It's frustrating


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Yes, it's a rant.
It's frustrating to know we're on the verge of yet another season and listening to the usual hype;
Knowing full well that, just as all of the wasted years under Jason Garrett and now Dak, that in January we will have watched a promising roster with true Super Bowl potential be once again wasted because of the lack of true leadership.
I watch objectively now; not with hope, but simply to see the inevitable collapse that I know will come as Dak chokes and shuts down when the Cowboys need him to be the reason they take the next step.
Since 2007 we have been forced to watch the team we grew up loving be changed into a circus, with Jerry as the ring leader and Garrett 2.0 (Dak) simply shrugging it off and letting someone else take the blame when he should be the one who makes the difference and makes them better.
Is this a FanZone thread?