Jerry Jones comments on free Agency

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Mar 16, 2019.

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  2. cowboy_ron

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    Jerry's drunk.
  3. Mr_437

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    Jerry turned fight promoter. Errol Spence baby!!! Haha Jerry was so happy, I know he got hella paid tonight.

    Manny didn't want any part of fighting Spence, but Jerry was trying to make it happen.
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    NEODOG 44cowboys22

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    Good Ole JJ

    You can say alot of things

    But ya just can't take the South from a Southern boy


    Who the heck thought that was a solid rally cry?

    I rest my case your Honor
  5. Jake

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    Will someone remind Jerry that he spent the money then on guys who, you know, had actually won something?
  6. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    No need to say anything, your lack of participation says it all.
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  7. Beast_from_East

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    You mean when there was no free agency?

    Gee, what a revelation. Thanks for sharing that amazing insight:rolleyes:
  8. TheCount

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    Okay. You want to sign your own guys.

    How's that going?

    Is the plan to sign nobody but bums and go into the season with 20m in cap space and negotiate all year? Cause you could have done that last year if signing your own was so important.
  9. Noclaf

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    Don't improve your team, brilliant!
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  10. Cebrin

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    Well, he's not entirely wrong. This team has gotten younger faster, & better thru the draft vs F.A. as of recent. :omg:
  11. Pessimist_cowboy

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    He’s too small and old. Spence is great but needs to fight The best in his weight division. Mikey and Pac-Man are too small for Spence.
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  12. noshame

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    We're just saving cash for Sean Payton to spend. We might trade away a few picks too
  13. Brax

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    I guess he forgot, about Deion signing, Norton, and others leaving, also he forgot his guys haven't won anything in 23 years.
  14. Rayman70

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    PT Barnum...the eternal promotor. Jerry didn't say anything tangible.
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  15. 1972COWBOY

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    Im getting the feeling the FO doesn't think Cowboys have a chance this year of making the SB so are just holding back or are delusional. Or, are not concerned about the SB and just want to play football and have a good so so showing in the NFL.

    They are contempt with status quo and the money the team brings to his coffers.
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  16. Rayman70

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    contempt is right lol...Jerry should be brought up on charges.. Is greedy,delusional,myopic and ignorant crimes I wonder?
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  17. 1972COWBOY

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    I need to go back to grammar school.
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  18. lk8701

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    Why did he mention Dak as a great player?
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  19. cheftjpeck

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    Jerry will keep saying it until he convinced everyone it’s so ... that way when he pays him the going market rate for top tier qb he can then say what a bargain he got locking up such a superstar for the future
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  20. MCMetal69

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    Apparently the Johnny Walker made Jerry forget how much he ridiculously overpaid some of those guys , thus throwing the franchise into cap hell for years..........
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