled on technique, etc. by his NFL CB father, since he could walk. And I do also like Farley & Horn...among other guys on day two.

    I won't sour on a prospect because he may run a bit slower than others. Technique and instincts count for a TON.
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    Bingo, bango, bongo. Fans tend to blame the corner when often it is the safety who fails to get over because he doesn't have the instincts or speed to get it done. Cover 2 helps make up for that some because the safeties don't have as much ground to cover. If we're running Cover 1 or Cover 3, then free safety has to be our primary secondary concern.
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    I'm fine with Surtain if we trade down and he's still there.....so Surtain plus a 2nd or 3rd rounder for that 10th pick.

    Taking him at 10 has always seemed a bit of reach to me. Maybe my opinion will change in a month or two.
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    I predict Surtain will play more games each year then Farley. Also there are other CB's that are pretty decent in later rounds. It doesnt have to be CB in the first. IMO
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    Farley and Surtain would have been the 3rd/4th best cb last year and we are talking about taking them top 10.
    You could make the argument they aren’t they would be the 2nd or 3rd best cb this year behind horn.
    If I’m the Cowboys I’d draft Newsome and Kelvin Joseph in the 2nd and third round. Use the 10th pick to move pack and add more picks.
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    100% agreed! You nailed it bro.
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    This ^^^^^ it also doesn't hurt his head coach ( Saban ) is a formal secondary positional coach. Farley's lack of experience scares me.

    Patrick Surtain II
    CB , Alabama


    Entering Tuscaloosa with an insurmountable amount of hype and carrying the weight of a notable last name across the back of his jersey, Surtain II managed to live up to the expectations. The next in line of an impressive lineage of Alabama cornerbacks, Surtain II is a long and physical corner that thrives in man coverage. Poise and patience are two traits that are at the top of the pre-draft portfolio, as it’s hard to find examples of him panicking in his technique. There are questions about consistent extra gears and lower-body twitch, as he’s had some instances of ball location struggles down the field. Surtain II is a mirror image of former then-Oakland Raiders corner Nnamdi Asomugha, who was a highly productive player for the franchise during his stint there. Surtain II could have a similar career arc where he’s a steady and consistent top corner for the team that drafts him.
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    I mean, isn't that what you want in the NFL, a corner with very good to great technique/instincts and fundamentals who may be average to above average speed wise for his position?

    Not too many corners survive in the NFL if they purely rely on their athletics over technique. Any corner can get burned if they get fooled by a double move or anticipates/over commits early a route poorly.

    A corner who can anticipate or read a WR is way more valuable than a guy who is an athletic freak but needs work on coverage. Ideally it would be nice to draft one who has both but that's someone who doesn't enter the draft every year.

    We will run a lot of zone coverages with Quinn and I doubt we will be running a lot of cover 0 and leaving our corners on islands.

    Not saying Surtain is for certain the next Gilmore/elite can't miss CB but at the same time I don't view his potential lack of deep elite speed as an issue. I like Farley too but his injury concerns make me a bit weary
  13. LACowboysFan1

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    So Farley has no weaknesses?

    Sure he does, as does Surtain. But the Cowboys need someone to step in right away and play well, they don't have the luxury of waiting to teach technique to your rookie cornerback.

    Surtain has good technique already, speed you can cover (pun intended) with scheme, such as bump and run, which is still allowed in the NFL, and other things.

    I'm not passing up a guy just because he hasn't got the "elite" speed if he brings many other good traits to the team...
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    Yes he's definitely a 1st round talent.
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    Farleys only weaknesses might be his body of work, sample size due to injury and so forth. He tends to rely on his athletic gift too often instead of fundamentals. That said, I would love to have him.
  16. LACowboysFan1

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    If Surtain and Farley are both available I'd rather have Surtain but if he's gone by 10 and Farley is there I'd have no problem with taking him.

    To me they're more like cornerback 1A and 1B...
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    Suratin reminds me of George Teague and Aquib Talib. Plays physical and sound technique. Understands how to direct the wr where he wants him. Farley might not be there just yet, but has the potential if he can stay healthy.
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    People need to watch his tape. 41 games worth by far better then any corner back prospect. He held his own against Kyler Murray and CeeDee Lamb his freshman season. I would like to have seen more interceptions but he has better ball skills then Byron. We draft him we will have one of best cornerback tandems in the league. Sign me up.
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    Great comparison with Aquib Talib. He destroyed Dez in their matchups.
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    I think Surtain will be pretty close to a shut down corner against 90-95% of his competition. Very few CB's can mirror the elite WR's on an island so you will need a complete secondary playing well together no matter who you draft.
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