Josh Brent better be better than Okoye

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by jaybird, Nov 14, 2014.

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    [SIZE=+0]This Josh Brent deal doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m concerned it could cause a locker room diversion. First let me say, I’m all for giving someone a second or even a third chance. True Josh paid his debt to society and I wish him well. With that said: why would Jerry come out earlier this year, and state that when Josh’s eligible he has a spot on the 56 man roster. That’s just doesn’t add up to me. Josh was coming along but he wasn’t that great that he’s “guaranteed” a roster spot. Does Jerry feel responsible and therefore obligated to Josh? More important, is Marinneli ok with this? If he’s not and this is more of Jerry’s BS, I guarantee you he wont be back next year. I.(eg Parcells TO). If Josh came in and actually earned a roster soft by competing in training camp, I would be all in. I hope I’m completely off base and Josh comes in a helps the team, but from where I sit something stinks in D.[/SIZE]
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    I think you are completely off base.
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    He's earned his roster spot by competing the past 3 weeks in practice. He has undeniable talent (he was coming along very strongly) at a position where we need an upgrade as opposed to Okoye who's health status is still iffy and has 2 players clearly better than him ahead of him in Crawford and Melton.

    Btw, if you can't see the talent, Okoye certainly can. Mickey told a story on talking cowboys about 6 weeks back of interviewing Okoye at his locker room and he was talking about all the reinforcements we had coming back. Then to paraphrase he said 'for example this guy who's next to me'. Mickey thought he might be referring to Lawrence and then looked at the locker and realized it was Brent's. And he said to him, you think this guy can play? Okoye then said 'whoa, have you seen this guy move?'

    That's the thing about Brent, people are failing to project is talent to this 4-3. He was an emerging NT in a 3-4 but as well as being the strongest guy on the team, he had quickness that's somewhere in btw Melton and Hayden. We can use that guy in the middle of our defense for a stretch run.
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    While Brent was here in the first tenure he wasn't all that the first year or so. He steadily improved
    his game till his last season there were times when he was disruptive.
    At no time and no where have I read any negative reference between Marinelli nad Brent. Nada
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    There appears to be something left to prove before many fans think Brent has anything special to contribute when it comes to manning the DT position in a 4-3 defense. We haven't actually been privy to observing that type of scenario just yet. Perhaps we should all just sit back and take in what Brent has to offer at that position before we arrive at any indelible conclusions.
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    So Jerry made this decision alone?

  7. DallasEast

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    I have questions.

    If Josh Brent's presence on the roster did not present a locker room diversion following Jerry Brown's death leading up to the trial, why would it now?

    Why would a statement from Jerry Jones about a roster transaction seem atypical after acknowledging Jones has given numerous public comments about roster transactions to the media over the past 25 years?

    Hasn't Jones demonstrated publicly of his personal attachments for his team's players over the past two-and-a-half decades?

    Would Rod Marinelli truly be offended injecting proven usable talent into his defensive line rotation, especially after scrounging for replacements in the past?

    Really? A Terrell Owens analogy?

    Is it possible your apprehension may be somewhat exaggerated given the circumstances?
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  8. Bungarian

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    If Brent plays well then good for the Cowboys. If he does not he will get cut. That is all there is to it.
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    Seems like a pretty simple concept. A lot of people getting pretty worked up of this like we are stuck with Brent for years.
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    Because the team's eccentric owner handed a roster spot to a guy who hasn't played in almost two years. OP has a point even if he is being a little dramatic with it. Who knows how it plays out.
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    Okoye was the biggest longshot of all the guys they signed this summer given his recent medical history. It's a miracle in itself that he's even able to participate in moderate physical contact in practice. The staff is absolutely taking the right cautious approach in giving him a full year before putting him in live game action in 2015. Even then, who knows at what level he's able to perform when he does return?
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    You mean like Hayden has got cut?
  13. jaybird

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    Only Jerry will guarantee a roster soft before you actually earn it.
  14. jaybird

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    Brent is too fat and hasn't played for almost two years but is here he is. The same could be said: but here he's is
  15. DallasEast

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    In my opinion, it would have been unusual if Jones had not acted as he did. Josh Brent was on the roster. The events following the fatal automobile accident removed Josh Brent from the roster, not Jones. The opportunity to re-insert Brent into the roster reappeared. Jones acted. Afterwards, he ran his mouth about his intentions to the media. I have been observing Jones' behavior for a long time. The whole thing played out as typical Jerry Jones to me. I would admit being apprehensive of Rod Marinelli's reaction if Brent was not a practical addition for reinforcing the defensive line rotation. Or if the media coverage of Brent's return was obsessive. At this time in the season, Brent's presence on the defensive line should provide positive results, especially against the run. Plus, I do not see a public relations implosion occurring although I could be proven wrong eventually.

    All that said, I must confess that the situation would be different if I had been the commissioner and league policies could have permitted me to discipline Brent. The young man would not have been allowed back into the league before the 2016 season. Jones would have been pissed.
  16. burmafrd

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    that is the point; promising a roster spot under those conditions was typical Jerruh.
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    I think you have an agenda and it's showing now. He played at 320 he's at 330. I will take Okoyes word over yours any day. If he says the guy can move, I believe him. You calling him "fat" and blasting Jerry with some type of conspiracy shows you have an agenda. So enjoy the locked thread
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    I don't even know where to start... Content, grammar, analysis, jeez...

    Relax man, Jerry hasn't guaranteed anything. If the past 11 weeks haven't taught you anything about how this team is now structured, I don't know what will.
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    With all due respect, I think you are misreading his talent, conditioning, team support, and coaches' support.

    The entire team has been 100% behind him. There have been some dramatic closed door meetings about this, without many dry eyes.

    This is a classic story of redemption, and if the team feels good about it, then we should, too. Brent has something to prove, and we'll see if he has the talent and drive to get it done.

    He has not been sitting around for 2 years; read Okoye's comments, as referenced previously.
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    Good morning gentlemen. Please keep it between the lines.
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