I'm Starting to Turn to the Dark Side

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TexasBacon, Jan 24, 2022.

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    I certainly don't agree with the delight many on this forum take in rubbing the team's failure in the faces of their supposed fellow fans. It wouldn't surprise me if a select few of this forums celebrity Negative Nancy's are actually Eagles fans. That said, I've finally started to see that many of the points you guys have made about Jerry, Dak, and McCarthy are true. I work in healthcare finance and one of the key principles in my job is that you can't ignore trends. If something happens over and over then it's usually more the norm than an outlier. I have been a big fan of Jerry and Dak, and have been a very hopeful and optimistic fan even though the team hasn't been to an NFCC since I was 7.

    I'm not sure if it's because I actually went to the game and spent alot of hard-earned money on seats only to witness Dak miss throws, McCarthy and Moore be completely out-schemed and out-coached, or if it's because I'm staring down another long offseason after yet another one-and-done-in-the-playoffs season, but I've finally reached my breaking point and am ready to acknowledge that Jerry's ego and his inability to get out of the coaches way and hire anything other than "yes men" has doomed this team having any hope of real success. Between forcing OL/RB personnel, interfering with how Kellen calls games, etc., he and Stephen have certainly created a too many hands in the cookie jar situation, and I can certainly see how no great coach would want to work for someone like that. I've grown in my career under bosses that let me spread my wings and do things my way while giving me support and guidance, and have wanted to get away from micro-managers as quickly as possible. So, it's pretty obvious why no coach worth their salt would want to be told they have to start Collins at RT, they had to play Zeke over Pollard, etc. Hell, I'm even more shocked they cut Jaylon after the way they kept ramming their heads into the wall with their personnel decisions seemingly all made by Jerry and Stephen.

    Dak is harder for me to wrap my head around. I genuinely felt like he was improving and starting to play like the best QB's in the league. He was confident, making great reads and throws, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how he fell off so fast. He seemed like he could run fine vs. SF and so I can't attribute his shakiness to the calf. He just seemed like he had no confidence in himself, his OL, or his receivers. Out of all of the things I listed I do still feel like Dak can turn it around, but I acknowledge that he's going to need some help that I'm not sure he's going to get. With Amari seemingly on the outs with the Jones' I'm very worried about this offense with an aging Zeke and no Amari and an OL that needs rebuilding in the middle. I'm not sure if Ceedee has shown true dominant #1 potential. It really felt like this year was the best year to make a run and the team fell flat on their faces.

    It's taken me a while but now I really understand why many of you are glass half empty when it comes to this team. I'll always be a die hard fan but I probably won't drink any Kool Aid until they actually make an NFCC and play consistently. I'll always hope for the best but will prepare for the worst, and it's sad that "America's Team" makes me feel like that.
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    The NN's & DD's for sure have taken over this forum.
    I look at 90% of the thread titles and skip them, as they are always negative. And if positive, they are taken over.

    I understand, fans are upset. And there are legitimate concerns and posts. However most of them are repeated and rehashed.

    It is the way of this forum anymore. I spend my time elsewhere and doing other things, than responding. As no good come from it. :laugh:

    I am waiting to get to FA and draft talk.
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    In the end, the only thing that matters is results.

    We can like and hate players, like and hate coaches, like and hate the front office, but in the end, the only thing that matters is results.

    We can support and root for the Cowboys every year, but in the end, the only thing that matters is results.

    Love Dak or hate Dak, love McCarthy or hate McCarthy, none of that matters .. in the end, they lost.

    That is what matters.
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    I spent thousands going to these games, not this season. Maybe go to Tennessee, not going to Texas boring there
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    i will be honist

    i am a negative fan but it is just because deep down i have no faith in jerry to do any thing right so it is easier to deal with when they lose and i know they will

    i use to be more positive and it hurt a lot more lol i remember when cowboys lost to giants in 2007 and i was still a kid i could not even sleep now i just say oh well i knew they would lose
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    I certainly don't take any glee from the Cowboys losing. I think it is more about having been disappointed for so many year, now we feel like they need to put up or shut up. I have seen too many players hyped after preseason, too many teams hyped after 3 wins, too many failures when the good teams oppose them.

    I fully admit I was wrong about the 2021 Cowboys. I thought they would finish 9-8 and not make the playoffs. I was wrong. But not completely. They started out red hot, but over the last 11 games the Cowboys were 6-5. So maybe 9-8 was who they really were. Over those 11 games they only beat the Saints and Eagles, teams that finished with more wins than loses. The Eagles win doesn't really count since they rested 18 starters for most of the game.

    There is always so much hype around the Cowboys and their players that people who try to take a realistic view of the team are called haters. I hate when they lose but after 26 years I expect them to lose. The disappointment is no as great that way.
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    I've come to grips that this team will have to win in spite of Jerry. I don't know if it can...my fandom still remains not because of what Jerry has done but because I was born into this.....and its not as easy to leave...and I love the players they have I just don't love the structure or disfunction.
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    At the risk of sounding like one of the NNs or DDs, free agency being impacted negatively because of a couple mammoth contracts that haven’t been lived up to, is exactly what we have been concerned about.

    and for the record, most of us love DD’s……so I respectfully request that we drop that abbreviation from our negative list
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    I would love to be more positive. I am positive when and where I can be. I am no longer willing to sit back and support a front office that time and time again makes decision that are clearly not the best decision to help us win.
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    "I certainly don't agree with the delight many on this forum take in rubbing the team's failure in the faces of their supposed fellow fans."

    You sure about this. I havent seen any of this.
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    Ahh, I was wondering if that would get any comments...:muttley:

    Well, that is what I meant, I can't blame all what is being posted for now. It is upsetting as to the future of the franchise going forward. Not just contracts, but also just how things are handled in general.
    So I choose to not respond to a lot of it.
    Rather see constructive criticism, which there has been much of that. I just not prefer that same old stuff we heard time and time again. But I know that won't happen. :laugh:
  13. Reid1boys

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    This isnt Hard... Bengals sucked, got Joe B and bam... conference title game.

    Bills sucked, Got Allen, Bam... legit SB contender that has ran into the best QB in the league the last 2 years.

    Chiefs...were a solid team, but never gonna see a SB. Got Mahomes, wala, 4 straight AFC title games, and IMO, about to be in 3 straight super bowls.

    Bucs, sucked for 11 straight seasons, got Brady, bam... SB win.

    99% of our roster and coaches are good enough to get to the SB, we just dont have any of the above mentioned guys.

    Do you honestly think the Bucs and Bills just happend to develop a full roster and they landed great coaches at the same time as getting their QB?

    Its not Mike... although Ive never liked him.
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    yea you will.. you are supporting them right now by being on this board. You will support them when you watch the draft, hit the sites reading about training camp, and you will support them when you watch every game they play next year.
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    Too many hands in the cookie jar, you’re absolutely right. Playing an injured Zeke over Pollard REEKS of classic Jerry = he needs to see his money superstars on the field, even if there’s a better player behind them.
  16. MountaineerCowboy

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    It's not the dark side.

    It's just not falling for fools gold.

    The "show me, don't tell me" mentality is a healthy one.
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    OK fine I should have been more clear on the definition of support. You got me.
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    I feel as if the the quarterback debate has lost a lot of traction because I think the results have been evident and I’m tired of beating a dead horse. Only the diehards on both sides of that debate show the will to continue

    since our cap situation is what it is, I’m not excited about acquiring new talent as I’m sure we can only afford bargain basement players…..so that only leaves 2 things for me..

    1. looking forward to an excellent draft that magically gives us the 85 Bears defense
    2. Just enjoying watching quality teams continue in the playoffs

    on a positive note, we did get to see decent interactions between each other in the playoff games threads.
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    I've been trying to be positive for the last few years, but that loss and this team's performance were so deflating.

    The team's leaders were nowhere to be found.
  20. Darkhound

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    I have been a Cowboys fan since 1988ish.... and i have had enough.
    This team is mediocre and im fed up
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