I have soured on Surtain

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysFaninHouston, Mar 3, 2021.

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    well said. if you aren't going to trust tape of a player going up against the best competition available over a lot of games what are you going to base your opinion on?
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    Farley looked good against Miami, Horne looked good against Auburn so I guess that is reason enough to draft them over Surtain. Also they both allegedly run 4.2 forties and got pretty hips.
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    Agreed. I think with surtain and diggs together could be a cornerstone for years to come. I like Farley a lot too but I feel connection w diggs and surtain could play well off each other. I’m still on the parsons bandwagon but I’d be ecstatic w Farley or surtain.
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    And frankly, defending a guy like Tyreek Hill is a schematic thing that the coaches draw up during the week leading up to the game. That happens way more than the game plan of, “just stick with Tyreek no matter where he goes.” That will almost never happen... if it ever even happens at all.

    Teams play with a safety over the top and do a number of things to limit the damage that a great speed WR can do. They have to because nobody is staying with Hill. Even if a guy like Farley actually does run as fast as Hill, a 6’2” guy isn’t going to be able to stay with him because he simply cannot make the cuts that a short little quick guy can make.

    Against speed receiver’s it is usually smarts and technique that win out because the entire secondary has to play smart, stick to the game plan, and be great with their technique. It is the whole unit that has to help limit the damage a guy like Hill can do.

    So, with help on Hill coming from another DB that the CB has to work in unison with... suddenly Surtain’s smart and savvy game is more desirable than Farley’s 40 time. In that case, which one would you worry about more in stopping Hill? That’s easy: You worry about Farley making a wrong decision or using poor technique. Suddenly, Surtain’s game gives you more confidence.

    Much goes into making a good cornerback. People have always way over rated 40 times... particularly at this time of the pre draft process.
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    For whatever it's worth. Surtain shut down my guy Olave in the Ohio -Alabama game. That impressed me. I like both but if both are there at the pick? It's gonna be a hard choice to be honest.
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    Surtain is a sound fundamentals type of player and a "technique guy" through and through.

    Farley is fast, new to the CB position (2 years), and took the year off.

    Easy choice for me. Surtain 10 out of 10 times, if given a choice.
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    He was a rookie CB. Rookie CB’s get burned. Often. :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:
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    we will see if he improves. proof is in the pudding
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