I like Mike Nolan already

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IceStarD54, Jan 7, 2020.

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    I've been reading post in here and the majority seem fixated on the offensive side of the ball.:facepalm: For me our offense was only a small fraction of the problem. It was more inconsistency and lack of productivity that cost us on offense. Not to mention bad coaching decisions in key situation. But Mile Nolan said one thing in an interview as the Saints linebacker coach that I loved.

    He said, " I'm always looking for a good football player. There's a lot of schemes out there to utilize the player. It's always players first-scheme second. That's the job of a coach to put a player in a position to do the things he's good at. Rather then we need a guy to fill a roll in our defense. It's hard to find a good player rather then say we won't take him because he doesn't fit what we are doing. That's a BAD coach in my opinion. You always want to say if he's a good player. We want to find a place for him regardless of scheme. We can scheme good players outside of putting ourselves in a box"

    Now look at the bold part of those sentences. Isn't that what Marinelli has done his whole career in Dallas. That's the reason they made to get rid of Taco "he doesn't fit what we are doing":facepalm: I need a tech3 or 5 etc. for my defense. I don't like bigger defensive tackles:facepalm: We need guys who can play without looking for the ball:facepalm: You get my point. For this reason alone I'm glad he's coming and Rod and his Tampa 2 are going. If we are going to be a great team next year. Defense has to get way better. And if you don't believe me just look at the playoffs. Defense is winning it not so much offense. Offense may get you to the playoffs. Defense get's you to a Super Bowl. Defense or die!!!:hammer:
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    He's never had a dominant defense as a coordinator or head coach.

    So......we'll see.
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    Defense is obviously important but it's an offensive league with offensive rules and the best offenses are doing better then the best defenses in recent year as far as playoff teams go.

    Patriots aren't even in the playoffs anymore and they had the best defense in football.

    Right now in the NFL playing defense is just holding on and and giving up field goals and not a TD.
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    Yeah, I never understood that philosophy. Why buy a hat too big, and grow your hair to fit it? Just..buy a hat that fits..
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    Right. But people are going to boost him and be overly excited. I’m happy there’s change at least.
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    I am excited because his defenses typically get quite a few turnovers, something sorely missing on this team under Marinelli
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    Your right but it if you have a team that can run the ball well, case in point Tennessee, then having a good defense can really make it tough on the opponent.

    If you can be a run first team who controls the ball/clock, then use play action at the right times, you will be tough to beat. I know NE struggled but the titans on the road made some great defense stops, especially in the red zone which, in essence, won them that game.
  8. DakPresgoat

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    I’ll add. That I think turnovers are the most important aspect of winning defense in the NFL.

    Forcing turnovers is king. Especially if you have a good offense. The most possessions you give your offense, the better field position you give them, the more points they are going to score.

    If your team scores more points, it makes the opposing offense more one dimensional. And makes it easier to stop them or force even more

    Nolan has a history of coaching defenses that force turnovers.

    Your defense can win a championship, if they give up yards and some points. As long as they are forcing turnovers and helping your offense score even more points.
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    Pats had a great defense against junk teams. Once they started playing teams with a pulse, their defense was exposed.
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    The Patriots had the softest schedule in football, not the best defense, but I agree with your overall point. This idea of building a great defense is a fool's errand, with how the league is called.

    I disagree in what an NFL defense can be though. The Cowboys played that type of defense - but I think you could succeed in this league with a big-play defense. It makes you more susceptible over the top, but it makes teams actually make big plays to beat you, and it will cause a lot more turnovers. The Ravens do that, and I think Nolan is a guy who likes to play that way. It should resonate a lot more in 2020, when every defense gives up a lot of yards, than it did a decade ago.
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    Talk is cheap, though. Pretty sure Rod said the same crap.
  12. BotchedLobotomy

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    You get the award for the post with the most face palms.
  13. stasheroo

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    That would depend on the criteria for "dominant".
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  14. IceStarD54

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    LOL...you got me there:facepalm:
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    But he comes with a trade off
    Big plays
    That’s the risk of blitzing so much
    Sometimes you won’t get there and everyone is in man so not much deep help
    I noticed a lot of times he does have a free safety back
    Get you a smart guy who can cover some ground and that helps
  16. IceStarD54

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    I'm not saying have a Bear type defense. But a defense that can stop opponents when needed. We've seen many times how Dallas get's the lead and the defense folds like a chair and lose the game. I just want our defense to be hard hitting like the Rams, Titans, Vikings and even Eagles as far as their front 4 and linebackers go. I'm still trying to figure out if we even have these type players. Being physical is a mind set-not a size set.
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    The defense starts with the Special Teams. I would like to see if MM would assign any real coach for that position or go Jerry's way. The freaking STs was one the weakest points of the team.
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    If his defense does indeed produce takeaways, then I will be ecstatic. We need the offense to have as many possessions. We are stacked on that side of the ball.
  19. gimmesix

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    I understand the point of what you are saying, but Taco wasn't cast aside because he didn't fit what we were doing. He was picked over TJ Watt in the draft because he was seen as a great fit for what we were doing. He was tossed to the curb because his play wasn't what Dallas hoped it would be and he developed an attitude because of it.
  20. Doomsday

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    Rather give up some big plays than let teams bleed you to death while dominating field position.

    There is always a trade-off, but one thing is clear, bend don't break has to go.
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